Kasperski Removal Tool killed my keyboard

Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by Antarctica, Jan 28, 2013.

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  1. Antarctica

    Antarctica Registered Member


    Yesterday, Idid remove KIS 2013 from my Laptop as my licence was expired. I tried to install Dr.Web trial but during installation I got a message that it
    found remnants parts of Kasperski and it had to be removed before installation could resume.

    So I download the Kasperski removal Tool and ran it in safe mode as instructed, but after a reboot I found out that my Keyboard was not
    responded at all! Fortunately I had a image of my PC and it saved me. I tried to remove KIS a second time with the same result.

    Any idea why this is happening. :angry:
    Thanks in advance for help.
  2. The Red Moon

    The Red Moon Registered Member

    Not sure if this will help you but i used revo and the removal tool and never had any issues.
    As for keyboard not responding well im not sure what is going on there,
    Somebody else may help you and sorry i cant be of more use.
  3. stapp

    stapp Global Moderator

  4. Antarctica

    Antarctica Registered Member

  5. sm1

    sm1 Registered Member

    My keyboard stopped functioning after uninstalling KIS 2013. I thought it was a hardware issue. But I tried a linux live cd and the keyboard functioned:)
  6. stapp

    stapp Global Moderator

    No problem Antarctica.

    They obviously know about the problem that the removal tool can cause or they wouldn't have that fix for it.
  7. Antarctica

    Antarctica Registered Member

    Thanks again for your help stapp.:) Problem solved with the ISO Disk from Kasperski.
  8. Cudni

    Cudni Global Moderator

    That is a nasty bug. The tool should be fixed
  9. er34

    er34 Guest

    Thank you guys for posting about this bug - very helpful information :thumb:
  10. Bodhitree

    Bodhitree Registered Member

    This is unacceptable.

    No company should have a product that won't uninstall, it's a matter of writing a script for the uninstaller. Worse, no company should have a stand along uninstaller that can essentially screw your PC over. The repair instructions for this are ludicrious, who has a PS/2 keyboard laying around?!?!

    Kaspersky :thumbd:
  11. RejZoR

    RejZoR Polymorphic Sheep

    Kaspersky is probably using some sort of anti-keylogging driver which then kills the keyboard access after removal or partial removal. Sloppy job indeed...
  12. Macstorm

    Macstorm Registered Member

    Well as long as they don't kill my mouse I can bare with this :D
  13. RejZoR

    RejZoR Polymorphic Sheep

    Just wait till it goes after your hamster...
  14. Antarctica

    Antarctica Registered Member

    Yeah, that's for sure they won't have my money anymore...
  15. The Red Moon

    The Red Moon Registered Member

    How widespread is this occurance.?
    Is it just an isolated incident.
    Ive uninstalled kaspersky several times with no issues so before we go knocking kaspersky for this maybe people need to look at their systems first.

    Have all the other security suites all uninstalled without issue worldwideo_O??
    Honestly i find it very petty and small minded to critisize a company just for what seems an isolated incident and until there is proof that this is a major re-occuring incident then i stick with my words.

    Ive used online armor and comodo and i had issues uninstalling both of those but i didnt condemn emsisoft or comodo for this its just the nature of the beast.
    Some products dont uninstall correctly and companies cannot be 100% certain it will work on every machine entirely.
  16. Antarctica

    Antarctica Registered Member

    Do you seriously think they would have implemented this http://support.kaspersky.com/us/kis2011/service?print=true&qid=208284040
    if it was only me that had this problem.o_O
  17. The Red Moon

    The Red Moon Registered Member

    Well ive never uninstalled kaspersky in safemode for a start as it cannot find the MSI installer in that mode.
    I use Revo and comodo programs manager as well to remove it and there has never been an issue .
    Actually i wasnt aware there was an issue until you pointed it out.
    Maybe ive just been lucky and im sorry you had problems but like i said i use 2 other tools as well to remove it.
  18. zfactor

    zfactor Registered Member

    well speak of the devil this exact thing happened to me today. i went to a client to remove kis2012 and install their new av and update the rest of the system / check everything (they are a business) and this exact thing happened!!! wth..i ended up fixing it myself but this is a nasty bug as cudni said
  19. lodore

    lodore Registered Member

    I am surprised a bug has been in kaspersky products for that long and hasn't been addressed.
  20. steve1955

    steve1955 Registered Member

    I've had the kaspersky removal tool kill my office installation,had to remove it using a tool from Microsoft and then reinstall it to get it working again but never had a hardware problem caused by it
  21. Bensi21

    Bensi21 Registered Member

    Re: Kasperski Removal Tool killed my keyboard and mouse

    Hi. I have a Lenovo PC (Windows Vista) and last week I installed it Kaspersky Pure Trial Version. I did not like it so I unistalled it and installed Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 Free Trial. After my PC did a restart my keyboard and mouse were not working. After more than 10 calls to Kaspersky Customer Center I did what this link says:
    http://support.kaspersky.com/us/faq/?qid=208284040 (I used option3)
    and when I wrote usbrecover it says that the system can not find C:
    I called again telling them that and they told they can't do anything and to seek a tech who could fix the problem. The problem is theirs!!! How a company can not fix a problem they created? I don't understand. I have been using a laptop for a week now and I don't know what to do to fix my PC and I need it as soon as possible because all my work files are there.
    Could anyone can help me to fix my computer? I will appreciate it. Sorry about my English but my main language is Spanish.
  22. bigc73542

    bigc73542 Retired Moderator

    have you tried system restoreo_O Worked for me.
  23. harlan4096

    harlan4096 Registered Member

  24. JoeBlack40

    JoeBlack40 Registered Member

    I don't want to be "the wiseguy" here,but that's why (and many other reasons) i always use a clean backup image when i install new security software.
  25. hawki

    hawki Registered Member

    This is HUGE -- It IS NOT the removal tool - it's just the Kaspersky uninstall,

    On the Kaspersky forums today there is a report by a guy who had used the trial version of Kaspersky Pure 2013 and decided to uninstall it. He did not use the removal tool. He just did a standard uninstall and lost Both his keyboard and mouse.

    I use KIS 2013 and Kaspersky always recommends removal of your current
    version before installing the newer version,

    I read the KIS forum and have never seen talk about this until recently-Wondering why that is. This is disturbing news for Kaspersky users.

    Is KIS now ransomeware? Don't uninstall it or else.................
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