Internet browsing extremely slow with ESS

Discussion in 'ESET Smart Security' started by berryracer, Nov 12, 2011.

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  1. berryracer

    berryracer Suspended Member

    I have been experiencing horrible internet in the past month even though I have an 8mbps connection.

    I always thought it was my ISP (Etisalat in Dubai)

    Today, after being sick of how slow the internet is. I decided to try turning off the ESS firewall temporarily and I was shocked how fast my internet became!

    It seems like the Eset Firewall in v5 is not ok?

    I have it setup to Automatic Filtering mode

    Is there anything I can do or is it best to revert back to ESS v4?
  2. berryracer

    berryracer Suspended Member

    Ok so I uninstalled ESS v5 and installed v4.2.71.2 and my internet is blazing fast again!
    Browsing is back to normal!

    I cant believe how I was able to use my computer for the last month!

    Never could've imagined that the latest ESS was the cause of the slow down! :rolleyes:

    I feel like I bought a new computer and upgraded my internet connection after reverting back to v4.2.71.2!!!!
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  3. ace11

    ace11 Registered Member

    Now try to unistall ver 4 and go again to 5.
  4. berryracer

    berryracer Suspended Member

    No thanks :rolleyes:
  5. Marcos

    Marcos Eset Staff Account

    Perhaps the firewall is blocking certain suspicious packets that weren't blocked with v4. I'd suggest you troubleshoot it further by installing v5 and enabling logging of blocked connections. This way you could figure out potential problems with your network communication.
  6. berryracer

    berryracer Suspended Member

    Dear Marcos,

    Thank you for your concern; however, I do not have the time to do this.

    I want an AV that's fast and secure as Eset has always been known for. I am a business man and run a website and forum aside from my job and cannot go through this.

    IF v4 is doing the job, then v4 it is. :(
  7. vigen

    vigen Registered Member

    unfortunately, many "guys" return to the V4....or another vendor of security software...
  8. Marcos

    Marcos Eset Staff Account

    Posts concerning the issue related to EAV and reported by Zyrtec have been moved to the EAV forum.
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