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Discussion in 'backup, imaging & disk mgmt' started by Solarlynx, Apr 28, 2012.

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  1. Solarlynx

    Solarlynx Registered Member

    Hi everyone!
    I have never used Keriver. It has an attractive option to keep images on removable hard disk and USB flash.

    I ask those who use Keriver free, could you make an estimation for a 50 Gb sys partition:
    1. How long will it take to make an image on a removable hard disk or USB flash disk?
    2. How long will it take to restore from a removable drive?

    Thank you.
  2. Woody777

    Woody777 Registered Member

    Probably between 30 Minutes to 60 Minutes but your system may be different than mine.
  3. napoleon1815

    napoleon1815 Registered Member

    Depends on how much of that 50gb has data on it...can you tell us how many of those gigs are actually used? Thanks.
  4. Solarlynx

    Solarlynx Registered Member

    12 GB are used. The question is really important for me - I must make a final decision soon. Thanks.
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  5. ichito

    ichito Registered Member

    I estimate that each baseline snapshot would be ca 10,20-10,30 GB. On my WinXP disk C 9,95 GB are used and each baseline snapshot is 3,8-3,9's ca 38% of used space. Time to do snapshot is ca 12-14 min but time to restoring that one is 6-7 min.
    That is of course on HD...saving/restoring on USB will be longer and it depends on data transfer.
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  6. Solarlynx

    Solarlynx Registered Member

    Thanks, this is inspiring data.
  7. Solarlynx

    Solarlynx Registered Member

    I have tried Windows 7 imaging and got quite satisfied: ca 5 GB, 10 min for the first image (of freshly installed Win7 32bit), size and time for the next are even less - must be incremental snapshots. And restoration time is ca 5 min. There is a possibility to keep images on internal and external drives. Windows Rescue disk is quick and convenient enough. I see no need in other snapshot or imaging progs for my Win7 comp.
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  8. napoleon1815

    napoleon1815 Registered Member

    We use imagex at work (Windows Imaging) and it works well. For me - personally - I use at least two solutions to be safe.
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