NOD32 v2.7 not updating

Discussion in 'NOD32 version 2 Forum' started by Stijnson, Jan 2, 2008.

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  1. ae_otg

    ae_otg Registered Member

    Hi, guys.

    I'm still having trouble downloading the updates for NOD32 2.7, and I've been trying it on four computers now, one with WinVista, two with XP and the last one with Win2K. It's all the same: you won't get automatic updates, you have to do it yourself by using the "Update" button many times, although, to be honest, on three of my four computers the automatic update worked once, but only after the virus definition was several hours old, that is to say, that NOD32 got in the afternoon the update that was launched in the morning.

    Finally, like brunos said, the update process is more "willing", easier and faster than in previous days :D . I hope that everything gets solved in the next few days, for NOD32 is truly a great product :thumb: . Too bad ESET reps haven't addressed the issue on a more frontal way. We all make mistakes and there's nothing wrong with admitting it, plus, people are more understanding when they get a polite explanation.

  2. brunos

    brunos Registered Member

    NOD32 v2.7 not updating - Eset e-mail responded!

    Sent: Saturday , January 05, 2008 12:15 pm PST (GMT-08:00)
    Subject: Eset NOD32 2.70.39

    I was trying to install today a Trial of Eset NOD32 2.70.39. Everything seem to be fine, but I cannot Update at all, not after 50 tryings. Every single time he says that it is Up-to-date, although the version of signature database is ancient: 2047(20070208 )...
    This is apparently not isolate case, my college who has original and paid version of the same AV today cannot update at all...

    Please help and advice.
    Thank you in advance!

    Best wishes in whole New Year 2008!


    D.C.E.O. "Brunos" (real name and Corpname hidden here...)
    Computer Advanced Specialist &
    IT Security Advisor

    ~Email removed. Private email postings permitted only with permission of both parties. See the TOS.~

    My last respond today directly to Eset:
    First of all, let me allow to just thank You for you're kindest Reply.
    I send you even e-mails before, and You always been responded!

    Affirmative, we ALL have still present problems!
    But the problem is apparent to be not to resilient than all last two weeks.
    Furthermore, I never have this problem at all before with Eset NOD32!
    Never the less, I have last automatic Update (on my Eset NOD32 2.7 Trail and on my Test PC build only for this purpose, before some 2 weeks ago), for days by now...
    The only alternative actually to work sometimes was for ALL of us, almost every time, manually press the "Update Now" button for dozens of times (even an 120 times just to really Update). Last few days "Update Now" button is "more willing". Yesterday I get Update even after first press of "Update Now" button on that Trial Test PC. Before some 20 minutes ago, I press an "Update Now" button for the Update v.2792(20081501) for 7 times, and than he really Updated it from the v.2791.
    That particularly and huge Update of prox. 8.5MB that ALL talking about, was Upgraded on my Test machine even before some 10 days ago... And that was harder to get, after some 120 times of pressing the "Update Now" button with the "Spacebar" combination, just every time when he says that you are "Up-to-date", but my real Update on that time was still Eset NOD32 defaultly installation Update v.2047(20070208 )...., and the present and real date was some 04.01.2008.!

    I try to explain to ALL others why this all happening on my own personal opinion, because numerous people still having this problem.

    I am just hoping that I will not take to much free hand here, and that no one has something against that this of your e-mail text part here, I personally post on right this web page on Wilders Security Forum.
    Maybe the best way to calm people is to explain on your own words whats happening and calm everybody that this is only temporary... Many people are in panic via: update

    Just see ALL those responds on this few web pages here.. So, just post some answer to all if you can (or to post officially respond on your Homepage), and on that way you will even not need to respond everybody directly on every single e-mail that we all in panic send you all this days and swamp your Inbox...

    Eset was numerous years my only favorite choice for the A.V.
    Right now, I am conduct an analysis of the market where I work.
    Eset ESS is on ignition all here for direct purchase on numerous Corporative contracts, because, like I said to you in my previous e-mail postings before some 2 months ago, this is my personal favorite and I wait this product for quite some time...

    Never the less, Vis-a-Vis right this moment now and presently problem with Eset Updateing, as I already explain my own opinion and prognoses (Wilders Security Forum: "Brunos" nickname), I also believe that this is only temporary and I surely explain on right this Forum why I believe so, so, please be so kind to read ALL this Threads outhere, and, of course, not just from me only...

    Once more, thank You for you're kindest Reply!
    This always really counts, so, last here, just see all at upper link for Wilders Security Forum!

    P.S.: Some of you're Users also have problems that they are not know what you will do with Eset NOD32 for Win98 Versions...
    Can you post some official notice for that on you're Web page also?

    Best regards!


    D.C.E.O. "Brunos" (real name and Corpname hidden here...)
    Computer Advanced Specialist &
    IT Security Advisor
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  3. brunos

    brunos Registered Member

    I kindly apologize and I will read full TOS to prevent this inconveniences that would not happened any more in the future from my part!!!

    Respectfully, Admins or Moderators here, please remove my earlier post here!
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  4. ae_otg

    ae_otg Registered Member

    Thanks, brunos, for your help to all of us. It would have been great to see ESET's response to you, since we are all having the same update problem, which, by the way, persists. I hope it gets solved soon.
  5. brunos

    brunos Registered Member

    They actually did!
    But I was so happy, impulse at first about it, and didn't think that this would be a problem, didn't read quite TOS here, so the Moderators here need to delete directly from Eset e-mail text part here, which I post, because they are not agree with that. What I want to say is that I need to ask Eset that he allow me to post a text part from an e-mail which they send to me!
    Newer the less, everything is OK now with this inconvenience with e-mails, and I would not repeat this mistake in the future... :)

    Today, my Eset NOD32 2.7 Updated manually by already very well known recepy - by pressing in few seconds a combination of the "Update Now" button and Keyboard Spacebar. He did not Updated at the first, but from the third try that though... I did not even remember when he do really an Automatic Update last time and not my manually ignition one...

    Well, I just hope that Eset will again responded, and not just me...
    Postings news on their own official Webpage will spear many time and effort on both parties here!!!
  6. xxrpxx

    xxrpxx Registered Member

    Hope Nod32 fixes this problem soon ^^
  7. ae_otg

    ae_otg Registered Member

    Well, even when the update process now takes less time than before, NOD32 2.7 is not updating automatically. I wish we could all have some official answer, response or info regarding this problem. Like brunos said, ESET should post it on their website and save everybody a lot of trouble.
  8. brunos

    brunos Registered Member

    Well, today even lower problems with Eset Update Servers, but still now work automatically...

    Now, the all Rapidshare Servers is down as of today, probably till midnight (they did not specified according TimeZone for this prognosis...)

    - Good start of the whole new year and the IT World...
    Like we are all in whole new Year2Kbug...

    And many Servers just wakening from the cloud of the 2007 crisis with the 3 times revised Daylight Saving Time policy by the Bush Administration.
    Microsoft was forced to change Daylight at least 3 times in the year 2007, correcting the problem with Windows Update, some KB...xxxyyy on the third...

    I know that Server problems is generally "normal", but this kind of shorten time for all this huge events...

    Someone will need to be pretty much wake up gentlemen...

    Cheers to all here!
  9. brunos

    brunos Registered Member


    Please click on the following links to start the download for ESET NOD32 Antivirus 2.7:

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