i need rule for Sopcast (P2P TV)

Discussion in 'LnS English Forum' started by -NiCeGuY-, May 2, 2007.

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  1. -NiCeGuY-

    -NiCeGuY- Registered Member

    Can some1 help me to create rule for Sopcast ?

    web : http://www.sopcast.com/index.jsp?redirect=no

    ty 4 reply :p

    i create Sopcast server rule like this , Any problem ? I place this rule before +TCP:Block incoming connection , is it right ? :D

    Etherent Type: IP
    Protocol: TCP or UDP
    IP Adress: Equals my @
    TCP/UDP port : 1024 to 5000
    IP adress : all
    TCP/UDP : all
    Application : Sopcast Main Application

    When i m using this server rule , LnS's log show Sopcast's APP:allow UDP , but block by UDP:allow>>out , why ? am i need create rule for Sopcast's UDP outbound ? can some1 help me pls , tyvm

    see picture

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  2. Smiggy

    Smiggy Registered Member

    This is weird as I use SopCast and apart from initially authorising the program and its DLL's I never have a problem?

    The only thing I do is deny the SopAdver.exe from communicating to the net.
    I assume, maybe incorrectly, that its adver=adverts.
    Blocking it doesn't affect functionality though.

  3. -NiCeGuY-

    -NiCeGuY- Registered Member

    I just change my Sopcast server rule as this :

    Etherent Type: IP
    Protocols: TCP or UDP
    Packets: in and out
    Address: Equals My @IP
    Local port : 1026 to 65535
    Remote ip address : all
    Remote ports: all
    Application:Sopcast Main Application

    its work fine now :) :D
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