Important - Pointing v2 clients at your RA 2.0.x mirror

Discussion in 'ESET Server & Remote Administrator' started by EvilDave UK, May 26, 2008.

  1. EvilDave UK

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    If you want to point your v2 clients at your RA 2.0.x mirror, you will need to also point them at the "nod32v2" folder in the update path. If you don't, your clients will continue to update - and tell you they are updating successfully, even though they're not actually downloading the latest virus definitions!

    In my opinion this is a bug, and potentially a security issue if gone un-noticed.

    So, for example, if you're running your mirror as a HTTP server, on port 8090 (default), then your v2 client update path will be:

  2. q4tech

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    Thanks for the info. I'm trying to setup a 3.0 and 2.7 update mirror in a Windows 2003 server with 2.7 client, is it possible?
  3. ASpace

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    Sure . It is possible.

    1-st option

    Install NOD32 2.7 Standart edition on the server . Install ESET RAS and RAC v2. Configure ERA v2's Mirror for both v3 and v2 clients .

    2-nd option
    Install NOD32 2.7 LanUpdate edition on the server . Install ESET RAS and RAC v2 . Configure NOD32 2.7 LanUpd 's Mirror so that it covers v2 users . Configure ERA v2's Mirror to handle the v3 users updates
  4. q4tech

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    Thanks for your answer.
    I did the 1st option but users with 3.0 aren't updating.
    any ideas?
  5. ASpace

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    I have many ideas . However , there are really many possible reasons - your clients' settings , your ERAS settings , your firewall settings , network temporary disability , etc.

    Read the help file(s) and double-check each and every setting
  6. q4tech

    q4tech Registered Member

    In the second option how do I configure the ERA vs2's mirror to handle v3 users updates?
  7. Rodeca

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    Hint: ERA v2 mirror uses port 2221. Old nod32-v27 mirror used 8081.

    Sorry for being late :p
  8. Mister Natural

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    Thanks for the sticky. Made it easy to find my fix.