Norton 360 Version 5.0 Beta

Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by Pleonasm, Oct 12, 2010.

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  1. Pleonasm

    Pleonasm Registered Member

    Norton 360 Version 5.0 Beta is now available. Please see here for a description of the product’s features, and see here to participate in the beta process.
  2. ExtremeGamerBR

    ExtremeGamerBR Registered Member

    Cool! Maybe in two months I test, the interface is really cool! :thumb:
  3. 3GUSER

    3GUSER Registered Member

    To be honest , it by itself is nothing special - just NIS 2011 with new interface + back-up/optimisations functions.
  4. icr

    icr Registered Member

    @ 3GUSER
    Totally agree with you:thumb:
  5. ExtremeGamerBR

    ExtremeGamerBR Registered Member

    What is the difference between Norton 360 and Norton 360 Pro Premier?
  6. malexous

    malexous Registered Member

  7. ExtremeGamerBR

    ExtremeGamerBR Registered Member

  8. maddawgz

    maddawgz Registered Member

    bloatyo_O how is detection.where u get beta?
  9. JRViejo

    JRViejo Global Moderator

  10. Nevis

    Nevis Registered Member

    quite similar to NIS 2011 GUI
    engine going to be same

    so not very exciting
  11. malexous

    malexous Registered Member

    The most exciting part is the round taskbar icon.
  12. ExtremeGamerBR

    ExtremeGamerBR Registered Member

    What sets it interests me is the backup, probably soon buy a license it! :thumb:
  13. Victek

    Victek Registered Member

    Yes, the pattern seems to be NIS gets the new tech first and then it's ported to N360. Still, if you're a N360 user it's new (and maybe exciting) for you :)

    AFAICT the only reason to use N360 instead of NIS is the online backup functionality, and you really need the larger 25gig capacity to make that useful.
  14. dschrader

    dschrader AV Expert

    It used to be that NIS got the new tech first, then it rolled into 360. That is changing - new development cycle will put 360 first as it is the flagship product.
  15. Pleonasm

    Pleonasm Registered Member

    I recall seeing an article that briefly referenced this change. If I remember the gist correctly, the article seemed to suggest that Symantec is seeking to transition from a thick-client (Norton Internet Security) approach to something like a hosted, thin-client approach to PC security (under the Norton 360 brand). Can you please elaborate on these plans?
  16. TonyW

    TonyW Registered Member

    That sounds like the product going more cloud-based, which, let's face it, a lot of security programs seem to be heading towards these days.
  17. ExtremeGamerBR

    ExtremeGamerBR Registered Member

    The Norton will never implement a sandbox in their products? :(

    Several AVs already have this protection included (Avast! IS, KIS, Comodo).
  18. malexous

    malexous Registered Member

  19. ExtremeGamerBR

    ExtremeGamerBR Registered Member


    Thank you, good to know that they are considering developing a SB.

    But really for novice users is a bit hard to handle SB.

    Thanks again, was very helpful.
  20. slider916

    slider916 Registered Member

    Is this true that if you lose your internet connection that Norton is basically useless because it depends on your connection?

  21. firzen771

    firzen771 Registered Member

    well the Insight component would be im pretty sure, i dont remember is Sonar was cloud or not but if it is then most of its functionality would also be gone
  22. 3GUSER

    3GUSER Registered Member

    If you lose your Internet connection you are less likely to get infected because the majority of today's threats are internet-borne type. Malware cannot download payload , spyware and trojans cannot spy on you , you can't open infected websites , etc. With no internet connection , the cloud functionality and SafeWeb cannot work so protection is less . However , theats are less , too . Classical Auto-Protect (real-time file system protection) with local signatures remains fully working , of course. SONAR , too
  23. ExtremeGamerBR

    ExtremeGamerBR Registered Member

    But if you lose your internet connection you can only be infected by a malware that is already on your machine (Like some malicious executable) or via USB.

    I think Norton can protect you even without the Insight. :thumb:

    EDIT: Did not see that 3GUSER posted, it was like our posts (Although it gets better).
  24. dschrader

    dschrader AV Expert

    Norton will work just fine even if you lose your internet connection. A portion of the Insight data and all the sigs are stored locally. You don't need a connection to get strong protection.

    Pleonasm, we are not transitioning to a thin, hosted client - not as far as I know (I no longer work on the Norton products). We do have a new hosted solution for small enterprises - essentially NIS on the client and a web management console. But most sales are and will continue to be traditional, full client solutions.

    The transition I was referring too was simply changing the development cycle so that N360 gets the newest technology which will then roll into NAV/NIS instead of the other way around.
  25. 3GUSER

    3GUSER Registered Member


    No matter that some part of Insight data is locally , Norton will not be able to coneect to the Cloud to gather information for new files arriving via other (non-Internet) means such as files coming from network shares , removable (pen) drives or CD/DVDs. Of course Auto-Protect will remain functioning and you/we still consider it to be one of the most important parts . But what about future updates (every 8 hours or so , pulse updates ...) ? Of course user will be without them.

    However , most wide spread internet borne threats (spyware,trojans...) that rely on the Internet to spy/function and to be spread (to be downloaded from) will not function , too and protection for them will not be as effective by the means of Download Insight , Safe Web , etc as it was when Internet connection was present.

    If you lose Internet connection , the only way to infected yourself with rogue application , spyware , trojan is to be either very stupid , to be do it on purpose.
    Todays threats need Internet to function and they have no benefit to kill your Internet.
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