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Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by Slam Dunkley, Apr 26, 2010.

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  1. Slam Dunkley

    Slam Dunkley Registered Member

    Hi guys, I am new to this website, I just wanted to ask a question what do people think of Norton Internet Security 2010, is it good? Is it the best?
    If you have any views can you back them up with evidence?

    Thank you

    Slam Dunkley :)
  2. Noob

    Noob Registered Member

    Norton Internet Security 2010 HAVE improved a lot, it's no longer a resource hog as it was before and have a good protection.
    In fact it won AV-C award for best overall 2010 program :p
  3. Slam Dunkley

    Slam Dunkley Registered Member

    Thank you for your input Noob :)
  4. JRViejo

    JRViejo Global Moderator

    Slam Dunkley, I moved your post to this Forum to gain more exposure.

  5. Sully

    Sully Registered Member

    I think you can do as good or better for free if you choose to.

  6. Slam Dunkley

    Slam Dunkley Registered Member

    Yeah you think so? do have any evidence to back up what your saying tho?
    thanks for your input :)
  7. jmonge

    jmonge Registered Member

    i tested norton few weeks ago and the security tool rouge malware bypassed norton:D but it was the antivirus not the security suite:)
  8. AvinashR

    AvinashR Registered Member

    Don't mislead by words. Sully is one of the most experienced person i have ever met on this Wilders forum. He just want to tell you that you can choose free AV's like Avira, Avast and Panda Cloud. They really have nice detection rate.

    If you still want to see then you can check out the latest AV Comparitives test result where Avast did very well.

    Secondly you can implement LUA, SRP policy, which will give you 99.9% protection from various malwares to understand this you can ask Sully who is master in this...
  9. Slam Dunkley

    Slam Dunkley Registered Member

    Really? I was just speaking to an expert? wow no way I am honored :) But AvinashR the reason I asked is because anyone can say this is better alternative, but can they prove it, that's what I'm getting at, you telling me he is an expert I have nothing but respect for him, so I will take his feedback on board :) thanks
  10. AvinashR

    AvinashR Registered Member

    Your Welcome.

    See you can roam Wilders and you'll get sufficient amount information. Many members are not even running any AV or AS. They rely only on LUA and SRP only. As far is i am concerned :p , i am relying on NIS 2010 only, because i have already implemented other in-built protection like LUA, AppLocker, DEP etc etc.
  11. lubieplacki

    lubieplacki Registered Member

    Im using a Norton Internet Security on my notebook. This is a good software, SONAR can detects lots of 0-days, but firewall is bad. My mark for this program is 4/5. You can use it without problems.
  12. AvinashR

    AvinashR Registered Member

    As far as you are behind NAT Router, you are pretty much safe from intruders. Keep in mind that Nobody is interested to hack your PC, because they merely get any confidential information. Hackers love to break Company's security setup, not the individual's one.
  13. Franklin

    Franklin Registered Member

    And there are some here at Wilders (well at least one) that use a full blown admin account with no realtime AV/AM or security suite then download and run any and all types of malware yet their system never gets infected.
  14. Slam Dunkley

    Slam Dunkley Registered Member

    When you say the firewall is bad, what exactly do you mean? is your opionion based off Norton failing the matousec leak test?
  15. AvinashR

    AvinashR Registered Member

    May be his comments are purely based on Matousec test. Anyways no need bash Matousec again...:p

    Even some years ago i also rely too much on Matousec but now i am grown up kid:D :p
  16. AvinashR

    AvinashR Registered Member

    Yeah u's right bro. And i guess you are the one in that group...:D
  17. Slam Dunkley

    Slam Dunkley Registered Member

    Someone from said that Norton said that their product failed the matousec test because it didn't see most of matousec's attacks as real attacks, this is what I remember seeing in a post, I dunno, I could be wrong :)
  18. AvinashR

    AvinashR Registered Member

    I don't know about that, but many vendors said this...that Matousec tests are not valid tests. I have no comments for the same.
  19. Kees1958

    Kees1958 Registered Member

    after reboot, that is I presume

    The other day I walked amongst hyenas, roared to lions, threw bananas to Elephants in must. Was this virtual reality, a sunny day at the Zoo, or did I just need a re-boot?

  20. Franklin

    Franklin Registered Member

    Nah Kees, after deleting the sandbox which is way more convenient than a reboot to clear an infection.

    I do fire up a VM every now and then but Sandboxie is my mainstay security app and my main malware testing app.
  21. NoIos

    NoIos Registered Member

    Good yes.
    Best? Only you can tell it. The best product is the one that fits best your needs.
  22. Slam Dunkley

    Slam Dunkley Registered Member

    That's true to a certain degree, but the av and other av testing companies prove not all security suites are equal, some are just generally better than others.
  23. Saraceno

    Saraceno Registered Member

    Slam, aka Michael Jordan, Norton is a great program and it should fit the bill nicely.

    Some people don't have the cash though, some people like chopping and changing programs, so even if they bought the program, it'd be a waste as they'd change programs in the next month. All depends on what you want, you play games, browse risky sites, test programs often and so on.

    There are programs which can rollback changes made to your system after reboot (Returnil, Shadow Defender etc). Some people use Sandboxie to 'contain' and 'trap' say your browser and all downloads within it, and discard this information afterwards. Which means, sandboxie and a simple AV (Avira, Avast, Panda), could effectively be more robust than any suite. DefenseWall is another program to look into.

    Some people reinforce their free AV, such as Avast, Avira, Panda, Microsoft Security Essentials (the list goes on) with a secondary program to monitor system changes and malicious behaviour, like Mamutu, or ThreatFire (plenty more to the list).

    Some people use Prevx to complement their security, which connects to the 'cloud' is quick to react to threats and has great support on here. Some people use Prevx with another cloud scanner, Hitman Pro, doubling the checking of files with the company's database and other users. Some people use Prevx on its own, nothing more, nothing less (I'd happily use it on its own).

    Some people rely on strong firewalls, like Online Armor, Outpost, or Comodo.

    There are many more to add, you just have to find what works best with your system, doesn't cause it to hang or crash, and is a program you understand and feel comfortable with - other users using your system must also understand the program and alerts.
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  24. whitedragon551

    whitedragon551 Registered Member

  25. Sully

    Sully Registered Member

    I am honored to be held in such high esteem.

    But the reason I said what I did, is because the proof you look for is about as tangible as Matousecs, or really most any comparison.

    One mans trash is another mans treasure. Most all AVs will produce great results with known virus files. Most of them will produce adequate results for new threats, but the gap does grow in this respect.

    The bottom line though is that while many people do benefit from an AV, you are always behind the current threats, waiting for the updates.

    I offer no solution. You will find many here. I just don't believe that the proof you desire really exists in the way you wish it did.

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