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Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by zpro, Feb 4, 2012.

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  1. zpro

    zpro Registered Member

    Current Setup:
    Netgear Router
    Windows 7 32bit

    Comodo Internet Security Anti-Virus, Firewall +Defense (latest freeware)
    ( setup according Gizmo: https://www.techsupportalert.com/content/how-install-comodo-firewall.htm)

    On Demand:
    Malwarebyte (freeware)
    SuperAntiSpyware (freeware)

    VirusTotal uploader:

    Firefox: has allot security setup,

    Now the issue:
    When downloading ANY application I usually scan it with Comodo and Malwarebyte, and then superantispyware. if it check out I would install it.
    But, on this new setup, Thanks to this forum, I have install virustotal uploader, GOOD thing !!!

    Man, 1 out of 3 downloads contain malware, adware, or trogans or backdoors..and Gen's
    its getting ridiculous of downloading anything.

    So, here is my questions:

    1. Is there a better settup than what I am running to catch the virus before I download them.

    2. or is there more adjustments that can be made to the current setup.
    (remember I setup this according to gizmo website )

    3. or is there a combination setup.

    4. or is there a new improved 2012 combo

    I am open for suggestion please !!

    What I want, if I download a application, and it does contain some virus of sorts, I want the program, to stop the download and tell me what virus, it contains, then I can block that website.. (blacklist it )

    I can't figure out why, allot of crap is comming from cnet,
    according from virustotal uploader website.

    Major Thanks!
  2. J_L

    J_L Registered Member

    Look at mine, and .01 out of 300 downloads will have malware.
    Actually running Norton DNS, BitDefender TrafficLight, and WOT (watch out for false ratings) should help with that. Always remember about virtualization software, like Sandboxie which contains malware and isolates your browser. Don't forget disk imaging (Paragon) in case anything got through, and updates (SUMo Lite) will help.

    CNET bundles their adware crap without permission of developers to shove down the throats of gullible users. Don't download from them unless absolutely necessary.
  3. stapp

    stapp Global Moderator

    You may well get replies here which suggest you get your downloads from a different site. This is because there has been some mention of cnet/download.com wrapping some products installers with their own proprietry software.

    Perhaps this is why you are getting so many hits as things like the babylon toolbar etc are classed as badware by some scanners.
  4. ams963

    ams963 Registered Member

    do not click on adds..........try not downloading porn videos/pics let alone visiting those sites unless you have subscriptions to legitimate sites(not sure if there are any)......try not clicking on attachments from suspicious or unknown email sender........try not to give around your email address to every site that ask you to......try not to visit sites that will teach you to earn money easily or that will give you part time full time jobs guaranteed........try not to clicking on every video you see on facebook or every link.....same with chatting online........use Sandboxie free or paid......use Hitman Pro.......an imaging software either free(my favorite Keriver 1-Click Restore) or paid(my favorites Shadow Protect , Image for Windows).......use SUMo Lite or Secunia PSI and definitely update Windows.......try downloading software from either FileHippo or Softpedia......use your credit card credentials online cautiously....

    and I think you're good to go.........
  5. 1000db

    1000db Registered Member

    When I upload a file to VT and a scanner detects it as malware or suspicious; I take into account what scanner flags it as such. Some are more prone to false positives than others. I believe the addition of a sandbox or virtualization app would help you most.
  6. kjdemuth

    kjdemuth Registered Member

    Use a DNS like norton or comodo. Make sure all your programs are up to date. Adding sandboxie free will help to isolate your browser. If you get the paid version you can also set up a sandbox to unpack files and then scan them. Since your 32 bit you could also add geswall/defensewall. Both are great for system isolation but geswall hasn't been updated in a while. Adding an imaging program would be a good idea too. Keriver or rollback RX would be good. A good free setup would be adding sandboxie free and keriver free. Sandboxie would isolate your browser and keriver in case something gets through and messes with your system.
  7. zpro

    zpro Registered Member

    I saw your list:
    Real-time Protection:
    Avast! Free Antivirus (only Network, Script Shield; WebRep) [Password Protected]
    Comodo Firewall (enhanced protection mode, limited sandbox, protocal analysis, no AV) [Password Protected]
    Kingsoft PC Doctor (locked IE)
    PeerBlock (Ads, Spyware, dshield, Hijacked, Atma, DROP, webexploit)

    Let me ask a few question,
    Why did you stay with the comodo internet security package all in one..
    and just used there firewall, or is it the comodo internet security package with just certain feature turn on or off?

    So, is Avast free better AV than CIS ?

    Looking to secure the system further than what it is,
    just read that bit defender score tops in AV.

  8. Page42

    Page42 Registered Member

    Running DNS services is a good plan, imo.
    I use Public DNS Server Tool v0.91, and have it configured for Norton, Comodo, Open and Google services, in that order.
    As previous posters have stated, reputation services like TrafficLight and WOT are useful, and provide excellent layers.
    MBAM Pro provides a strong Website Blocking feature that I like and keep running at all times.
    Internet-facing programs always start/run in Sandboxie for me, and in addition to auto deletion and tight restrictions in place, it is a good approach to close out all browsers before doing banking or online shopping.
    I keep Acronis True Image on hand, and it has saved me from installations gone bad, and has been excellent when used to clone an old HD to a new one... in fact I just did that yesterday, and even though I use a slightly outdated version of TI, the cloning op took just 15 minutes and has always worked beautifully.
  9. J_L

    J_L Registered Member

    I don't need the real-time AV portion. CCE provides on-demand with good tools. Defense+ is part of the Firewall package.

    Not necessarily, I just use it for its network and script shield, as well as fast scanning with boot scan support.

    Why pay when freeware and built-in system security is already stronger?

    You're welcome
  10. Noob

    Noob Registered Member

    Woah, where are you downloading apps that 1 out of 3 have malware? :eek: :eek:
  11. badkins79

    badkins79 Registered Member

    Agreed. 1 out of 3 seems high. Especially so since only one of your scanners is flagging so much. Maybe the new virustotal has a high false positive rate?
  12. Noob

    Noob Registered Member

    IME (In my experience, does that slang even exist? :D) to get that infected files ratio you would really really need to download in the darkest of the darkest areas of the interwebz. :D
  13. shadek

    shadek Registered Member

    A very high count indeed. He could be located in a high-risk country though where a lot of sites are infected or rouge.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2012
  14. Brummelchen

    Brummelchen Registered Member

    just thought same
    at least i think that there is not additional software needed
    either the system is already infected - or user dont know what is where loading.
    i dont want to dig deeper this time, make your own perspective.

    But VT has another major problem - if one flags bad, the sample is send to all
    40 other competitors either bad or good. some need experience to read the
    results. its same like my latest discussion about multiple scanner (most as portables).
    the result is bound to the product - the more is found the "better" the product,
    the more to rely on - epic fail.

    since they started their trivial downloader?
    i dont care - i use sandboxie and fetch my files out of it. but in most times i
    dont load from cnet - their blame.
    to point it out - i changed my behavior on them!
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