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  1. Blackcat

    Blackcat Registered Member

    Notes on Version

    - Instead of having the confusing Active Area / Rescue Area and ORIGINAL / BACKUP, there are now only Original Area / Rescue Area.

    - Hidden files and folders are now displayed in the Anchor browse dialog.

    - Files or folders marked with the System attribute can now be anchored.

    - The Rescue Area can now be booted even if copy errors occurred during the update.

    - The Vista+ FilesNotToSnapshot key is now cleared before starting VSS. Thus all files are copied unless explicitly excluded.

    - The command line /buildname uses FDRBUILD instead of SRLBUILD.

    - The command line /? now gives a list of common commands.

    - The Command Tool now reports the transfer speed in MB / sec. instead of KB / sec.

    - Fixed problem where the Command Tool image could be distorted.

    - Help file updated.

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  2. squid13

    squid13 Registered Member

    Thank You, downloaded and updated with no problems. To bad they can't fix it so you carry your key over so you don't have to put the key in at each update. That's a minor thing though.
  3. ahriman

    ahriman Registered Member

    Updated with no problem. Thank you! :thumb:
  4. tarsins

    tarsins Registered Member

    Installed fine, and carried my key over - it said leave blank to use existing key.

    A small point if you use schedules: because the names of the "areas" have changed, existing schedules won't work.
  5. demoneye

    demoneye Registered Member

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