How do I safely download videos from Tor?

Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by DesuMaiden, Feb 24, 2013.

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  1. DesuMaiden

    DesuMaiden Registered Member

  2. Taliscicero

    Taliscicero Registered Member

    There's no reason to download youtube video's from TOR. It actually slows down the network for everyone with no real reason to do so. On a purely logical argument, downloading anything from TOR will compromise your anonymity. The only way to be really anonymous on the TOR network for sure is to set TOR up very tightly and never download anything, just view through the TOR browser bundle.
  3. mirimir

    mirimir Registered Member


    To amplify, there are at least three reasons why that's so: (1) downloading, especially using special tools, distinguishes you from the crowd; (2) an attacker might find downloaded files; and (3) downloaded files might "call home" when executed, or might contain malware that does that, and more.
  4. ComputerSaysNo

    ComputerSaysNo Registered Member

    No way would I download anything on TOR, that includes videos or pictures or PDF's. You will be probably get malware up your ass, and get compromised in the process. :ninja:
  5. Taliscicero

    Taliscicero Registered Member

    Why did you ask if you could download YouTube video's then? :)

    On another note, malware of the TOR network is the same as the normal internet. I would maybe even guess you will find less malware there. Why? Because people on the TOR network have no motivation to target you with malware when they can target normal internet users much more. I would say your only concern malware-wise on the TOR network would be tracking malware used by governments or private companies, and even then you will really only find these on the parts of the TOR network you don't want to be going to anyway. ;)
  6. ComputerSaysNo

    ComputerSaysNo Registered Member

    I didn't, lol wrong name buddy.:ninja:

    Yes and that's 90% of Tor network.
  7. Taliscicero

    Taliscicero Registered Member

    You guys and your "computer" in your name like the OP. I am dyslexic and only read the first part of all names at a glance. :D

    Yep, and that's why the TOR network gets a bad name.
  8. mirimir

    mirimir Registered Member

    I was thinking of the attack on The Hidden Wiki, which is pretty mainstream.
  9. DesuMaiden

    DesuMaiden Registered Member

    The thing is the Youtube video downloading add-on I posted doesn't use flash, javascript, or any sort scripting so it should be pretty safe to use it download videos from tor.
  10. ComputerSaysNo

    ComputerSaysNo Registered Member

    Well... Try it out maybe? It will either break your anonymity or it won't.

    But the general rule of thumb is don't download anything while using Tor.
  11. happyyarou666

    happyyarou666 Registered Member

    plainly using tor to download anything over your real IP will break your anonymity , but using it ontop of a vpn/tor chain will not aka anonymous paid vpn|tor|anonymous paid vpn |||then tor browser bundle or whatever else , dont matter , youll then be pretty darn anonymous, if thats what youre aiming for anonymity and safety while gettin your tube clips or generally dont like being profiled on the web for no reason
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  12. mirimir

    mirimir Registered Member

    Only use add-ons that have been OKed by the Tor Project. Generally, don't add anything to TBB, unless you know what you're doing. If you're not sure, and don't see anything about the desired add-on on the Tor Project website, ask on the tor-talk list.
  13. DesuMaiden

    DesuMaiden Registered Member

    Do you have a link to the tor-talk page?

    Edit: I actually found the link to tor-talk but how do I actually post on questions on it?
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  14. mirimir

    mirimir Registered Member

    It's -

    It's an old-school mailing list. You post by sending email to I'm not sure whether you must subscribe before posting.
  15. SafetyFirst

    SafetyFirst Registered Member

    Aren't there any commonly used tools for secure downloading?

    How? What exactly do you mean?

    If you download files to an encrypted folder and execute the files sandboxed and only while offline, would it still be potentially risky? How?
  16. mirimir

    mirimir Registered Member

    I must defer to the Tor Project website, and discussion on tor-talk. Also, I'm not sure what you mean by "downloading". The TBB is only set up for secure web browsing. If you add something that opens connections that bypass Tor, you're revealing your IP address to whatever you connected to. And your ISP can see what you connected to.

    Let's say that most people use stock TBB, Tails or Whonix. They all use the same Firefor profile. About 50% of them will be using the latest release, 30% the previous one, and the rest various older releases. But, if only a few people are using a custom downloading app, they will stand out from the crowd, and they can be tracked (as a group).

    I just mean that downloaded files are there to be found, unless you securely delete them after use.

    That would be pretty safe.
  17. Fontaine

    Fontaine Registered Member

    I don't think this is true. You can download a file from Tor and maintain end-to-end anonymity, but the problem, as many have identified, is the threat of malware in the file once you execute it.

    I do, however, agree with your point of using a VPN/Tor combo. If for some reason your IP is leaked through TOR, it will be your VPN's IP, not the one from your ISP.
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