Macrium Reflect 5 released

Discussion in 'backup, imaging & disk mgmt' started by buckshee, Jul 4, 2011.

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  1. buckshee

    buckshee Registered Member

    I see there is the much awaited version 5 of Macrium Reflect. I wonder though if there is anything that makes this a worthwhile upgrade from 4.2
    Any comments
  2. andylau

    andylau Registered Member

    What's new in version 5?

    Version 5 includes many new features over the previous major release, v4.2 including:

    New, more intuitive user interface allows for drag and drop of partitions and direct image and backup file management

    Restore multiple partitions at the same time

    Reorder and resize restored partitions

    Windows PE 3.1 based rescue environment

    Automatic Windows PE Driver Injection

    Automated restore of system partitions

    Direct disk cloning

    GPT and Dynamic Disks support*

    UEFI Windows boot support, supported only on Vista/7/Server 2008/R2 64 bit

    Whole disk restore with partition re-ordering, re-sizing, and shrinking

    Integrated email

    Integrated Windows Event logging**

    Restore images to dissimilar hardware on server class operating systems**

    Disk image and file backup archive management

    Single backup definition (XML) files for Full, Incremental and differential backups.
    It's no-longer necessary to create separate XML files for your incremental and differential backups.

    *Applies to the Professional and Server editions of Macrium Reflect only

    **Applies to the Server edition of Macrium Reflect only.
  3. Raza0007

    Raza0007 Registered Member

    Thank you. Although I am currently quite satisfied with the 4.2 version. It is an excellent backup and recovery software for home users. I will give version 5 a try.
  4. Cutting_Edgetech

    Cutting_Edgetech Registered Member

    Hmm.. there site seems to be down at the moment.
  5. prius04

    prius04 Registered Member is working for me. *Not* working for me is the link to the free version of the product. Now that I just wrote that, I'm wondering if there even will be a free version of MR 5. o_O
  6. BoerenkoolMetWorst

    BoerenkoolMetWorst Registered Member

    Seems the free version is goneo_O
  7. J_L

    J_L Registered Member

    Will be a bad loss if so.
  8. Dermot7

    Dermot7 Registered Member

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  9. napoleon1815

    napoleon1815 Registered Member

    Wow...I've been waiting on this release for ages. Came out of the blue! Thanks for telling me about it.
  10. tgell

    tgell Registered Member

    I downloaded the version 5 standard and extracted the files from the installer. Seems there is no longer a BARTPE plugin available on the paid versions. I downloaded the version 4 trial and created a BARTPE with the available plugin. It would let me do a cold backup and restore. Free version of the plugin only allows restore. I am in the process of moving on to Todo backup Free as it has scheduled and incremental backups. It will also let you make a WINPE restore CD using Window AIK.
  11. treehouse786

    treehouse786 Registered Member

    cant believe it took them so long to add this, this was a deal breaker for me.

    it meant that anyone using the ultimate and pro versions of windows 7 has to do at least 2 separate restore jobs to restore an image
  12. prius04

    prius04 Registered Member

    Yes, doesn't look too promising. I mean, it wouldn't make much sense to release a new (free) build of V4.2 within a day (or just a few days) of releasing (paid) v5.
  13. napoleon1815

    napoleon1815 Registered Member

    I have to say I'm not overly impressed with new look of the product. A lot of options and buttons seem out of place or not where you would logically think to find them. Testing images now...which I guess is what is really important.
  14. aigle

    aigle Registered Member

    Can any one tell me if it can restore to a smaller partition?

  15. napoleon1815

    napoleon1815 Registered Member

    According to the Release Notes, yes: "Whole disk restore with partition re-ordering, re-sizing, and shrinking"
  16. treehouse786

    treehouse786 Registered Member

    not necessarily, it depends on whether it lets you resize BEFORE or AFTER a restore
  17. napoleon1815

    napoleon1815 Registered Member

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  18. treehouse786

    treehouse786 Registered Member

    thanks :thumb:

    (you might want to exclude the end bracket from your link)
  19. valnar

    valnar Registered Member

    'Got a quick question. I sometimes recommend backup programs to friends and usually its Image for Windows/Linux, but some of my associates are PC or GUI challenged. Macrium Reflect sounds like a good alternative, but I was wondering if it had the ability to do backups from the restore media as well? Or can it backup only from Windows?

    One of the things I like about IFL is I can backup outside the OS, and the restore media is available on USB flash as well as CD/DVD.

  20. twl845

    twl845 Registered Member

    Please excuse my ignorance, can anyone tell me what "Windows PE 3.1 based rescue environment" is? Thanks in advance. :)
  21. aigle

    aigle Registered Member

    Thanks, good that it is added at last.
  22. napoleon1815

    napoleon1815 Registered Member

    It's the lastest version of the Windows pre-install environment...simply put, it's a CD/DVD/USB that you make that boots outside of Windows and is more or less an OS that runs from the media. The 3.1 version is based on Windows 7 SP1. This allows you to do things to your Windows install outside of Windows in a cold scenario.

  23. buckshee

    buckshee Registered Member

    Yes you can do backups when you boot up on the reccovery CD - you don't have to be in the Windows environment. The boot disk can also be used to restore the C drive, fix the boot sector and make OS redeploy adjustments if you restore to a new system (i.e. new motherboard), this last item (redeploy) is not in the standard version.
    You can also add a boot time startup that duplicates the Boot CD - itr loads faster than the CD
  24. buckshee

    buckshee Registered Member

    Yes you can - I asked them
  25. aigle

    aigle Registered Member

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