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  1. m00nbl00d

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    I hope I'm not wrong, but take a look at the screenshot... :doubt:

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  2. Daveski17

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    I've just unchecked that & you're right m00nbl00d, I can open folders of installers quickly & the icons load instantly. Most excellent! You definitely win a cigar for finding that. :D

    I often keep installers for a while as it can be useful. I recently had a problem with Firefox after a NoScript update & it wouldn't open as normal & I just kept getting the crash reporter. I re-installed Firefox 11 from the installer then updated to #12. Problem solved. :)
  3. STV0726

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    MSE's detection average for all vectors from West Coast Labs Real Time Testing has bumped up to 99% in the last 28 days, and hopefully v4 will keep it up there. Of course, I don't think they use zero day samples.

    Oh...also...disabling archive scanning (I believe that option applies to scans AND real-time monitoring) has been there since day 1 if I'm not mistaken.
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    Off topic post removed. Let's keep the discussion civil.
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    Cool. :cool:

    I think you're right about this. I dunno why I never had a look at it earlier. Doh!
  6. kupo

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    Yup, it's been there since version 1.
    OFFTOPIC: To all (one) bashing this product, I know that MSE is pretty slow for some (I just wonder what their definition of fast is), just accept the fact that MSE is better and is getting better regarding performance / detections. The proofs are all given to you, so please stop being close minded. (It makes you look stupid).
  7. STV0726

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    I try not to be close-minded...really...well I maybe a bit close-minded about Symantec Norton and McAfee...(regardless of Norton's good streak in the past few years)...but prolly not alone there... :rolleyes:

    I have ALWAYS said that I LIKE MSE and I want to continue to like it but I look at consistency in ratings as a very considerable part of the decision on what to use/recommend.

    I know they will stay in the game. :thumb:
  8. adrenaline7

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    Installed MSE 4 and going to use it as a layer. I may from time to time disable the real time protection all together.

    To improve scan times I removed .avi, .jpg, .jpeg, .mp3, and .mpeg files from scans. Any other types of file types I should add? Any processes or other files you guys recommend keeping unmonitored for scans to improve performance without taking a security hit?
  9. emmjay

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    Seems to me that you are wasting your time removing specific extensions from the scan. Once you have removed the archive files from the scan you should be in a position to set a QUICK scan to run daily and you will find that the scan will run very quickly. Do a full scan once a month (it will run for quite some time so set it to run off hours ... depending on your file count it will be hours).
    NB: The first FULL scan after a version update always takes forever, however FULL scans done at other times are nowhere near as long.
  10. RejZoR

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    For the millionth time, this only applies to On-Demand scan. Whoever sees any real-time speedups when this is unchecked are just imagining things.
  11. funkydude

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    Nearly all of those formats have at one time or another carried malware.
  12. m00nbl00d

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    Maybe so... Or, is it for both? I'm asking because, unlike the Scan removable drives setting, it doesn't state which protection it works with. For instance, Scan removable drives clearly states that it's for full scans.

    Anyway, what you want, it isn't something that 99% of MSE users actually know about, and therefore don't care about it either. That said, I'd say you're above average, and what can be called a geek user, I'd say? Therefore, I'm pretty sure you're more than capable to tweak MSE to your needs and exclude file types, such as *.rar, *.zip, etc. Exclude as many archive types as possible.

    Would that work for you?

    One question: Did you actually bother to suggest that to Microsoft, during the beta testing? If you didn't, and considering 99% of users know crap about this stuff, what are you complaining about? o_O

    I know I suggested something... To be honest, my relatives never bothered with slow downs caused by MSE, therefore this "Scan archive files" setting never crossed my mind... But, I do know that what I suggested, was something that 99% of users wouldn't use either. :D No complaints; I knew it wasn't going to be implemented, but it was worth the try. :D

    Seriously speaking, it sounds like you're doing aggresive marketing for avast!, by badmouthing MSE.
  13. Daveski17

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    Actually, I think that you are probably correct about this. I must have a vivid imagination.

    Does anyone know for certain (Funkydude)?
  14. Daveski17

    Daveski17 Registered Member

    I was sure it was faster opening files of .exe files yesterday, but today it seems slower. To be honest, I've only just booted my notebook though & it takes it a while to 'warm up'.

    Maybe he is just jealous because we're all using the new MSE. ;)
  15. funkydude

    funkydude Registered Member

    No clue. I don't worry/think about such things unless it affects my PC performance.
  16. Daveski17

    Daveski17 Registered Member

    OK thanks anyway.
  17. DavidCo

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    Here is something that I have noticed, and I have checked it 'cos at first I thought it was my imagination.

    After an update to MSE (def's) opening of folders etc takes longer the first time, if you see what I mean.

    I have also noticed a 'pause' for the icons to show under the start menu (first time) so for me it is not just applications that can be slow but shortcuts too.

    MSE V4 on Vista
  18. Daveski17

    Daveski17 Registered Member

    Yes, I've noticed this as well.

    Yeah, my notebook runs Vista, it's a bit ... er ... RAM intensive. I can't believe that I have run heavy AV suites on it in the past.

    I can put up with a lot of MSE's quirks, it cost me nothing & most of the time runs really well on my notebook.

    The 64 bit MSE on my Win 7 Desktop is like surfing without an AV. Even with the power & speed of my desktop monster, I still prefer MSE.

    Oh crap ... I'm turning into a fanboy ... :eek:
  19. adrenaline7

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    I have gigs and gigs worth of jpg and avi files from my camera and camcorder and scans without removing these extensions is several hours, excluding these files scans are under an hour, so its a huge difference. If I didn't load the avi or jpgs straight from my camera and instead got them from the internet I wouldn't exclude these files.

    I am surprised no one else excludes stuff in MSE.
  20. Zyrtec

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    The ONLY thing I'd complain about MSE v4 [and earlier versions] is the slowness when opening a folder full of downloaded executables. It takes forever to interact with the .exe icons when you hover your mouse over them while MSE is scanning. Other than that, I think it's a decent anti-malware solution for those who doesn't want to shell $$$ on yearly AV subscriptions just to keep getting virus defs.

  21. Daveski17

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    That makes a lot of sense. I'm probably showing my ignorance here, but I scan any jpeg or PNG file I download again with MBAM (after the initial download auto-scan) just as a second opinion. I think that this is relatively wise.

    Many, if not virtually all of these files are stored in my 'My Pictures' folders. If they've already been scanned twice, why would they even need to be scanned again in a full scan anyway?

    This is even more relevant to files (jpeg, MP3/4, 3GP) I have sent to the computer from my mobile phone. I doubt whether my phone could be infected, it is never online as I deleted the Internet profile on it.
  22. Daveski17

    Daveski17 Registered Member

    We've been discussing this very issue. Can this scanning be disabled in realtime in Settings/Advanced/Scan Archive Files?
  23. Zyrtec

    Zyrtec Registered Member

    It could be. But then we may as well use it as an on-demand scanner only, thus defeating the purpose of having a real-time AV monitoring the system for suspicious files and/or activities.

    Microsoft should address this issue [the slowness opening folders with .exe files] in the next version and/or release.

  24. RejZoR

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    If they haven't addressed this in 3 major versions, does anyone think they'll fix it now as a minor update? I highly doubt it.
  25. Daveski17

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    Do you have anything constructive at all to say about MSE? This 'problem' is not just with MSE either. I have seen this behaviour & worse with at least two other AV suites.
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