Jetico Firewall & VPN Issues

Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by closersource, Feb 17, 2006.

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  1. closersource

    closersource Registered Member

    I am posting this thread to give an update of Jetico's issue with VPN connections.

    "I've isolated the VPN problem to Jetico, however I'm not sure how it is stopping it. I have tried allowing all traffic, disabling all instances of the firewall, disabling automatic startup of the firewall, booting in safe mode with network, using configuraton wizard to allow my VPN.... What is strange is that the Windows VPN connection doesn't even try to attempt the connection after Jetico is installed. No outbound or inbound traffic or packets whatsoever it seems."

    I have been able to resolve this issue by disabling the system service BCFTDI via the hardware device manager and then restarting. Upon restarting Jetico prompts me that there has been a change in the network configuration and it requires a restart. I simply choose cancel. This action disables the Jetico Firewall from loading and allows my VPN connection to function again.
    The service can then be re-enabled and a reboot (prompted by Jetico when started) is required.

    Any other ideas anyone? It is rather annoying to have to do this, that is disable/enable and go without a firewall when using VPN.
  2. Kerodo

    Kerodo Registered Member

    I know nothing about VPN, but their site claims that Jetico works properly with VPN and there is also this:

    "25. v. Freeware, 29th March, 2005.
    Memory leaks fixed. ESP (protocol 50 required by VPN) support added to IP rule. User interface settings are saved correctly now. Scrolling added for firewall rules drag'n'drop."

    You might check to see that you have that rule mentioned above. If all else fails then an email to them would probably yield some answers. They used to be pretty good about responding.
  3. Mrkvonic

    Mrkvonic Linux Systems Expert

    I'm using Jetico (among others) and have no problems with VPN. Maybe you did not allow your vpn to connect the first time, you blocked it?
    Try this - revert to factory settings.
    Reboot, then go carefully through all prompts.
    When you click your vpn, watch for alerts from the firewall.
    And if that doesn't work, maybe you need to disable the ipsec.
    Tell me how you progress.
  4. closersource

    closersource Registered Member

    Thanks for the responses so far, but I have had no success with enabling/disabling ports or protocols, or reverting to factory settings. In the end I figure this may be a hardware issue as this is the only computer in my network that has VPN problems when Jetico is deployed. Maybe Hyperthreading or the factory default (Gigabyte I865PE) PAT is to blame, either way the BCFTDI system driver seems to be at fault.
  5. Kerodo

    Kerodo Registered Member

    Yep, sometimes you get weird conflicts going on and there's little you can do except to switch to another product.. either that, or contact the developer and see if they can fix it and update it for you.. with the smaller devs that's sometimes entirely possible.
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