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Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by cqpreson, Aug 6, 2009.

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  1. cqpreson

    cqpreson Registered Member

    Dr Web is old antivirus company,and its product is very good.But I didn't see many use it,why?How is Dr Web?
    From others who used Dr Web,I know Dr Web is good at detecting and removing viruses.

    Thanks for your discussion.It can help with knowing Dr Web.
  2. gery

    gery Registered Member

    you can look around the forum because it is discused here a lot
  3. risl

    risl Registered Member

    I've had it since 2007. The reason why many don't use it is mainly because of the bad detection rates in tests. Other mentionable reasons are slow product updates, out of date graphical user interface, lack of quarantine and a X64 version.

    However the program runs very light, is stable and quite trouble free. Signatures are updated ~8-15 times per day. Good cleaning abilities, self-protection and capability of handling complex malware like rootkits have also been praised many times.

    I don't worry about the detection rates because I'm not a beginner and don't do much questionable stuff around the internet anymore. I have a classical HIPS to complete it. I think it's still the best solution for me because it's minimalistic, doesn't cause any problems or annoy me in any way.
  4. egghead

    egghead Registered Member

    Dr. Web is fantastic in detecting and cleaning malware in real life environment. :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

    If you are in the computer repair business (like me) you know what I mean. ;)
  5. trjam

    trjam Registered Member

    Dr Web is a good AV. It like all, wont catch all, but, all vendors offer a trial and the best advice would be to do this and see how it fits your needs, operates with your setup, and just the general feel.

    Most folks just take a blanket recomendation from members here on a software, and even though that can be good, the personal trial that most vendors offer is really the best route to take.
  6. lodore

    lodore Registered Member

    its a very good AV.
    small frequent updates
    very reliable
    great at cleaning infected machines.
    doesnt slow you down
    decent detection rate. dont worry about tests.... try it for yourself.
    dated user interface
    No 64bit support
    lack of proper qurantine.
    slow scanning
  7. The Hammer

    The Hammer Registered Member

    Dr Web must have decided a quarantine isn't really necessary.
  8. xion_more

    xion_more Registered Member

    Come on! Its good in GUI presention . I been testing a lot of other anti-virus. And from my test result.
    Dr. Web got poor marking. i dont think i can advise people to use it.
    Lots of known virus are un detected by Dr. Web.


    Human beings can always believe upon talks, their God-given right to be smard with stupid standard methods.
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  9. SergM

    SergM Registered Member

    Some news.
    The driver for х64 is ready and is in internal testing.
    Quarantine and new GUI too will be approximately by the autumn \to winter
  10. risl

    risl Registered Member

    That's very good news, those are what many have been waiting for a long time.
  11. xion_more

    xion_more Registered Member

    Is there is any update in engine or signature ?

  12. SergM

    SergM Registered Member

    Now the new Scanning Engine and Virus-Finding Engine are let out and signatures are essentially compressed. All it in public beta testing.

    SpIDer Guard File System Monitor
    spider.sys ( (rtm.2009-07-16))

    Dr.Web R Scanner for Windows
    drweb32w.exe (5, 00, 5, 7130)

    Dr.Web ® Scanning Engine
    dwengine.exe ( (Build 2133))

    Dr.Web (R) Virus-Finding Engine
    drweb32.dll (5, 00, 1, 07230)

    Virus bases:

    In total virus records: 575512
    Last update: 07.08.2009 20:56

    In total virus records: 3441 Date: 07.08.2009 20:56

    In total virus records: 6071 Date: 03.08.2009 06:36

    In total virus records: 4983 Date: 27.07.2009 06:34

    In total virus records: 2087 Date: 24.07.2009 00:08

    In total virus records: 80 Date: 24.07.2009 00:07

    In total virus records: 5946 Date: 24.07.2009 00:07

    In total virus records: 23491 Date: 24.07.2009 00:07

    In total virus records: 47532 Date: 24.07.2009 00:07

    In total virus records: 455830 Date: 24.07.2009 00:08

    In total virus records: 102 Date: 07.08.2009 17:28

    In total virus records: 50 Date: 07.08.2009 18:51

    In total virus records: 712 Date: 27.07.2009 06:35

    In total virus records: 4199 Date: 24.07.2009 00:10
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  13. SergM

    SergM Registered Member


    [-] it is corrected big kol-in falling at scanning of various types of files (for example chm, doc, xls, ppt and other containers)
    [-] are corrected known falling in BSOD at job in structure SpIDer Guard
    [-] falling and errors in treatment of macro viruses are corrected
    [-] errors not closings handles on files are corrected at scanning and-or treatments of files
    [-] cyclings are corrected at scanning of some types of files
    [-] errors/falling are corrected at job with 7-ZIP archives
    [-] floating errors heuristics are corrected

    [!] Technology FLY-CODE is processed and improved
    [!] The new mime-cursor which has come in the stead to the previous generation
    [!] Support of new formats of post bases is added
    [!] Job under SpIDer Guard is essentially improved
    [!] The algorithm of loading of virus bases is improved

    [+] Unpacking of PDF-files is improved
    [+] Unpacking of set of new packers of new versions of already known packers is added
    [+] Support of new installers is added. Some algorithms of unpacking, for example for NSIS are copied

    And more a heap of all tasty. And it yet all. Watch news on our channel
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  14. format_c

    format_c Registered Member

    "not closing handles"

    was it a computer translation? too poor..
  15. SergM

    SergM Registered Member

    Thanks, Evgenie.
    Has corrected

    But fast for the big text :cool:
  16. cqpreson

    cqpreson Registered Member

    I have seen a talk show with Dr Web's Founder.He said Dr Web won't detect virus what don't destroy the system.So Dr Web do not have bad detection rates,but Dr Web just don't care about some useless viruses.
  17. SergM

    SergM Registered Member

    What do you mean?
  18. cqpreson

    cqpreson Registered Member

    My meaning is that Dr Web is not interested in some viruses which can't destroy computers and be baleful to users.So Dr Web will ignore those viruses.
  19. SergM

    SergM Registered Member

    Hm... I do not think, that you are right. Any examples?
  20. Fly

    Fly Registered Member

    And they do not detect spyware, spyware viruses, by policy ? :rolleyes:
  21. cqpreson

    cqpreson Registered Member

    Maybe no.I remember on Dr Web's official website,there is a interview about Dr Web's founder.He said some viruses is binary virus or can't run and can't destroy PC.So Dr Web will ignore those viruses.In my opinion,Spyware doesn't belong to those those viruses.Dr Web should be able to detect spyware.I am sorry I am not very clear about Dr Web on this hand.So I post to discuss:D .
  22. format_c

    format_c Registered Member

    You'd seen something you haven't understood well. Dr.Web don't detect broken files that can't do anything 'cuz they can't infect or even start on the computer and other garbage like cookies. And, yes, Dr.Web don't detect corrupted notepad.exe packed by PEArmor ;) Sorry, link is in Russian. In short, notepad.exe has been corrupted (it cannot start) and packed, then tested on virustotal. The result was amazing - 24/39 (61.54%)!

    Danger! Danger! Damaged notepad attacks PCs!
  23. cqpreson

    cqpreson Registered Member

    Thanks for your explanation:thumb: .I think,it is for this reason,someone doesn't think Dr Web is very powerful.They watch the test result about Antivirus and regard Dr Web bad.It is unfair.
  24. Technic

    Technic Registered Member

    Hi all!

    I would like to know if DrWeb can be set on demand scan only?

    I have NIS 2009 active and installed.

    Any troubles when installing "over" NIS?

    TIA :)
  25. Blackcat

    Blackcat Registered Member

    Easy to set up without the SpiderGuard during the setup install, however it will ask you to uninstall Norton.

    Why not try Dr Web's CureIt;

    No install needed. BUT the on-demand scan speed of DW is VERY slow.
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