Leadertech folder in my application folder...

Discussion in 'privacy general' started by HandsOff, Dec 28, 2004.

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  1. HandsOff

    HandsOff Registered Member

    i did not recognize it, so i googled it. there are some entries that look okay, but i dont like the sound of this one:

    Since its inception in 1990, Leader Tech International (LTI) has been pioneering
    the use of cutting edge technology in the advertising industry

    a subfolder called "power register" is there too.

    within is a file called powerreg.dat

    anyone know what this is?

    - HandsOff
  2. HandsOff

    HandsOff Registered Member

    oh, i missed this....

    ... With our PowerREGISTER System we help you turn 'Unknowns', customers that buy but
    don't register, into 'Knowns', customers that buy and do register your ...

    i think i have seen enough...into the shredder!

    (oh, and, yeah I don't register. I guess they don't think people have a choice)

    - HandsOff
  3. bigbuck

    bigbuck Registered Member

    Googled a bit....
    Found this;
    PowerReg from Leadertech. Registration reminder as used by Iomega, Hasbro & Microprose, and others.

    Okay to delete. Anytime your working with your registry, make sure you do a back up of the registry first.

    talk of it here also.
  4. nadirah

    nadirah Registered Member

    I once found this Leadertech thing in one of my program folders, it seems like its used to register the product. I just deleted the file and it never came back.
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