New Antiexecutable: NoVirusThanks EXE Radar Pro

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  1. novirusthanks

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    Thanks for your feedback and glad you like the ERP :)


    The Free Edition has no self-protection, it is available only in the PRO Edition (a comparison table will be created soon). Take in mind that anyway a process to terminate ExeRadar.exe needs to be executed, I would recommend to blacklist the process "C:\WINDOWS\system32\taskkill.exe" to make sure that if you have whitelisted "cmd.exe", an user cannot terminate/kill ExeRadar.exe using "taskkill.exe".


    Thanks for contacting us by email, I will send you a trial code in few days.
  2. CGuard

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    (again) Thank you for responding to my request.:thumb:
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    Thanks for the tip.
  4. bellgamin

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    I just had reason to check ERP's logs & discovered that I had DOZENS of them. None of the logs were big but still... why keep so many logs for so long a time?

    Granted, there is a "clear logs" option. Even so ...

    I REQUEST: Give the user the option to limit the logs retained by ERP based on EITHER: (a) limiting the number of logs retained OR (b) limiting the number of months a log is retained , OR (c) limiting the total KBs of logs to be retained.
  5. noons

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    Any update on an x64 version?
  6. 1000db

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    Using free version and downloaded a malicious file that did not have an extension. When I tried to open the file and selected notepad, it opened the file. I was in game mode and had the option set to not notify me but the file was allowed to be opened anyway. It appears that unknown executables are either blocked by file extension, or they are allowed to run in a previously trusted program. Its possible I'm misunderstanding something but this seems like a major hole in the defenses.
  7. novirusthanks

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    Sure, will be added in the next version :)


    We're getting close to it, but we need some time yet.


    If you used notepad to open an executable, it most probably opened the file content inside notepad.exe as text, so in this case no malicious code has been executed, except the safe executable notepad.exe (if whitelisted). Try to view the "Events" tab to see if the process without the extension was inr eal executed or just open inside notepad.exe (see commandline parameters for this).
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    Thanks!!! :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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    Thank you for the code NVT! I received it a week ago. Great security utility, very configurable, straightforward and light-weighted. I really like the "Rules" section. Any recommended readings (links) regarding the "File Content" of suspicious/malicious files?

    Keep up the good work!
  10. JoeBlack40

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    What are the differences between the pro and free version?
  11. JoeBlack40

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    Heeellooo,anybody knows that there really is a free version??:D
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    What's you mean o_O Yes of course it has free version and I am running very well in my W7 HP 32.

    Here is link posted a while ago by novirusthanks :

    Hope this help ,

  13. JoeBlack40

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    Ok,my English sucks.I wanted to be funny by saying something like "do you know that really exists a free version,don't you?" thingy.:D
    Thank you for your reply,but again,what are the free version's limitations?Does is worth have it installed?

    EDIT.Ok,just saw this
    ,so my question is pointless now.
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  14. sg09

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    Although there is no official comparison table.
    1. Splash Screen for 10 secs.
    2. No Self protection.
    3. No Behavioral Analysis.
    4. No Password protection for UI and Process.
    5. No API Service support.
    6. No Malware Signature Scanner support.
    7. Custom Scanners cannot be integrated.
    8. No Remote PHP Notification.
    9. No advanced rules: like block processes that run from USB, Network Drive, CD/DVD; Allow processes with a digital signature or specific digital signature, allow processes without MD5 hash check. And many other rules that I hardly understand. ;)

    In short, the free version is just an essential anti-executable, just what a basic user needs.
  15. kupo

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    Any news about 64 bit version?
  16. JoeBlack40

    JoeBlack40 Registered Member

    Thank you sg,much appreciated.
    Better to use Spyshelter free as a conclusion...
  17. kupo

    kupo Registered Member

    Isn't Spyshelter an antilogger? Well I know it got HIPS protection but EXE Radar Pro is an anti-executable right? :D
  18. Scoobs72

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    Strange conclusion. ERP is an anti-executable without additional HIPS functionality. SS is a HIPS with specific keylogger protection but without anti-executable functionality. Hardly comparable.
  19. Kees1958

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    True words, Spyshelter is not anti-executable but it does has a restricted mode.

    You can add folders (for instance your data partitions, or all user directories on your desktop) under the restricted protection, as with USB drives. Executables launched in this area, will run in a safe (or restricted user) mode.

  20. JoeBlack40

    JoeBlack40 Registered Member

    Sorry for my momentary leak of knowledge,you're all right.Just a slippery confusion.
  21. bo elam

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    The free version does have the Behavioral analysis, there's a setting to enable/disable the feature but nothing else. Everything else on the list, is not available in the free version.

    I tried the program for a few days, works great, very easy to set up.

  22. safeguy

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    True but I wish it would work with standard/limited user accounts too. I'm pretty sure there's something that NVT can do to make it work..
  23. Yanick

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    Still waiting this same thing to be implemented.
  24. Cutting_Edgetech

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    I have not been keeping up with NoVirusThanks EXE Radar at all. I haven't read anything on it since the first page of this thread. After reading the last few pages in this thread it seems users are liking this product to say the least. I am a huge Appguard fan. How is this product in comparison with AG? I already see it's only for 32 bit OS.
  25. powerpack

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    That's correct here is a screenshot:

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