If this CLSID is bad, then is this one Also bad?

Discussion in 'privacy problems' started by HandsOff, Jul 19, 2005.

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  1. HandsOff

    HandsOff Registered Member

    I don't know if this is the place to ask, but Ad-Aware found a number of registry entries for alexa. Before I cleaned the registry, I did a search of the registry using the bad CLSID for alexa that Adaware provided. This resulted in the reference to a second CLSID.

    I cleaned the registry with adaware, then did a search. The second CLSID was still present.

    In the attached image, the CLSID for Alexa is on the left, the CLSID that seems to be associated is on the right (at the tail of the red arrow) and a search of the registry after disinfecting reveals that there are two entries like the one pointed at by the red arrow.

    Does anyone know if this is a problem, or just a normal entry?

    - HandsOff

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  2. Bubba

    Bubba Updates Team

    That CLSID is valid for Internet Explorer's Show Related Links....and as seen in your pic there is a related.htm reference. There use to be a link to Lavasoft explaining Alexa and there recommendation to ignore those entries after confirming it indeed is IE's Related Links.
  3. HandsOff

    HandsOff Registered Member

    Hi Bubba -

    I was a little surprised that Ad-Aware found ten registry entries for Alexa the Spybots S&D did not list. I did wipe out the ten entries listed...but did not delete the 'related link'.

    IE6 seems to be working just fine, so it's all good.

    - HandsOff
  4. Bubba

    Bubba Updates Team

  5. HandsOff

    HandsOff Registered Member

    He is the explanation as stated on the page you pointed too:

    This key is often simply called Alexa, but that is wrong for two reasons:
    1. simply calling it Alexa would mix it up with the Alexa Toolbar, and
    2. it is not a key created by Alexa. It is a Microsoft Internet Explorer key that points to a Microsoft DLL and a local Microsoft HTML file. The latter redirects to an online MS page, and only that page redirects to the Alexa search engine.

    In my opinion a better way than to delete the key would be to make another or even multiple search engines available. You can read about the basics for that at the support forum

    Come on, Bubba, let's examine the logic of this:

    1) The net result of the key is that many IE users are subjected to the nefarious Alexa search engine, so for the sake of brevity, calling an alexa key is quite logical.

    2) There is nothing wrong with the logic of making use of a different seach engine, perferably one of the computer user's choice. However, and let's face it, this is a fact that is massively exploited by Microsoft, It is quite possible to have the search engine changed without the knowledge of the user. If one's spyware product does not catch this, then conceiveably one could use it for quite some time unknowingly, and unwillingly.

    3) That other spyware products remove it speaks for itself.

    4) If my memory serves me correctly, SS&D did remove it at one time. I doubt that the reason for its removal was the one stated.

    ...and a related subject, as you may know, there are at least 3 products that clearly are spyware that SS&D will not detect, unless the user knows the procedure for deselecting it from the ignore list where they are placed by default...

    My point is not the SS&D is not an excellent program, and something I personally have used for years. My point is the fact that the are by default ignored does not change what they are. I don't guess the producers of the SS&D have any particular love for those products either. I'm quite sure after a long talk with Microsofts lawyers, you and I might start saying, 'Microsoft respects your privacy', or whatever...

    But do they?

    BTW, whoever is interested in SS&D just run the program, click settings, then click the ignore products icon. in the screen that opens, right click on "products" and then check "deselect all" - if curious look down the list and see what was checked. life is full of little surprises, that's what makes it so...well, so short, i guess.

    - HandsOff
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