NIS2007 or NOD32?

Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by Kielty, Aug 22, 2007.

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  1. Kielty

    Kielty Registered Member

    I am running Vista Ultimate 32 bit and was looking for any views/opinions on either NOD32 or Norton Internet Security 2007. I have valid licenses for both and was not planning on installing anything else than either of the above on a clean build vista system.

    The end result would either be NOD32 only on a vista system with windows firewall and windows defender or a vista system with NIS2007 with windows defender and firewall disabled.

    NIS2007 seems to be much leaner these days and the detection rate is very good and seems to have an excellent firewall. NOD32 well what can i say consistently good virus detection.

    Any thoughts?
  2. ankupan

    ankupan Registered Member


    both are superior product.

    But I think, you need to change the question

    NOD32 or NAV 2007......... / ESS or NIS 2007

    Actually NIS2007 is a complete security suite and security suite is always better than stand alone AV (my experience).
  3. Kielty

    Kielty Registered Member

    Thanks for your input. I am aware NIS is a suite and NOD32 a stand alone AV.

    will rephrase - as ESS is still in beta is it worth waiting for or is NIS2007 still a better product?

    Is the antispyware/firewall in NIS2007 better that ESS?
  4. ankupan

    ankupan Registered Member

    than NIS 2007 is superior and even as per market & user information - NIS 2008 will be better :cool:

  5. Baldrick

    Baldrick Registered Member

    If you are looking for a suite then I would certainly recommend KIS 7. IHMO on a par with NIS2007 if not better (but that is subjective of course). I would certainly recommend that you download a trial and give it a go.

    Re. your original question I would say NIS2007; much better that previous version by all accounts and not comparable to NOD32 (and definitivelt superior to the ESS Suite that is currently in beta).:D
  6. ronjor

    ronjor Global Moderator

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