How to configure Avira Premium 9 and Prevx free? Is it advisable?

Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by Dundertaker, Feb 10, 2010.

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  1. Dundertaker

    Dundertaker Registered Member


    I would jus like to ask for ideas/suggestions on how to make Avira 9 Premium and Prevx free work out together. As of the moment I am having problems with completing a complete scan with Avira 9 and I have followed all the advices/suggestions (including a couple of clean install, disabling system restore, safe scan mode etc.) in the Avira forum to no avail:( . It would be okay for a while after a day or two it would be the same story again with the complete scan issue.

    SO, I plan to augment my security by using again Prevx free. I will be keeping Avira for the moment (maybe until the last of my license, I find it doing quite well in the past but until this issue has been resolved I need an alternative..)

    Is there a configuration that will make it both workout alright with no drag whatsoever with resources and stuff....?

    Maybe someone here has used the combination and maybe can share his ideas..

    Is it advisable to use both? Is it possible or okay to use the two side by side?:doubt:

    Or, if not so advisable maybe a combination you guys here have tried other than the two security softwares I mentioned. If so, (along this line) may I also seek some info on it's configuration.

    I am aware that it's not advisable to use two AV's in realtime at the same time..I tried to use Prevx with Avast before. I noticed a delay in booting quite similar to the delay I had with Online Armor (which up to now has no solution..).

    Tried to use a2 Antimalware with Avira 9 but I am having problems with the updaing which was so long to finish (I use a dial-up at the moment..) :(

    Can you guy share me some of your ideas about my question? I'd really appreciate the help and guidance.

  2. dueceswild

    dueceswild Registered Member

    I use both, Avira Premium maxed out. I have a paid Prevx license, and run it real time- basically use it "out of the box". Absolutley no problems I have found as yet.

    I used the free about a month, paid has been a little less than a week. No problems with either version.

    Hope this helps,

  3. Dundertaker

    Dundertaker Registered Member

    Hi dueceswild;

    Thanks for the reply.

    That's good to hear. The pc I will be using it with is an old AMD Athlon pc 2gb ram. Win XP Pro SP3, OA Premium as firewall-HIPS real-time, Mbam/HitmanPro/SASpy free(soo to be uinstalled)as on demand. Resources wise will it not cause a lag of some sort with said elements?

    Are there any sure fire combinations you have tried in the past that can augment my set-up?

  4. Ibrad

    Ibrad Registered Member

  5. dueceswild

    dueceswild Registered Member

    I think Prevx free and paid use the same amount of resources; the difference is blocking and cleaning. (Don't quote me on the block and clean)

    Your setup is similar to mine program wise; as is the RAM. I haven't noticed a slowdown at all, even with AVIRA maxed out.

    The Prevx usage in Task Manager is around 20MB for two processes; usually closer to 14MB. I am going by memory here, as I'm not in front of that machine. But obviously, no slowdown. CPU usage is almost nonexistent except during a Prevx scan.

    That said, I am currently in a trial with NOD32 and Prevx. They seem to do very well together also. I think Prevx even configures the product to go alongside traditional AVs. I am very happy with Prevx.


    edit: as far as "sure-fire" additions, I have used both Returnil and ShadowDefender alongside both AVs. I can't recommend either highly enough. Makes for a boring virus scan though. ;)
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  6. Dundertaker

    Dundertaker Registered Member

    Hi guys;


    Thanks for the reply. I have already downloaded it, thanks. Will it not interfere with Online Armor Premium? Am not familiar with SafeOnline..all I know is that the free version utilizes only one safeonline url..(I maybe wrong on this..)


    Thanks for the reply.

    When I was using Prevx free with Avast before it would only notify me of a virus/malware in my system (as in the case of an "ssm.exe" of which Mbam/SASpy did not detect previously...afterwards after submitting it to their forums...were confirmed as malware and included in their signatures). I wasn't able to clean it via Prevx for I have the free version. I ended up deleting it via Mbam's FileAssassin.

    A friend has tried Prevx with NOD32 but gave up because he got BSOD afterwhich resulted in a failure-to-boot. Ended up repairing his Windows installation with the original CD using the "R" function.

    I have also Returnil but with the antivirus disabled.

    Will give you a heads-up on my trial.

  7. Mongol

    Mongol Registered Member

    I have run both Avira and Prevx paid together off and on for almost a year with no problems. Try adding Avira to Prevx's exclude list and add Prevx to Avira's exclude list and see if that works out...:cool:
  8. bellgamin

    bellgamin Very Frequent Poster

    Probably not.
    In my opinion, you do NOT need SafeOnline. Why? Because you already have Avira, MBAM, & OA. SafeOnline provides basically the same protection as...

    + Avira's WebGuard
    + MBAM-Pro's IP Protect
    + OA's "Run Safe" & "Web Shield"

    In my opinion your problems with Avira are probably caused by the fact that you have too many security apps running real-time on your computer. Security apps tend to interfere with one-another, especially those that hook the kernel.

    My suggestion is that you upgrade OA to OA++. OA++ will give you an antivirus, firewall, HIPS, & run-safe, all in ONE fully integrated package. If you do decide to go with OA++, then that is the only app you need running in real-time. Ergo, you should revert all your other security apps to run on-demand only. If you take this approach:

    +Your computer will be well protected
    + You should experience a significant increase in your computer's zippiness.
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  9. Dundertaker

    Dundertaker Registered Member


    @ Mongol;

    Thanks for the reply.

    @ bellgamin;

    Thanks for the reply.

    I only run Avira 9 Premium and OA Premium as real-time. I have Mbam free/SASpy free(soon to be uninstalled)/HitmanPro free as on-demand. I use Sandboxie paid when I surf. I also have set exclusions to all of them via their respective exclusions/ignore list(not Sandboxie). It's the same set-up I have months ago before the complete scan went wack.

    I asked their forum about it but have tried all of it to no avail up to now. There were also incidences of complete scan freezing in there. I even tried to disable and then lately remove OA Premium a couple of times / remove Mbam free / Saspy free / HitmanPro and just ran Avira but it was hit and miss. All the other(Mbam/HitmanPro/Saspy) scanned pc fully no interruption whatsoever. When I did a clean install it would complete the scan but after I update it goes wack again freezing my pc...strange. Had tested my hardware also with no problems also...

    Yes, I agree a suite like OA++ is an all in one realtime setter. Unfortuneately I missed the OA++ promo last time..tsk..we had a power outage here for 10 hours and with that went the promo(sigh)..I hear OA++ is really a good one. I had that in mind and was suppose to ask it via new post but when I missed the promo I abandoned the post.

    Thanks very much for the explanaton and enlightenment. Will keep that in mind.

  10. Zorak

    Zorak Registered Member

    I ran Avira 9 free alongside Prevx paid (both real-time) for around 8 months with no problems, on a Pentium 1.2GHz with 576 MB of RAM and XP SP3 (maybe I should start a thread about who on Wilders has the lowest spec machine!?). The two of them together ran much better for me than AVG free.

    Since switching to a Limited User Account with System Restriction Policy, I now only run Prevx realtime with Avira on-demand. To be honest i haven't noticed a huge difference in computer performance which indicates that Avira wasn't a resource hog on my machine, but with LUA + SRP + Prevx I now have the lightest security solution I've ever tried.
  11. Dundertaker

    Dundertaker Registered Member


    Thanks for the reply. In the future I will be using again LUA with SRP but as of the moment it's conflicting with my other statistical and cad software.

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