How to add custom CLSID's to block with SpywareBlaster

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    just to inform everyone that i offer a custom blocking list that blocks items such as spywarequake, spyaxe, virusburst, and even spydawn.

    please go to to see more information.

    if you want just the list, go to that link

    if you want to save the list, go to file -> save as and save it under "c:\program files\SpywareBlaster"

    there is currently 103 entries and growing

    thank you
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    Sorry for reawakening this thread, but I see no point on starting a new one if the subject is about, pretty much, the same. :)

    So, I started to create my custom blocklist and I started to add a few CLSIDs to the SpywareBlaster's custom blocklist and most of them are automatically protected, while others stay in a bold red. I thought it could because those are already being protected by SpywareBlaster's own list, but when I tell SB to find one entry, for example, it reports it couldn't find.

    What could it be? Could it be a bug in SB and so not be able to report if the CLSID already exists or not?

  3. SKA

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    Tools-Customs Blocking: Select any one entry (left click with mouse) , then right click, select all, next use mouse left click to hit button "Protect agaunst checked items" .

    That makes ALL red entries change color to normal (black) color ie. all red entries are now protected against.

    If any entry shows as red it means it's NOT protected by SB4.1.

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