is V3 Lite a rouge antivirus?

Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by wutsup, Feb 5, 2010.

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  1. wutsup

    wutsup Registered Member

    my dad said he uses it at his work computer, but told him ive never heard of it. its made by a korean company. i tried googling but not alot of info showed up about this anti virus.
  2. JRViejo

    JRViejo Global Moderator

  3. coolbuy

    coolbuy Registered Member

    Its pretty good.. I ve used it once, the enterprise version.. And it was pretty good in catching viruses.. But i had a lot of probs with its firewall while chatting in yahoo.. My subscription expired last yer... Try before you buy..
  4. quanzi_1507

    quanzi_1507 Registered Member

    V3 Lite is not a rogue. It's a free (for personal use) antivirus distributed by AhnLab (one of the largest security vendors in Korea), alongside with AhnLab SiteGuard (similar to McAfee SiteAdvisor, only supports IE).

    V3 Lite offers real-time protection, automatic update and system tuneup in a small package. Unfortunately the product doesn't support English (AhnLab SiteGuard does, though).

    You can find more info at: (Google Translate FTW)

    Or just type " "v3 lite" " in Google then press Enter.

    Screenshot of the product:

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  5. wutsup

    wutsup Registered Member

    ah ok thx guys, good to know that its actually a legit antivirus, i just thought it was a rogue because ive never heard of it and i thought my dad got scammed or something lol (cause both my parents are gullible to things like this like this)
    read this story about my dad and rogue registry and driver programs
  6. Matthew007

    Matthew007 Registered Member

    Does anyone know how to prevent it from installing?

    It may be a legit antivirus in Korea, but lets face it,,, Most computers in Korea still use windows XP.. Infact, You try doing internet banking or anything else that requires internet safety, and their programs only work on XP, and only internet explorer.. They may be well wired, but they are way outdated..

    To the point that fortunately, V3 isnt able to invade my netbook with Windows 7. but with my other laptop using XP, it keeps installing itself and I cant' seem to stop it.

    Any suggestions?

    I tried their technical help ,, and even their own programmers dont know how to stop it or prevent it? This coming from a country where, when the printer keeps jamming, , the "computer Technician" says its because your computer is English! o_O Yip they need a computer technition to unjam a printer or refill the ink.
  7. AvinashR

    AvinashR Registered Member

    Its really annoying i can understand, but can explain a bit more...Is it the legit AV which is keep installing himself or is it the rogue one under the same name?
  8. mashimaro

    mashimaro Registered Member

    Firstly, Korean computers aren't actually outdated. They use the most up-to-date softwares and is very keen on using the most recent technology.

    I'm assuming you don't know how to read Korean? I've used V3 on Windows Vista and Windows XP with no problems.

    I'd suggest just removing the program all together if it is bothering you. Start Windows XP in safe mode and try uninstalling.
  9. HJO

    HJO Guest

    I'm Korean, so I am pretty sure I know better than those who are not.
    Ahnlab is well-known company in Korea that makes security software using pure Korean technology.
    V3 Lite is a free anti-virus developed by Ahnlab. (also has paid version)
    It is like Avast! Free, Avira Personal etc
    Therefore, it is not a rogue. It may ask you to install it, similar situation where ccleaner asks you to install a yahoo toolbar.(just an example)
    It may also install Ahnlab Siteguard, but don't worry it is safe.
    Maybe you can call it a Korean WOT, that tells you if the site you are visiting is safe or not.
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