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Discussion in 'NOD32 version 1 Forum' started by JVasek, Oct 30, 2002.

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  1. JVasek

    JVasek Registered Member

    In a few days (3 Nov) it will be a year since I purchased a license to use Nod32.

    A few questions that don't seem to be in the FAQ on the Eset/NOD website.

    Will ESET e-mail me with details of when/how to renew ?
    or Should I renew now without waiting for ESET ?


  2. My renewal is up in May, of 2003. I would assume I will renew on the date of expiration. Also, the New NOD32 (Version 2) should be available for download by then at no extra cost! (YAY!) You don't have to pay an upgade fee PLUS a renewal fee.. I would renew on the day of expiration.. Let's see what ESET says ...
  3. Paolo Monti

    Paolo Monti Eset Staff Account

    AFAIK, Eset should send you an e-mail about the expiration of your license. But if you know that your license is going to expire you may go directly to NOD32 website and order a license renewal without waiting a notification from Eset: there are not any special instructions to follow to order a renewal.

  4. MickeyTheMan

    MickeyTheMan Security Expert

    I'm suprised you haven't received an email yet. Have you changed addy ?
    I was sent an email 10 days prior to renewal. Do not wait for last day, as on renewal date, you will no longer be able to update as a new user name and password are sent to you upon renewal, and this may take a day or two. Not a major catastrophy, but you might have to wait for update at that time until email is received.

    CARCHARODON Registered Member

    I don't remember when I purchased my license. Is there anyway in NOD to tell when it expires?
  6. Paolo Monti

    Paolo Monti Eset Staff Account

    Nope, unfortunately. The actual key system, based on standard Access Control Lists for the updates retrieved from the Eset server, on client side (i.e. NOD32 installation on your PC) doesn't contain any info about the expiration of the license.
    This behaviour will change with the new version of NOD32.

  7. JVasek

    JVasek Registered Member

    Thanks for the replies/info...

    I've not changed my e-mail address, so should have got a note but then nothing is 100%.

    Therefore I'll renew via the US website now !

    regards / dakujem

  8. jalna61

    jalna61 Registered Member

    I did change my e-mail address so obviously did not get a notice...The NOD32 control centre just stopped updating until the correct user and password were supplied.

    In my case I happen to keep a record of when I purchase software licenses and indeed my NOD32 had expired a couple of days prior.

    How do you let Eset know of changes to ones e-mail address...through their tech support?
  9. Paul Wilders

    Paul Wilders Administrator


    Provided you obtained your license from, drop an email to


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