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Discussion in 'Paragon Early Adopter Program' started by tolis6146, Oct 5, 2010.

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  1. tolis6146

    tolis6146 Registered Member

    Hi all i have install the program on win7 its works very fast i make clone the hard disk 37 gb on 11 minute :D :D on 1 start up wiht new drive i find it need elot time , all working perfect nice program
  2. hardwarekritiker

    hardwarekritiker Registered Member

    Re: Migrate os to ssd


    the first error was the email that i´ve recieved.
    The serialnumber and the product key have changed the correct order.
    So in that case i´ve typed in at the first :
    serial number and then the product key
    The installer wants at first the product key and then the serial number.

    But then, there are no other errors on my system at the installation:
    Intel Quadcore , 8 GB Ram, Win7 64 Bit.

    Best regards
  3. Mo62

    Mo62 Registered Member

    Under Virtual PC, I made a copy of a XP system with Paragon Migrate program
    to create one another system.
    In some minutes, it works fine.
    Faster than backup/restore partition.
  4. liston

    liston Registered Member

    Re: Migrate os to ssd

    Hi every body
    I have installed this software on win7 standard netbook 10" screen with a 160gb hard drive 2gb memory, will list the drives as follows from 1-4 for ease.

    1 c: drive
    2 second drive I made with paragon hard drive manager 9.5
    3 a brown partion 12gb healthy recovery
    4 102mb healthy system

    Once installed I migrated my system to a usb WD 500gb it only took 11 minutes to do the whole netbook.

    I will now try to install from my usb WD 500gb and will post what happens ok.
  5. ZamZam

    ZamZam Registered Member

    Paragon migrate OS to SSD my review

    Not wanting to post my experiences in a thread which someone else has started, I decided to add my own thread here to make things easier if replies are posted.
    Here are my experiences and comments:

    configuration and OS setup:
    Intel core 2 quad, 2.5 ghz, 4 GB RAM, windows 7 32-bit.
    hard disks: 70 gig partition (source drive), SATA
    destination 80 gig (IDE)

    Paragon migrate OS to SSD:
    Note: I never had a chance to review the guide which was part of the E-mail, as it was not in the correct format to read. Upon opening the zip archive that I downloaded, I had access to a whole lot of xml data and pictures rather than a docx file which the link indicated.
    Note: I also make use of a screenreader (a program converting text on screen to speech output) so, if I make suggestions with regard to where things can be improved it would be helpful for future users like myself to use the product without any problems.
    Nevertheless, after the welcome screen I was quite hesitant to continue as I was greeted by this warning message:
    Delete bootable partition?Bootable partition is about to be deleted. Your computer may no longer boot
    As the source partition is not going to be replaced, I therefore think that this message is rather unnecessary, and should be left out.
    Not being afraid of anything, I went ahead an clicked yes.
    I then got asked what folders it was that I would like to have copied.
    and for this part, things were rather inaccessible when it comes to the screen reader. I had to press on the text which then brought up a window where I could select various folders, this window too was also rather inaccessible.
    My suggestions are to make the "please select what folders should be copied" a simple button which can then be identified by the screenreader.
    with regard to the window where one can browse for folders to be copied it should be like a simple treeview as well.
    Upon clicking on the copy button, I got asked whether to format the disk.
    If it can be implemented, being able to select a partition to migrate too would be really nice rather than just having a disk to migrate to.
    However, I do like the fact that this program only copies the primary partition where windows is installed and not any other partitions on the disk.
    After ticking the box that would format the disk and clicking on next, here's where the problem comes in when using a screenreader.
    Somehow the program crashes, displaying an error like:
    apart of paragon utilities has caused a problem. The program will now close."
    I went through the whole process again, and just before clicking on next, unloaded the screen reader and clicked next. And the process started to happen.
    It was quite fast seeing that I had 26 gig to copy.
    Once the process was completed, a very informative message was displayed However, you might want to take a look at the English as there were some minor spelling errors.
    Booting up:
    I then disconnected the primary hdd and booted up to the drive I migrated too.
    It took quite some time before things seem to be normal to do anything. But once things were normal, I could go about running my various programs just fine.
    I then decided to reboot hoping that things would be abit faster during boot-up as well as loading of programs at startup, however, I did have to wait some time before things were normal again.
    I'm not sure whether its because this is an IDE HDD but I recall in another topic under this forum a user experiencing something similar However, his was only at the first startup.
    If it can be done, you might want to take a look at somehow improving the boot-up time.
    back to the primary hdd:
    disconnecting the migrated hdd and connecting the source hdd, I got the message which had been displayed once migration was completed.
    I feel this too, is unnecessary as it is displayed when migration innitially completes. However I did like the option not to show this message again.
    Other suggestions:
    this program would have been really nice if it were portable as the migrated hard disk doesn't then need to have the program installed on it.

    Appoligies for such a long post, I do hope my input was helpful.

  6. liston

    liston Registered Member

    Re: Migrate os to ssd

    I have tried to restore from my usb 500gb wd drive but been unable to do it, this is what i have done so far.

    During startup pressed F2 went into bios moved my usb drive to the first slot and saved restarted my netbook, nothing windows just starts up as normal.
    when windows starts I get a message saying how to get your system to boot from your usb.

    I will have to see what I have done wrong tomorrow will post more information tomorrow. bye 4 now
  7. ZamZam

    ZamZam Registered Member

    Re: Paragon migrate OS to SSD my review


    Another suggestion...
    Can there not be an option to ask the user whether the drive letter should be removed before user decides to restart the pc?
    Incase, the user has forgot and just remembered whilst the process has started to copy a file/folder.
    Also, I've noticed that when I connect the target drive with the source, windows does not reassign a drive letter to the migrated drive.
    Perhaps it can be implemented as well?

    And one more thing...
    The name of this program innitially made me think it was for SSD drives only until I read its features. Maybe you might want to take a look at making the name more versatile?
  8. stoopgj

    stoopgj Registered Member

    Re: Paragon migrate OS to SSD my review


    The main advantage of an SSD is its speed, the main disadvantage is its cost per Gb, so it should be used for the OS and for programs, not necessarily for data. Therefore a small SSD, even as small as 32 Gb, will do the job, providing a second hard drive, internal or external, is available for your documents, pictures, video, music, etcetera.

    However, the OS and the program files are normally on a (much) larger hard drive, and migration from a large drive to a small one is not as easy as the other way around (which can simply be done by creating an image of the original drive and restoring it to the larger drive).

    So, the main (if not the only) 'raison d'être' (reason for being) of this program is exactly THAT capability : migration from a larger drive to a smaller one, therefore THAT process should be the main focus of this review, BUT ALSO OF THE USERS GUIDE, not a migration from a smaller drive to a larger one.

    I migrated Win7 64 bit from a Western Digital 320 Gb hard drive (that came with my laptop) to an OCZ Vertex 64 Gb SSD in a HP Pavilion dv7 laptop with 2 hard drive slots. I included all my users and program files, a total of 22 Gb. It took just over 12 minutes. Afterwards I simply swapped the drives, started up the laptop from the SSD and it all worked flawlessly. Start up is much much faster now and programs start instantly. I use wiper.exe to 'refresh' the SSD, that works fine too.

    An added advantage is that I still have the original OS on my WD drive, so if my computer ever refuses to start, all I have to do is swap the drives and I'm in business. Obviously I would not have any programs or updates that happened after today, but for that I use Paragon Backup and Recovery 10 to make weekly images of my C: drive (takes about 8 minutes).

    Good luck,

  9. liston

    liston Registered Member

    Re: Paragon migrate OS to SSD my review

    Hi their
    I have backed to a usb wd 500gb and everything is fine it only took 11 minutes to back up c: drive my problem is that when I go to restore from my usb drive it wont restore at all.

    I go into the bios section then into boot I have placed my usb drive as first place save then reset. It then goes into windows own restore which isent right I have tried all the drives in my boot section and none of them work at all.
    My netbook is a acer one with no cd-rom.

    I am going to give up trying to use my wester digital drive and us a other one to see whats happens.

    What I cant understand is when you back up it tells you what drive to pit first in the bios so it works but it just isent for my wd 500gb.
  10. Mech_An

    Mech_An Registered Member

    Re: Paragon migrate OS to SSD my review


    Windows can't boot from USB drive. It is Windows specific restriction, because USB drivers are loaded later than OS.

    Migrate to SSD allows to COPY system partition to another HDD. But it doesn't change anything inside Windows.

    Migrate to SSD is designed for migration to new HDD, which means that your internal drive will be replaced with copy.
  11. Oxford_Al

    Oxford_Al Registered Member

    Re: Paragon migrate OS to SSD my review

    Hi All
    Software downloaded and installed, SSD arrives tomorrow.
    2 points so far
    1. The software identifies and offers alternative destinations to migrate the OS to eg WD external HDD and also 2nd internal HDD, so not SSD specific.
    2. No option to add shortcuts to desktop during the installation process, which might be quite useful.
    I'll be back with more once the SSD arrives.
  12. Maeghas

    Maeghas Registered Member

    Re: Paragon migrate OS to SSD my review

    Program installed under Win 7 64-bit. Seems to run fine. I don't have any SSD's so I may need to get one to test that out.

    One feature I would like is to have Migrate OS to SSD recognize partitions. I wanted to test from one drive's partition to another drive's, but it only sees the drive capacity, not the partitions. I realize in the case of an SSD at this point, partitions aren't practical, but with HDD's I would like that option.

    More to come as I experiment.
  13. mickiem

    mickiem Registered Member

    Crash in win7 ult 64

    On a multi-boot rig, when trying to copy active [in use] or inactive win7 ult 64 partitions getting a crash when the app goes to Calculate Copy Size -- copying XP Pro SP3 32 works fine. I've got Paragon logs 7-zipped if you want them, but FWIW I didn't see anything. Copying win7 partitions from XP seems OK too. Windows error logs show:

    "Unexpected failure. Error code: 490@01010004"


    "Faulting application name: migrateos.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4ca3d8a7
    Faulting module name: qtp-mt334.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x4ca3cb66
    Exception code: 0xc0000005
    Fault offset: 0x000765a5
    Faulting process id: 0xbc8
    Faulting application start time: 0x01cb65ac700e135e
    Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Paragon Software\Migrate OS to SSD\program\migrateos.exe
    Faulting module path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Paragon Software\Migrate OS to SSD\program\qtp-mt334.dll
    Report Id: bae077ff-d19f-11df-9c4a-001fe26a9e3b"

  14. mickiem

    mickiem Registered Member

    Misc issues...

    Not deal breakers but things noticed so far...

    Email ID/Key lines reversed -- was already mentioned in another thread.

    McAfee Internet Security 2010 in Win7 Ult 64 -- opening dialog to turn off Real-Time scanning while Migrate OS to SSD was running/copying, McAfee's window is blank.

    Progress bar & time estimated were pretty badly off, even when I wasn't expecting much accuracy to begin with.

    Pagefile.sys etc. -> No option to exclude & wasn't automatically excluded.

    **May** have some icon prob?... Only one that doesn't have transparency in 7's XP Mode VM.

    Seems to trigger AV software more than other Paragon software, e.g. Backup apps.

    Testing in bare bones XP Mode VM on ~8 GB .vhd, copying to 2nd, 65 GB .vhd, surprised to see target .vhd size expanding.

    Will not recognize/see Dell KACE virtual drive mounted. Other Paragon apps will.
  15. Mech_An

    Mech_An Registered Member

    Re: Crash in win7 ult 64


    Could you please send me LOGs and System info from your 2 Win7 systems (in private message, please)?
    To save system info:
    * open Start\Programs\Accessories\System Tools\System Information;
    * choose the "Save" option in the "File" menu ,
    * enter the "File name" and set the field "Save as type" to "System Information File (*.NFO)";
    * send us the saved file.

    maybe the reason is in SW compatibility.
  16. Mech_An

    Mech_An Registered Member

    Re: Paragon migrate OS to SSD my review

    1. Migrate to SSD could be used for migration to ANY smaller drive, not only SSD.
    2. It should create shortcut automatically. Sounds strange that it did not.

    1. You can test Migrate to SSD with any HDD you have, because it is not hard linked to SSD drives.
    2. To check what HDD to use, you can open Windows Disk Management
    * right-click on 'My computer' - 'Manage'
    * select 'Disk Management' in 'Storage'
    View Disks & partitions and select desired HDD to copy your System.
  17. randompc

    randompc Registered Member

    Re: Paragon migrate OS to SSD my review

    Running for an hour so far with minimal feedback - just the elapsed time bar labelled "Migrating ntfs-c (C:)"

    The "Total estimated time left 00:11:15" message ought to specify whether it's in hours:minutes:seconds if it's going to be inaccurate enough that we have to wonder. (The estimate just keeps going up.) I assume it's hh:mm:ss but since nothing seems to be happening for a long time I'm unsure (honestly unsure, not yanking your chain(s)). The bottom line is more feedback would be nice, i.e. number of files counted if that's happening, # bytes transferred, etc.

    I am attempting move a very simple configuration from HD to SSD: single 60Gb C: drive to a single 120Gb OCZ Vertex 2 SSD. Unfortunately I'm using a USB 2 cable since my just-arrived PCMCIA eSata card seems to be completely DOA. (It's made by Rosewill ... 3 strikes and they're out!) The HD was originally formatted under Vista or XP by the laptop manufacturer, then upgraded with a full "Custom install" of Win7, so there is no Win7 recovery partition. I sure hope this Paragon product aligns the SSD partition properly!

    More feedback when/if the transfer completes. (By the way, on the same machine and USB cable, a Win7 OS built-in system imaging backup took about 10 minutes last night, I think. Don't hold me to that, but at least it seemed much quicker and/or kept me reassured that it hadn't died.)

    Windows 7 Home Premium
    Toshiba M700 laptop - 4Gb RAM

    = = =
    OK - it worked! Longer than I expected, but everything seems to be running fine. And to answer my own implied question, yes, it did align the partition correctly ... 1048576 byte offset for the one and only partition, i.e. 2048x512 ... it's partition type 7, which is, I believe, what it started as, and the Win7 bootloader happily loads it up. (I didn't mention above, but this laptop was previously triple booting Win7 and 2 versions of Ubuntu under grub2 ... the Win7 partition was the first one and all I hoped/expected would be converted to SSD. Ubuntu will be relegated to a VM for my upcoming trip, then I'll see about doing the reverse.) Thanks, Paragon!
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2010
  18. epworth2

    epworth2 Registered Member

    Re: Paragon migrate OS to SSD my review

    Migrated 250 gig drive to 200 gig with no known issues.
    Migration time was 1.4 hrs,which may seem excessive but there was a great deal of data.The program may include compression on large drive to smaller,which would account for the added time involved.

    Thank You
  19. pps07com

    pps07com Registered Member

    Paragon Migrate OS to SSD - suggestion and issue

    I did my test, today.
    I migrated my Win7-32 from IDE(PATA) to one SCSI, and the new HDD booted without problems.
    But when I reboot to my IDE the SCSI Hdd was missed, because, the Disk Manager do not know the letter and the system inside. 100% free space.
    This is not correct.

    I tried to read the Guide before use, but the download zip file has only xml files, not a DOCX file, those I can not read.

    My suggestions are:
    % done bar
    % completed task bar
    some kind of animation like a pie chart to shows that is not freeze.
    Time passed and correct time left.

    My full operation costs 20 minutes, not 14:20 minutes, and all time the time left is showing few seconds.

    I installed and uninstalled without error.

    Last edited: Oct 7, 2010
  20. rcarlini

    rcarlini Registered Member

    Reviewer's Guide link from email is junk

    The link included in the email seems bad to me.
    It links to a zip file that does not have any .doc(x) files in it.
    I hate getting off to this kind of start.
    Below is a snippet from the welcome email.

    Download Reviewer’s Guide for Paragon Migrate OS to SSD (English) component:
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  21. Mech_An

    Mech_An Registered Member

    Re: Reviewer's Guide link from email is junk

    Sounds strange, I just tried the link and it works fine. The results is *.docx file.
  22. Burki

    Burki Registered Member

    Re: Paragon migrate OS to SSD my review

    Just migrated DELL PE2800 SCSI RAID Array to eSATA (SIL3124) attached SSD (OCZ Vertex2 120GB) and it worked on the first go (W3k3 64Bit). The Diver for the SIL had already been loaded before, seems that the boot.ini has been modified automatically for the missing Utility Partition. I'm impressed.
    Will try to move my DELL Latitude E6500 W7 x64.
  23. mickiem

    mickiem Registered Member

    Re: Crash in win7 ult 64

    Sorry -- yesterday & today I get "The private messaging system is currently unavailable." I've got the nfo & the changed logs after the 1st error (1st time I used the app) so hopefully not a lot of extra garbage to parse, & they 7-zip down to 41 & 9KB respectively.

    Also I was not clear, didn't explain in my earlier post that I dual boot into XP Pro SP3 32 & 7 Ult 64, with a 3rd option being an old 7 ult 64 beta install I haven't booted into for 9 months or so [I've kept it in case I get around to copying over some mods & software installs I was playing with, as I haven't needed the disk space it takes up]. *If* it will still run I'll try booting into it to see if Migrate OS to SSD runs.

    I've got more tests planned for later today, for example I've found that in a win7 ult 32 trial VM I often use for testing & monitoring that Migrate OS to SSD threw disk errors when I tried to use it uninstalled [i.e. just copying nec. files over], but ran & worked OK if I did the regular install. I had monitored install already, but only where something else from Paragon was also installed -- maybe if I monitor install in this *virgin* win7 VM it'll show me something that's missing from win7 ult 64 causing prob? Otherwise I didn't see anything at all added to the registry during the install that should matter.

    I've also done a full backup of 7 so I can try eliminating drivers & services in case there are some compatibility issues there, though I do have Roxio Creator 2010 installed, & I've never found a way to eliminate their CD/DVD/BD drivers.

    And while I realize this is likely quite a stretch, in the past I've used the WinPE-like LiveXP to run Paragon apps (usually just to restore a backup), but have had problems getting some to run in a new LiveXP build. However I haven't tried, haven't had to try running them on this PC that way before. I'm guessing the 2 main possibilities are either Paragon's changing the way they use the QT/Trolltech stuff, &/or, there's something funky about this rig, maybe with the drives? I want to try playing some more with that stuff, & who knows, maybe I'll find something?...

  24. mickiem

    mickiem Registered Member

    Re: Paragon migrate OS to SSD my review

    FWIW if it helps, my guess is that if/when you change to a smaller drive/partition Paragon's apps [have to?] handle things a bit differently, e.g. if you restore a backup to a smaller partition it takes noticeably longer.
  25. smoss20

    smoss20 Registered Member

    Paragon Migrate OS to SSD: Answered Prayer

    How timely can Paragon be? I recently started using their Back & Recovery program only to be impressed at every turn.

    I purchased an SSD 2 days ago, read many forums & downloaded numerous tools. Sadly, nothing worked! I could NOT boot from that new drive unless the old one was present. I added the Bootmgr, NdLdr, Boot.sys. anything else I found on a thread!!

    I get home from work today ready for another long night of torment & in my eReader is the link to this!!!

    5 Minutes later, I'm booting from the SSD & my machine just got Turbo!! I'm sure this may sound a little over-the-top, but the timing was inspire! And the name behind it, Paragon, assured me my new little drive would be soaring in no time. Not one problem, misstep, trip up, or stumble!!

    Thanks for everything Paragon,


    Devoted fan !

    P.S. How it worked: I had already purged my main drive of all the files & folders that were not programs. Deleted iTunes & M.S. Office 2010, page file & swap file. I wanted to keep it compact.
    - Followed tutorial, edited Bios boot order & done!! This is worth the money to any Power User!!
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