Is Lite version similar to 2008?

Discussion in 'Returnil releases' started by karad, Sep 10, 2010.

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  1. karad

    karad Registered Member

    I've downloaded today from cnet Returnil Virtual System Lite 2011 and i'd like to know if:

    1-it is ok for Win7-64bit /and or Vista 32bit
    2-the advertised 29$ fee is a yearly or forever payment

    in addition,can I know if Returnil 2008 can still be used safely in an XP pro 32bit environment?

    I am asking this because I am a bit fed up to keep AV etc on my system which I dont use,but keep on contacting home uselessly( for me) and add to the bloat.

    I run Comodo suite and Prevx and I dont think I need Returnil as well-

    or is there anything really UNIQUE which Returnil needs to be safe?

    If Returnil Lite -coupled with AV+HIPS of a third party- is enough, I am prepared to pay for it to show Returnil people my appreciation for all these years of good free service.
  2. karad

    karad Registered Member

    It does no matter ,I can answer myself,as I guess that

    1-I found out it is ok
    2-I surmise if it was a yearly one it would have been stated,I
    then assume it is a one time payment.

    I resumed old 2008 version and it works fine as always with XP-32.

    RVS Lite is the version I need,it works really great in 7-64 and I'm going to pay right now.
  3. Coldmoon

    Coldmoon Returnil Moderator

    Number 2 is in flux. As soon as I have access to the new pricing from sales I can can give you a better idea on what it will be.

  4. karad

    karad Registered Member

    Coldmoon,as you rightfully remarked the other thread was about betas, i renew here my question:

    @Coldmoon,HI, even though i purchased the Lite version (GREAT!!!) , for about 24€, I still am not sure whether its a yearly, one-off or version payment.
    Nothing about this on site or at the billing.
    I am prepared to go any length for Returnil,but ,if you can,would you please let me know as you promised?
    Just to know now.Thanks.
  5. estervantes

    estervantes Registered Member

    I am interested in this version, but isn't Lite in beta?

    How can you buy the beta version as it is a pre-release version, isn't it?

    And you were able to buy it and without knowing whether it is a one-time or a yearly subscription?

    I guess it's a matter of "you pays your money and you takes your chances"

    Caveat emptor.......
  6. karad

    karad Registered Member

    Your latin remarks,estervantes,are a bit offensive for Returnil,not for me,given the fact it is not the first vendor passing by in the street.

    Unless I was drunk when doing it,I actually bought a beta not from the standard Returnil offer,but from their 'avant-garde' section called Returnil-Labs,all is explained here:

    I've been using Returnil for years now ,so I downloaded their program, used it for about a week, noticed it was working fine and it matched perfectly my needs, so I decided to cut it short and buy it via the internal program.
    (This way Paragon images have an already registered Returnil,not the trial -had I waited for one month).

    The price was a bit high,but ,considering I've used so many free Returnils and also a free Premium for one year ,also the good reputation of the firm and the fact in any case I'd need it,whether a one year shot or a lifetime,so

    nullum multum
    to it and Quaesītiōnem nullam!

    A better check on my part revealed today it is a one year only subscription, sorry about it, I did things too quickly and didnt pay enough attention.

    (As Coldmoon said all is 'in a flux' about it,I await confirmation from him anyway)
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