NOD32 2.7 vs Task Scheduler Windows Vista RC2

Discussion in 'ESET NOD32 v3 Beta Forum' started by Donald?, Oct 28, 2006.

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  1. Donald?

    Donald? Registered Member

    Problems of compatibility between NOD32 2.7 Beta and Windows Vista Build 5744 - RC2.

    Windows Vista Task Scheduler no runs ok after NOD32 2.7 installation, appers in the Event Viewer all boot times:

    ERROR: Task Scheduler service has encountered RPC initialization error in "RpcServerUseProtseq:ncacn_ip_tcp". Additional Data: Error Value: 14.

    Source: Task Scheduler
    Event ID: 404
    Task Category: Service RPC error
    Level: Critical

    Uninstalling NOD32 2.7 the Windows Vista Task Scheduler runs OK, no errors messages in Event Viewer after uninstall.

    Any suggestion to solve this bug ??
  2. nadirah

    nadirah Registered Member

    I guess its not fully compatible with Vista at this stage. It's a possibility I do not rule out. Maybe you should wait for ESET to release an update to resolve the issue.
    In the meantime, you may consider experimenting with other AVs on Vista to see how they work?
  3. blaine

    blaine Registered Member

    This may be related to my problem somehow. After installing NOD32 in Vista, the Vista built in defragmenter will no longer open or work.
  4. Donald?

    Donald? Registered Member

    The Vista TasK Scheduler have by default a lot of tasks such as defragmenter, backup, index search, Windows Defender Update, system restore, etc and all features related with TASK SCHEDULER dont works fine after NOD32 2.7 installation.

    Unfortunately NOD32 2.7 IS NOT FULLY COMPATIBLE with Windows Vista just like announced.
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  5. NOD32 user

    NOD32 user Registered Member

    That is why it is so far called a Beta release.

    Cheers :)
  6. The Nodder

    The Nodder Registered Member

    In a forum I'm on some members installed the beta in Vista RC2 with no problems.
  7. Donald?

    Donald? Registered Member

    I know this is a Beta release and have bugs, but a would like to know if have a workaround to avoid the Winsock Provider of NOD32 2.7 continuously provoke errors on RPC Service startup.
  8. phpmaven

    phpmaven Registered Member

    Just installed 2.7 on RC2 and I have the same task scheduler problem. I guess I'm back to Windows OneCare :(
  9. blaine

    blaine Registered Member

    same :(
  10. geircito

    geircito Registered Member

  11. Donald?

    Donald? Registered Member

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