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Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by LowWaterMark, May 29, 2009.

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    We've had a request to create a sticky thread to include a list of the most useful topics in this sub-forum section.

    A few other forum sections have such a sticky thread, usually called "Recommended Threads" or some variation on that.

    So, we'd like to make one for the "other anti-malware software" now.

    Your recommendations?


    General anti-malware threads

    ako's - "Probably the best free security list in the world"

    How malware is delivered nowadays?

    Maximising Windows VISTA security with LUA and SRP

    Product specific anti-malware threads

    Configuring Malware Defender The Easy Way

    Light Virtualization - the first year....

    Light virtualization: Returnil/PowerShadow/ShadowDefender/ShadowUser Pro

    Sandboxie Configuration Recommendations

    Ongoing threads of interest

    Survey: What is your security setup these days? (thousands of posts long!)

    Feel free to nominate other threads by replying here...
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    I think this is really a great enhancement of IE8 security and therefore deserves to be a sticky

    Goodies I used
    - switch on/of download execution protection
    - set homepage protection
    - set search engine protection
    - restrict add-on/plug-in activation
    - enhance click jacking protection (so a script can draw a hidden window over an existing one)

    Thanks Newby
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    Would like to see a thread for screenshots of anti-malware software. There's
    one for AVs ok, but some apps seem to be both AM+AV, so should they go in AV section? Or maybe not wanted/needed?
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    Thanks Ronjor,

    Very good presentation by Mark Rusinovich...
    Which by the way, as a manual malware cleanup guy, I have used extensively all the tools from Marks repertoire over the years, and I didn't think I would learn anything new, but he makes a few good points that stood out for me...

    Even though I made my own toolkit to facilitate the manual cleanup of previously undetected Malware by standard protection, and how many years you do something, (in my case since the early 90's) there's always something to learn! :D