Howto stop nod32 kernel service?

Discussion in 'NOD32 version 2 Forum' started by hubo, Jan 7, 2005.

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  1. hubo

    hubo Registered Member

    A right click on the NOD32 kernel service in the services section of the computer management shows all actions (start, stop, ...) grayed out. How am I supposed to stop this service?

  2. tempnexus

    tempnexus Registered Member

    Use a process killer from DiamondCS
  3. fosius

    fosius Registered Member

    if you stop Kernel Service it stops NOD32 from protecting your PC... So if you wanna stop it just do it but only in certain situation
  4. sir_carew

    sir_carew Registered Member

    There is no need to stop the kernel. If you want to disable the protection, just disable AMON.
  5. Marcos

    Marcos Eset Staff Account

    Personally, I doubt it's possible to kill the kernel service with any utility for security reasons. As it was pointed out before, you'd rather disable AMON temporarily, if necessary.
  6. fosius

    fosius Registered Member

    it is possible to kill it..
  7. hubo

    hubo Registered Member

    The reason why I want to stop the NOD32 kernel service is that for testing purposes I want to force NOD32 to update even if it is up to date.

    The only I know of so far is to overwrite the nod32.00* files with older versions and restart the PC. I hope that killing and restarting the NOD32 service would be the same as restarting the PC.

    Please see

  8. sir_carew

    sir_carew Registered Member

    I don't think that such type of test are with a good intention. What's the reason you want to force NOD32 to update even if the AV is up-to-date?
    What's the reason you want to kill NOD32 kernel?
    What's the reason you want to overwrite files from NOD32?
    If you test such type of things because you want to make something malicious, please don't ask more! If you make such type of test with another intention, please explain me.

  9. SATAN

    SATAN Guest

    disable NOD32 Kernel Service or just stop it
  10. hubo

    hubo Registered Member


    I don't like to blamed for things I would never intend to do. The reason why I need to test this is that I have a serious update problem and nobody was able to help me so far. Please read for details.

    I do this not only for me and for my customer who bought the software but also for the NOD32 community. Blackspear asked me to keep you up to date and well informed and I will happily be responsive to his please.

    I would like to invite you to help me solving my update problem.

  11. Balu

    Balu Guest

    Try with this:

    taskkill /F /IM nod32krn.exe
  12. anotherjack

    anotherjack Registered Member

    Hubo - I just went through and reread that thread, and the last that was posted was that you were going to move the mirror back to your PDC and test it again after having gotten it working on your BDC. Did you have issues with that process?

    I had also given you a quick & dirty method of checking comms with the server via changing the XML file.

  13. hubo

    hubo Registered Member

    Sorry Jack, I have been away for the last two weeks. I plan to be at my customers site in two or three weeks. Then I will do what I pomised to do and post the results in the forum.

    Sorry for the delay, but after spendig so many hours which I couldn't charge for I had to make some money. ;-)
  14. JimF

    JimF Registered Member

    In WinXP/Services, I just set the startup type to "disabled" and reboot.
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