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Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by mercurie, Oct 4, 2007.

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  1. mercurie

    mercurie A Friendly Creature

    Hello All,
    Unless you are using one of the free offers from your ISP, AOL or the like you will not likely understand my question.

    My ISP is telling me to upgrade to the new McAfee Suite. I seems to have some extra bells and whistles and I am not sure I need most of them. However, they do look like there are additional security inhancements that would harden up the security such as root kit detections.

    But I don't need network detection and all that and my pc resources as you can see are tight. The system is running smooth. If I get the update I might not be able to go back. So if it doesn't work out so well I could be stuck.

    Anyone upgraded that can offer insights, it would be appreciated? Thanks.
  2. Code_Blue

    Code_Blue Registered Member


    For what it's worth, On my laptop I recently switched from Avast home/PCTools FW/Boclean to Comcast's McAfee suite along with Boclean because my machine was a bit more sluggish than I liked. My performance improved noticeably.

    Pentium 1.73 GHz with a gig of RAM.

  3. WSFuser

    WSFuser Registered Member

    I dont have mcafee but heres what I would do: create an image before upgrading and if you dont like the new version, restore the image.
  4. mercurie

    mercurie A Friendly Creature

    How recently...say within the last week? Thanks.
  5. mercurie

    mercurie A Friendly Creature

    Pretty good idea since it's been awhile since an image was done any way.
  6. Wordward

    Wordward Former Poster

    mercurie i have comcast cable and on second pc i have Mcafee Suite but have not received any notice about new 2008 suite that is out. is this what you are talking about?
  7. Code_Blue

    Code_Blue Registered Member

    I made the switch about a week and a half ago. The info from the suite is as follows:

    Security Center Ver. 7.2
    VirusScan Ver. 11.2, Build 11.2.124, Engine 5100.0194
    Personal Firewall Ver. 8.2, Build 8.2.122
    Privacy Service 9.2, Build 9.2.134
    Data Backup Ver. 1.2 Build 103

  8. Diver

    Diver Registered Member

    That is what I do around here. Nothing like being able to roll back after you f- up.
  9. mercurie

    mercurie A Friendly Creature

    Yes, I just learned that, as I have been poking around the Comcast forums as well as hanging here. Yes, it is the 2008 version and some are having issues. There are not a lot of postings in total on this Upgrade and I was notified a week or so ago. several suggested if there were issues on conectivity to use a special uninstaller that I download and tucked away just in case. "MCPR2" file.

    Code Blue you have the same as me. There is an update it appears. There were also some who said that after attempting to get their update they still got the old version you listed and I have also.
  10. Wordward

    Wordward Former Poster

    i have same versions as code blue which is 2007 version. not sure when new version will be made available for or by comcast, but ex brit just posted in the mcafee forum that it should soon be released to the general public. Mcafee is running good here with no problems, but i just hope new release goes well when update does finally come.
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  11. mercurie

    mercurie A Friendly Creature

    Thanks everyone for posting.

    I am going to hold off and not go the link in my email to get the supposed new version for now. But if the new version is stable and doesn't take up any new resources and at least adds root kit checking I would like to move to the new version. ;)

    The 7.2 version is stable and running smooth and note the firewall is in stealth mode...a whole lot of talk about McAfee Techs telling, leave it at standard or you will be unable to use the net...others posts similar stories about tight setting.

    This is exactly why there is no way I will go to McAfee Support with my questions. I am at stealth with zero problems. ;)
  12. Code_Blue

    Code_Blue Registered Member

    Are the issues associated with the Suite itself or are they a result of additional code specifically because it is the "Comcast Security" Suite? And what does the uninstaller uninstall...the entire package?
  13. Wordward

    Wordward Former Poster

    check out mcafee forum. it mentions everything running well with 2008 version for users there and millions of mcafee users.
  14. mercurie

    mercurie A Friendly Creature

    I don't know the answer to your first question.

    As to the second it is my understanding that you should use the MS Remove/Uninstall first and if you have issues use the tool. The issues specifically was inability to get use Browsers. I would suspect there was other trouble causing trash too if you had that problem as well. The tool is availiable at McAfee site. If you need it and run into problems I'll see about posting a link.
  15. Code_Blue

    Code_Blue Registered Member

    The only issue I have had with McAfee so far is that the scanning time is excessively long. I just visited the McAfee Forum and apparently this issue is even worse in Version 12.xx (at least for one user).

    I will hold on to this version for awhile until this is resolved.
  16. Malcontent

    Malcontent Registered Member

    Does McAfee still require Active X to update?
  17. The Hammer

    The Hammer Registered Member

    Should I avoid it if it does?
  18. sasa843

    sasa843 Registered Member


    No, it doesn not require Active X to update and engine version 12 is really light.
  19. Arin

    Arin Registered Member

    The latest engine version is 5200.
  20. drkoopz

    drkoopz Registered Member

    Anybody know if VirusScan provided by AOL will be updated as well? Or will they leave it a year behind because they can?
  21. RobZee

    RobZee Registered Member

    Just DL it myself & haven't fully checked it out, but this is section of Help info -

    "Continual updates and upgrades

    Automatically install daily updates. When a new version of McAfee software is available, you get it automatically at no charge during your subscription, ensuring that you always have up-to-date protection."

  22. Wordward

    Wordward Former Poster

    i have read the new 5200 engine is much improved. still waiting for upgrade to my free Comcast Suite though. i think because of past troubles with Comcast McAfee customers it is being delayed at least in my area. version 2007 running good, but i had some time getting rid of GRC leaktest 1.2 for awhile. McAfee popped up alert before i could even install on desktop to run which i thought was good, but when i couldn't delete the exe. from Documents and Settings/local settings/temp folder i had to run a scan which partially removed it before i could. then after that McAfee kept finding in System Volume Info while PC was idle. i beleive this had more to do with leaktest than McAfee and i could have easily told McAfee to trust the program, but i wanted to do it the hard way instead. lol.
  23. solcroft

    solcroft Registered Member

    Sure, you get the database updates automatically at no charge.

    Personally, after the AVS fiasco where they let AVS lag behind for one year and then suddenly pulled the plug with absolutely no prior warning whatsoever, I'm staying far, far away from AOL.
  24. drkoopz

    drkoopz Registered Member

    See, that's what i've been thinking. AVS was Kaspersky 6 while 7 had been released for awhile (correct me if i'm wrong). I'm just not sure if I trust AOL to provide anyone with the update.

    On the other end of the spectrum, AOL DOES have a good relationship with McAfee and has been using their products for a long time now. We may see the update after all.

    All I know is that I dont want McAfee VirusScan if I cant get the 2008 improvements. This is mainly for system resource purposes. We'll see.
  25. Graystoke

    Graystoke Registered Member

    I am also using the Comcast free McAfee suite, and it runs very light on my computer. My McAfee shows the same version and build information as Code_Blue's.

    I had the same problem with a live chat McAfee tech telling me I should not have the firewall in stealth mode. I could not connect to the internet while in stealth mode. Fortunately, someone at the McAfee forum hooked me up with a Tier III McAfee support person in Canada, and with his help, I am again able to connect with the firewall in stealth mode.

    I also got the e-mail from Comcast about the upgrade. I decided not to do the upgrade at this time. I'm going to wait until Comcast officially rolls out the 2008 version.
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