I am looking for a new flatbed scanner

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by besafe, May 6, 2007.

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  1. besafe

    besafe Registered Member

    I have a great flatbed scanner that totally does NOT fit my needs. Last year I bought a Canon 4200f. It scans quickly and makes great images. It can scan documents, film, and pictures. It got rave reviews on-line. So what's the problem? It takes 100 seconds to warm up.

    When I scan a document, it's because I need to email it to someone quickly. I don't scan every, maybe twice a week. But when I am scanning something it is either to make a photocopy or to email the document. And in either scenario, that 100 seconds that the program takes to warm up seems like an eternity.

    I don't need to scan pictures or film, just documents. My criteria for my next scanner is:

    1. Scans quickly
    2. Little to no warm up time
    3. Can convert whatever it scns to PDF or print whatever it scans directly to the printer.
    4. I want to to be a flatbed as occasionally I do scan excerpts from books.

    Does anyone know of any good options that meet my needs?
  2. Rico

    Rico Registered Member

    Hello BeSafe,

    1 & 2. My Epson 4180 Warm-up, pre-scan & finished scan 54 seconds.
    Also warm up depends on the light bulb, they use.

    3. Depends on scanner software often times the only diff btwn models is
    the software, that comes with the scanner.

    4. My Epson has a funny hinged top to allow for thick books etc.

    Take Care
  3. besafe

    besafe Registered Member

    I am leaning towards Epson for my next scanner. Might try to go with a little less expensive model like the Perfection 3490.

    Thanks for the input. I have heard a lot fo good stuff about Epson scanners so far in my search.
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