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  1. redwolfe_98

    redwolfe_98 Registered Member

    hello.. with the recent updates for "windows" i noticed that there was an update for "visual basic 6".. if you read about the update, from what i read, the only thing that it does is update the "MSCOMCTL.OCX" file and add some activex-killbits to the registry.. here is a link to the MS article about the update:

    anyway, the issue is that "spywareblaster" uses a "MSCOMCTL.OCX" file.. when i installed the updates for "windows" the update for "visual basic 6" was not installed and so the "MSCOMCTL.OCX" file was not updated.. i tried to install the update manually but, when i did, i got a message saying that the update would not install because i do not have "visual basic 6" installed.. so, what to do? does "spywareblaster" need to be updated, to where it has, and installs, the updated "MSCOMCTL.OCX" file? or, should we install some version of "visual basic 6", along with any updates for it, in order to have the newly updated version of the "MSCOMCTL.OCX" file? if we do that, what else should we do, to account for the "outdated" version of the "MSCOMCTL.OCX" file in the "spywareblaster" folder, in "c:\program files"?
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    The local copy of MSCOMCTL.ocx that is located in the SpywareBlaster folder is only used by SpywareBlaster, and SpywareBlaster should not be affected by the described issues in MSCOMCTL.ocx.

    That said, we will test and likely update to the newer version of the file with a future release of the product. But for now, you shouldn't worry. :)

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  3. NiTrOwow

    NiTrOwow Registered Member

    Google the ocx on google download it from a safe website google the website if its safe download it put it in System32 and then go to start and type in run press enter and type in regsvr32 C:\Windows\System32\MSCOMCTL.OCX
    And you should be as good to go!

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