Is Windows Firewall "Enough"?

Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by MarcGabi, Feb 19, 2010.

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  1. MarcGabi

    MarcGabi Registered Member


    I currently only use Windows (XP SP3) Firewall. But I'm thinking of buying Online Armor. Can anyone say if Windows Firewall is good enough, or would you suggest a firewall separate and apart from Windows?

    Thanks again.
  2. lordraiden

    lordraiden Registered Member

    I recomend you use firewall in order to get a better control of you connections, and if you only want a firewall you can use the free version of Online Armor or Comodo Firewall, if you want a firewall + hips I will suggest you Comodo since it's free and not worse than Online Armor.
  3. firzen771

    firzen771 Registered Member

    windows firewall IS definitely enuff as a home user.
  4. Ibrad

    Ibrad Registered Member

    Windows Firewall is enough, but I would suggest another firewall if you do online gaming or travel.
  5. markcc

    markcc Registered Member

    I see you have Online Armor as your firewall? Why not just the windows firewall?
  6. ProrokX

    ProrokX Registered Member

    Maybe because OA++ its firewall + anti virus+ hips:D
    Back to firewall configured properly, especially when you are behind router/ NAT should be enough.
  7. markcc

    markcc Registered Member

    I understand that, however you could just use a-squared & the windows firewall & be all set?
  8. firzen771

    firzen771 Registered Member

    im an online gamer and windows firewall is more than enough. only situation i can imagine using a 3rd party firewall might be if i travel a lot and use Wifi that isnt my own homes

    as i said in the Security Setup thread, i have the Firewall component completely uninstalled (the option it has in the GUI to uninstall it)
  9. markcc

    markcc Registered Member

    Fair enough! I just wondering why you would have online armor ++ & uninstall the firewall? That is a major part of why most people buy the program.
  10. firzen771

    firzen771 Registered Member

    because as a home user, i dont believe in a need for 3rd party firewalls and dont need that outbound control (which i find useless anyways, but thats a diff discussion) and i like its HIPS the most out of classical HIPS products, provides clear and accurate alerts with lots of detail and is relatively quiet for a classical HIPS, plus i like A2, so bonus
  11. codylucas16

    codylucas16 Registered Member

    The Windows Firewall in Windows XP is really bad. If this is what operating system you are using I would say get a better firewall. Online Armor is definitely a good choice.
  12. theblade

    theblade Registered Member

    Windows firewall is more stable and secure than 3rd party firewalls, get a hardware firewall to combine with Windows firewall and add in some other basic security measures and your all set. No need to mess with configuring a firewall to wastes ram, prompt you all day, could crash & leave you exposed, read connection logs to observe outbound traffic since if you do have malware on the machine it can easily disguise itself as a windows service or other service on your machine during outbound connections and is a big waste of time. Time better spent on preventing getting infected in the first place or dare I say just using your computer.
  13. 0peratorX

    0peratorX Registered Member

    I have been using a program called "Windows XP Firewall Port & Application Manager" (v1.0) for a while to better control the built-in firewall.

    Although, I believe that it is not a complete application (seems to be a "dead" project), it has been very useful to me in the as-is shape that I found it.

    Anyway, just a thought. Maybe you would find something like that as well (I'm sure that there are other apps like it out there.) I find it most useful to set the scope of access on applications (LAN /WAN, etc).

  14. abels

    abels Registered Member

    Comodo Firewall is another good one beside Online Armor. Its Defense + is as well as OA HIPS Protection.
  15. ProrokX

    ProrokX Registered Member

    I dont think so. If you can configure it properly (seek for some guides)- its good enough for home user.
    We dont know has MarcGrabi got router or not. 3 party firewall is good if he wanna better control of his connections. If he needs really strong protection against big hackers hunting his valuable data- 3 party firewall is the best solution:D
  16. mrm3601

    mrm3601 Registered Member

    I'm the same person who made the original post except I'm making this post from home. My wife and I are home users and I think there's a mixed reaction to my original question. Neither I nor my wife do any gaming online (except that she occassionally plays "thinking games," and perhaps this is a game, I don't know).

    I'm a bit confused about Firewall use because I haven't done my homework (I'll at least read the inroduction to Firewalls in this section and I'll go on from there).

    I like the idea of a HIPS and my impression is that because Armor Online Armor (paid, but no antivirus--I already use the most recent edition of NOD32, I also use SuperAntiSpyware Professional as well as Prevx3) has a HIPS that I'm inclined to buy it, but again I'm not sure. It seems to me that it could be superflous.

    One more question: although I understand that Sandboxie has functions rather than being a Firewall, would this be suggested as well?

    Thanks again.
  17. InfinityAz

    InfinityAz Registered Member


    Since you're already using NOD32, Prevx, etc., and are behind a router, you really don't need an additional firewall (other than the one windows built-in firewall).

    With your setup I'd also say you don't really need Online Armor either. If you want to run Sandboxie, then you'd have a very good security setup (along with your other installed security software). Try Sandboxie so you can understand how it works and just enjoy your computer without getting too bogged down with all the suggestions of "needing" to run way too many security apps.
  18. mrm3601

    mrm3601 Registered Member

    Thanks InfinityAZ.

    But we have no router. I'm beginning to think that Windows Firewall is enought.

    One last question: Does Windows Firewall secure against "outgoing" whatever it is (I'm not sure what else to call it, to be honest with you).

    Thanks again.
  19. NoIos

    NoIos Registered Member

    Sandboxie is not a firewall, it just allows you to run software in a protected environment. So changes...eventually malicious...made by software or content processed by the software ( like a web page in a browser ) do not harm your computer. It is really important to sandbox your browsing sessions and sandboxie does this excellently.

    Firewall controls inbound and outbound network traffic. If you want really to know what is happening with your internet connection, then you have to install a third party firewall. Even if you are behind a hardware firewall, a software firewall is recommended. In order to control applications' rights to dialog with the internet easily and in an immediate manner I suggest you a good third party firewall.

    HIPS is useful if you know to answer questions. If not find a hips that has some type of white list of applications and displays pop ups that describe with a "language" that you understand the things that are happening.

    NOD32, SAS and Prevx are great choices. You can get Online Armor free or paid (better paid) and you're set. There are more options out there free and paid. You'll find firewalls with light hips component and firewalls that have more heavy hips. At the end it's your choice really.
  20. mrm3601

    mrm3601 Registered Member

    Thank you NiIos and thanks to you all.

    I'll buy Online Armor and Sandboxie (or do a trial of the latter if possible). If I find that these applciation slow, along the rest of the security software on our pc slows it down substantially I'll remove one or two of them.

    Thanks again.
  21. Rain_Train

    Rain_Train Registered Member

    I'm just curious: when would Windows Firewall not be enough, and why?
  22. Keyboard_Commando

    Keyboard_Commando Registered Member

    Windows Firewall is ok ... if you're someone that isn't really too suspicious of software phoning home or hijacking other running processes. A lot of P2P software, plugins for Winamp, etc, these I have found try to make connections under the radar. Without a decent 3rd party firewall I'd have never known. XP firewall is absolutely junk at preventing sneaky outbound connections. Win 7 firewall does intercept some of the outbound hijacking XP missed. I can't find the Win 7 outbound connection tests website link I used to have :( , but Win 7 still fails one of the old outbound simulation tests (tooleaky type tests) can't remember which now.
  23. siberianwolf

    siberianwolf Registered Member

    combined w/ a hardware fw (modem/router's built in fw), windows fw is more than enough.
  24. markcc

    markcc Registered Member

    Windows firewall is ok if you don't care about abound protection. I don't understand why people just don't care what leaves their computer. I want to know what is leaving & why! If it has no function that I need it is blocked. Examples:

    Windows Media player - If I'm listening to a cd I see no reason for an outbound connection & I block it in that instance.

    Adobe Reader - Trying to update & download updates every time I use it. It's a pain & I block it until I'm ready to update.

    Windows Explorer - No need to access the net on my box!

    Block ICMP inbound & outbound

    These are just a few examples of why I want outbound protection.
  25. theblade

    theblade Registered Member

    because it seems like a waste of time monitoring every time adobe searches for updates, etc. Malware can disguise itself as windows services like background intelligent service, svchost, etc so what your allowing through easily may not be what you think it is. Time would be better spent preventing malware in the first place.
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