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    Congratulations to the Forum Owners and Admins for creating this Unix subfora. :) :)

    I offer a basic list of resource links for anyone interested. There is a vast encylclopedia of knowledge across the web re Unix resources.
    This is not a "what you should do" thread. Just a distillation of sites I find useful.
    I hope this list or such might be a sticky and be added to by others with greater depth of knowledge and experience than me.
    I don't propose a list of direct links to distro centric sites, individual blogs and/or review sites, rather a compendium of frequently updated information sites which will lead you onwards:

    http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&sa=X&oi=spell&resnum=0&ct=result&cd=1&q=linux beginners&spell=1
    Google search for "Linux beginners" You could start here. :)

    A very basic intro page with good links

    A primary source for breaking news, Distro releases, general background info with multiple links to reviews and tutorials.

    A vast array of how tos and application related reviews. "This site deals with tips, tricks, instructions, how-tos, guides, tutorials, and a variety of other issues that should be extremely useful and should greatly benefit almost anyone, from a beginner user to an expert. Every single topic presented here has been thoroughly tested and proven to work - no guesswork or assumptions. Everything is accompanied by multiple examples, both in the text form and screenshots."

    HowtoForge provides user-friendly screenshot based Linux and Unix tutorials about almost every topic.
    The site is very utd and offers a vast range of how tos and information.

    The Unix forum and FAQ @ dslreports,

    Highly rated site.
    "Linux.com is always evolving. Our goal is to give you all of the resources and information you need to make your experience with Linux a success."

    "A comprehensive Linux Forum, information on various types of Linux software and many Linux Reviews articles, we have all the knowledge you need a click away, or accessible via our knowledgeable members."

    "Do you waddle the waddle?"
    Compendium of breaking news and utd links.
    Highly regarded resource.

    Direct Link to Scott Finnie's Linux Forum.
    A busy Linux forum with useful how to's and introduction sections with reviews and installation tutorials in the 'sticky' section.

    Wide ranging news site.
    Links to resources and reviews.

    "The website of the UK's best-selling Linux magazine.
    Software news, how to's, Hardware news > News, reviews, features and tutorials - your complete guide to the world of Linux: Whether you've just discovered Linux, or you're a full-time guru, Linux Format has everything you need to make the most of your OS. The leading UK Linux magazine highlights the latest developments in the world of open source, examines new software and book releases, and shows you how to go further with our hands-on tutorials. "

    Vast resource of utd info and reading: reviews, security, applications.

    LXer Linux News is one of the most widely read Linux news and opinion sites on the Internet. People turn to LXer for its constantly updated news feed and comments.

    "LinuxQuestions.org - where Linux users come for help."
    Great resource: reviews, software, hardware, Distro specific fora, BSD fora.

    "Raiden's Realm is a community tech site dedicated to helping people learn about Linux, BSD, and open source software. Useful reviews, information and forums."
    Good pages with distro specific subforums.

    Techrepublic blogs.

    Polishlinux: another well maintained "links central" page for Linux and BSD.

    Useful beginners primer in plain language ( there are many similar pages :) )
    Site not well utd lately but links to useful information.

    This not constructed as a "be all, end all" list.
    Within those sites there are thousands of links to related sites, opinion, reviews, news, beginners and expert information.
    There are thousands of other similar sites.
    I suspect that many viewers will already have some knowledge of these sites.
    I hope anyone with an interest will find this list a helpful starter .

    OK enough.
    Have fun: broaden your horizons. :thumb:
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    Decent post LB. Plenty of info for folks ready to reason.

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    Another site I saw that may be useful, especially for 'newbies' - like me.


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    Nice site that Ocky. One of the first obstacles to be overcome when you want to try linux is working out what the words used mean.:)

    Also trying to find out what exactly you are supposed to download for a live cd can be tricky at first.
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    In Ubuntu all you do is hit printscreen and then magic happens. :)
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    Nice: new and interesting take on 'getting to grips' for new users from TuxRadar includes W7 references/comparison:

    Linux frequently asked questions for newbies
    Recommended reading material
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    Sure - one of the top Linux boards on the web should have a page on getting started.
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    I wonder if this qualifies. http://www.kernellabs.com/blog/
    Maybe for drivers audio/video related ?
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    This is an excellent tutorial on CHMOD...


    Does anyone know of similar type tutorials on other Linux commands? This has helped me a great deal in gaining a better understanding of CHMOD and how to use and interpret it.

    Also found the following handy info for mounting NTFS partitions for Read/Write access in openSUSE...

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    Rute User's Tutorial

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    Of course: I may have forgotten: Unixmen :)
    On the ball.
    Lots of goodies.
    Also includes some Android news and updates