Nod32 v.3.0.563

Discussion in 'ESET NOD32 Antivirus' started by GAN, Nov 9, 2007.

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  1. Bunkhouse Buck

    Bunkhouse Buck Registered Member

    I don't have it integrated as I had problems with beta and later as well. As you said, taskbar item doesn't seem to want to be there.
  2. poutine

    poutine Registered Member

    563 is crashing more in Outlook Express than the 560. RC1 didnt crash at all.... come on ESET read our posts here !!!!!! surely its not hard to remedy. :cool:
  3. saffron

    saffron Registered Member

    That's not very encouraging news. :(

    I'll stay with V2.7 and wait for ESET to stomp on a few more bugs before I risk V3 or ESS trial again.
  4. poutine

    poutine Registered Member

    OK i had to admit defeat with the email scanner in Outlook Express, and thanks to all of you who suggested turning it off, i have permanently!!!

    You know... the old adage "if it aint broke dont fix it" springs to mind with the Version 3's release.
    The way emails were scanned in version 2.7 was flawless, seamless and invisible (apart from the nice scanner pop up) why oh why did they have to mess that all up ?
    The new Icon that gets plonked in OE is ugly and gets in the way, now... i could just about live with the daily crashes for the time being, but why oh why not give us an option to turn off the ugly icon and still be fully protected, its an eyesore. I dont need to get into the options there, once its setup its setup!!
    What i would really love however , is a return to version 2.7's scanning method. That would make my day ;)
  5. poutine

    poutine Registered Member

    And back once more to 2.7 , i go.......... This is funnnnn, thank god i use Ghost. ;) i'll stick with V.2.7 until my sub runs out Nov 2008 (hope i can use it til then !!)
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2007
  6. dnapzter

    dnapzter Registered Member

    i just have a little question

    is this version having a function like the previous called AMON which searches almost all our files without being told to do so?

    its a very nice function with the previous.

    dunno if it is still present with the new release

    btw, gratz to you. you made it
  7. Thiggy

    Thiggy Registered Member

    Uninstalled 2.70 AV only and installed 3.0.563 AV only on my XP Pro system.

    -Bootups seemed slower.

    -Once the XP Security Center alerted that NOD32 was installed, but that protection was turned off. It wasn't.

    -Rebooted to so the Security Center would quit alerting about NOD32 being turned off which it did, but then I found NOD32 kernel running and no tray icon was present.

    Uninstalled 3.0.563, cleaned folders and reinstalled 2.7. Happy and waitng.
  8. poutine

    poutine Registered Member

    Good idea , 563 is worse than the others IMO, Outlook Express crashed more with that than the previous ones. I dont think they could of even bothered testing it, i guess we are the new test team . :rolleyes:
  9. mert90

    mert90 Registered Member

    i don't see why it is not working with you but i manage to run the EAV v3.0.563.0 at my computer flawlessly. Yes i admit that it is a little bit heavier and boot ups are definitely taking longer BUT this is because of the better protection compared to v2.7 against the viruses that can hide in boot up sections(at least i guess and hope it's that way). I also would wait a bit longer to upgrade to v3 but i couldn't however it ended up good for me so thanks ESET for their hardworking. Also you should give some credit to them because it is a developing program unlike many others(Symantec's Norton is a good example i guess).
  10. poutine

    poutine Registered Member

    I still have it on my test PC, and having tinkered with various settings, it crashes far less if i turn Perfect Disks PDAgent service to manual rather than automatic ! Dont know why but it seems to help.
    Does anyone else having the "bing" issue run Perfect Disk to ?

    Dont you think the Outlook Express integration is really awful though, like somethings not quite right in there ?
    Not just the huge pointless bar but all of it ? For me ... Compared to 2.7's its terrible. Agreed its a developing program but i think it needs a complete rethink, at least as far as the integration goes.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2007
  11. DavidCo

    DavidCo Registered Member

    PDAgent works fine with V2.7
  12. poutine

    poutine Registered Member

    Yeh but what about V.3, i already know 2.7's ok.
  13. DavidCo

    DavidCo Registered Member

    Actually I have no idea what PDagent does. An answer to that might give a clue to the V3 problem.
    I don't think it appeared before V7, so........

    In fact some of the spikes (cpu) that have been reported may be caused by 'genuine' components of 'innocent' software that just happen to 'phone home' for one reason or another.
    I will not buy Paintshop Pro now that it is in the Corel camp, for instance.
  14. Klaus_1250

    Klaus_1250 Registered Member

    PDAgent is part of PerfectDisk, a Windows Defragger.
  15. De Hollander

    De Hollander Registered Member

    Looks like this allows the perfectdisk client to communicate through the network.
  16. reddice

    reddice Registered Member

    I tried PerfectDisk but it is way too slow. It uses way too many resources. I use Diskeeper which is light weight. I have no problems with Diskeeper and NOD 32 Version 3.0.563.
  17. spamyou

    spamyou Registered Member

    I have Diskeeper as defrag, but nod v3 crashes my outlook express. My wife has a different setup (uses built in defrag), and nod v3 crashes her outlook express as well. I sometimes get the bing sound, sometimes it opens after a couple of tries (and manually closing crashed version in taskbar), but then hangs when I try to close it.

    I am still running version 2.7 on both and will be until the bugs get worked out.
  18. poutine

    poutine Registered Member

    Thanks spamyou. Now i know its not Caused by Perfect disk. !
    I didnt want a discussion on defraggers lol, i just wanted to know if maybe the component of Perfect disk could be causing the issue. PdAgent is just the scheduling engine of P.D , if you dont schedule defrags this can be set to manual safely, the reason being PDAgent accesses the drive every few seconds. Turn it off and it doesnt.

    Seems like the Tech Eset guys still need to work on the cause of the "Bing" as its now so affectionately called. ;)
  19. rolarocka

    rolarocka Guest

  20. nodyforever

    nodyforever Registered Member

  21. nodyforever

    nodyforever Registered Member

    Internal Tests: updated

    Antivirus Software & Security Solutions

    Not all antivirus and security software is the same. Since 1992, ESET has led the way in detecting and removing malware such as viruses, worms, and other Internet threats.

    * Proactive protection: ESET blocks about 50% more unknown threats.
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    Shortly a version or corresponding updating to these numbers.
  22. Pfipps

    Pfipps Registered Member

    You are running online armor with Vista?
  23. nodyforever

    nodyforever Registered Member

    work fine in my pc :) no problems relevant
  24. nodyforever

    nodyforever Registered Member


    * Proactive Protection: blocks both known and unknown threats.
    * Precise: provides accurate detection of malware with fewer false positives.
    * Lightweight: consumes fewer system resources.
    * Fast: scans systems anywhere from 3 to 34 times faster.
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