NOD32 Antivirus for Linux on Ubuntu 11.10 64 bit error

Discussion in 'Other ESET Home Products' started by Donenzone, Oct 17, 2011.

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  1. Donenzone

    Donenzone Registered Member

    After installing NOD32 Antivirus for Linux 4 on Ubuntu 11.10 64 bit I see the following error everywhere (in terminal, during booting, on desktop):
    ERROR: object '' from /etc/ cannot be preloaded: ignored.

    Does anyone know how I can fix this?
  2. foneil

    foneil Eset Staff Account

    ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 for Linux Desktop is not fully compatible with Ubuntu 11.10+ or Fedora 15. In some cases, it can be installed successfully but you may experience other issues with the GUI after installation.

    Please reference the FAQ for further information and for updates on when a compatible version is available.

  3. Donenzone

    Donenzone Registered Member

    Any news?
  4. foneil

    foneil Eset Staff Account

    ESET is working on an updated version that is compatible with Ubuntu 11.10 and Fedora 15.

    You can receive notifications of new releases by subscribing to our Support RSS Feed.
  5. Turnipio

    Turnipio Registered Member

    Where can I download this?

    I have a paid subscription for ESET NOD32 for Linux.
    It was working great on Ubuntu 11.04, but since upgrading (actually full wipe and clean install of 11.10), the program is no longer working on 11.10.

    Many thanks

  6. Megachip

    Megachip Registered Member

    Same problem on Arch ;)
  7. Foluna

    Foluna Registered Member

    I have the same problem with Ubuntu 11.10 and Linux Mint 12. After installing i see the following Error in Terminal:

    " object '' from /etc/ cannot be preloaded: ignored."

    When will be ready with the updated Version?
  8. sandigo

    sandigo Registered Member

    Double check that you don't have /opt mounted on a different disk / partition.

    NOD32 tries to start early in the boot process and if it cannot reach its files in the /opt/eset installation dir this will fail. Hence the error messages.
  9. Donenzone

    Donenzone Registered Member

    /opt is on the same disk / partition as the rest of the OS.
  10. Donenzone

    Donenzone Registered Member

    Does anyone know if NOD32 works on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS? Does ESET have any plans supporting this OS (I hope and assume so since it's an LTS)?
  11. pashadee

    pashadee Registered Member

    Hey guys... this seemed to have fixed that issue for me on Ubuntu 11.10 x64

    sudo vi /etc/




    Save and your error should stop.
  12. habernir

    habernir Registered Member

    i install also nod32 in ubuntu 12.04 and its not boot

    but when i try to do what you say (in recovery mode) its say that is read-only (and i also try chown and chmod its still tell me read-only) soo how can i edit this fileo_O
  13. Kitty Litter

    Kitty Litter Registered Member

    Hi there,

    ***PASHADEE'S SOLUTION DOESN'T WORK FOR UBUNTU 12.04**** Don't try it.

    I'm running the 64bit version of Deepin - an Ubuntu 12.04 respin and of course NOD32-64 doesn't work.

    I tried Pashadee's solution above but it locked up the computer on a reboot. I had to get in with a rescue disk and delete the changes to the offending file before I could get back to the login screen.

    Kitty Litter
    Paid up user.......:mad:
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