How did you find wilders security forum?

Discussion in 'polls' started by Jimbob1989, Nov 24, 2004.


How did you find wilders security forum?

  1. Search Engine

    53 vote(s)
  2. Refered by Wilders Member

    22 vote(s)
  3. Refered by Non-Wilders member (in another forum)

    16 vote(s)
  4. Read about it in a magazine

    2 vote(s)
  5. Read an online article

    11 vote(s)
  6. Other

    47 vote(s)
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  1. hayc59

    hayc59 Guest

    Ok now you got me 'blushing'*puppy*
  2. Detox

    Detox Retired Moderator

    That's one great story there - and I'm sure glad you listened to grandma - I listen to mine too :cool:
  3. Close_Hauled

    Close_Hauled Registered Member

    I bought DiamondCS PortExplorer. Their site led me here.
  4. WSFuser

    WSFuser Registered Member

    honestly i dont rele remember where i heard of wilders, i think it was mentioned at some other forum i was browsing.
  5. smokie420

    smokie420 Registered Member

    I was looking for 'java' to run game applets. I was at the wrong site I do believe. It was a javacool website I think that referred me directly here!
  6. smokie420

    smokie420 Registered Member

    Sorry I hadn't taken notice before, but thats a great story.
  7. squash

    squash Registered Member

    I found Wilders Security Forums on PCFlank, as far as I remember.
  8. trevor12

    trevor12 Registered Member

    I was interested in low resource fw. I found LnS and then I wanted some forum about it. I found forum about LnS here and after some weeks recognized that not only support forum about LnS is this web. At the same time I recognized phenomenon Paranoid2k on outpostfw forum and again finished my way here. After some weeks I realised deep impact of this forum on my mind and voila i am here and although I am not post frequently, I read this forum almost daily.
  9. grl69

    grl69 Registered Member

    I was put onto spybot by computercops (now castlecops) which in turn put me onto spywareblaster and hence...
  10. Hard Rocker

    Hard Rocker Registered Member

    :) Through SpyWare Warrior .... if my memory serves me correct. :rolleyes:

  11. beetlejuice69

    beetlejuice69 Registered Member

    When I bought TDS-3...

    JRCATES Registered Member

    Doing either a Yahoo or Google search for security type apps, I came across a link for a product (don't remember which one now) that had a link to Wilders. I clicked on the link, some saw very useful topics and read some of the replies from people posting, and decided that there was a lot of useful knowledge being shared here that I could learn quite a bit from.

    Well, I can say in all honesty that I have learned quite a bit from the people posting here in a relatively short time. They're quick to share their knowledge and provide (what I believe is) sincere and helpful advice. The irony is that many of the products I like and use are not very popular in these forums, but that's OK. We all have different likes and tastes, and I generally go with what I like and am comfortable with....but the info shared here is still priceless, none the less.
  13. nusrat

    nusrat Registered Member

    I found it to be very useful, thank you. ;-)
  14. rdsu

    rdsu Registered Member

    I don't remember... :(

    Maybe because I was searching some support for NOD32...
  15. bigbuck

    bigbuck Registered Member

    Well....I'd just finished googling for 'Sexy Starlets' and 'Hot Nurses', when I thought I'd look for 'Wild Secretaries' :D ;) Go figure! :D
  16. musicman

    musicman Registered Member

    A few years back I was posting on another forum and chatting back and forth about security software. A friend of mine mentioned about Wilders and how informative the web site was. So I decided to check it out, and haven't left since!!! I was asked by a member from another forum what I thought about Wilders and my statement was short "A breath of fresh air" :)
  17. mevicki

    mevicki Guest

    After a frustrating 30 minutes trying to access LAVASOFT Ad-Aware Support Forums links that led me in some loop-de-loop Lavasoft rollercoaster ride with the support bar unlatched, defective airbag, and an empty brake fluid reservoir, I was determined to find the missing piece that would justify the amount of wasted time and effort, and approx. 25 open browsers still waiting to be closed.

    MSN (whom I love dearly) Search of the evil Lavasoft Support Forums (whom I still love, too), took me to my crash landing on a huge soft ball of cotton provided by...who else... Wilders. After reading several posts here, well, I think I'll kick back and become educated, informed, and knowledgeable courtesy of the many talented members who so graciously provide a wealth of information in "laymans terms" AND with good manners!! Go Figure!

    (Seeing as this is my VERY FIRST POST EVER, I'll excuse my "over-the-top" drama reply)...I'm SO excited (dorky, too).
  18. akshay_k72

    akshay_k72 Registered Member

    Well, I was searching for reviews of NOD32 and Google brought me here..


    Last edited: Jul 2, 2005
  19. pamelajoy

    pamelajoy Registered Member

    I am putting a new harddrive on my computer which means I will end up with a brand new C drive freshly formatted. So I decided that it wouldn't hurt anything to download a suspicious program (ErrorGuard). Then I decided to do some research on it to see if I could get the program and all its tentacles off my computer. (I did.) I did a Google search for ErrorGuard and it sent me to a lot of forums, and this one was so friendly that I came back again.
  20. tuatara

    tuatara Registered Member

    I've got the URL from a guy who said his name (alias) was Kevin Mitnick (this is not true!!!),
    he hacked my cellphone , here at the QQPKS , which he did according to him via the mossad and the CIA.
    but i don't believe this i think he hacked it simply via the FBI.

    When i asked him how he got all the information, he told me that he was
    abducted by aliens, who crashed with their UFO, after the uploaded Windows XP
    on their flightcomputer.

    They also informed him that if you need information regarding your pc security,
    you must have a look at this URL.

    Sadly, the only way he could read the url, was after surgery,
    the url was of course lasered on his implant.
    He never could hear perfectly again with his left ear.

    But that doesn't matter, because he still can hear voices,
    nobody can hear, when his metal plate in is forehead
    is in the correct direction, for receiving.

    All the other information i got from him later, by mail was written
    with a font, that can only be seen under a microscope on a piece of metal,
    that is unknown on this earth.
    As you can understand his code was not created by humans ...

    It appears to be program code, for a program that can stop ALL malware a
    from all Windows versions (Virusses,SPAM,spyware,dialers,trojans,etc) and it's security leaks.

    Sorry, i have to go, now, their is bright light here in the room,
    and someone knocking at my door ...

    Last edited: Jul 2, 2005
  21. mzjazz2u

    mzjazz2u Registered Member

    I learned about Wilders from a guy at work. He works in the IT department in our Laboratory.
  22. ErikAlbert

    ErikAlbert Registered Member

    My very first security forum SWI was down for many days (didn't count them) and I had to look for another security forum to keep on learning.
    It could have been any forum, but WSF was the one I remembered by name and I was too lazy to look for other forum names.
    So I joined WSF and I don't regret it. Now I'm a member of two security forums.
    SWI and WSF are quite different, but both forums have their own advantages and I can't say anything bad about any forum.

    Security forums are the only way to get :
    - informed about malwares, many users aren't even aware of malware.
    - the right softwares, without buying one of these rogue softwares
    - the right combination of these softwares, without getting into trouble.
    - valuable tips based on experience and knowledge.
    - qualified help.
    - all that for free.
    Typical users can't level with the knowledge of forums and they learn alot faster in a forum, then on their own. I speak of experience.

    Serious security websites are also good, but they don't talk like a forum.
    I like forums more than chatrooms, because I have enough time to translate my posts in English, using notepad.
    Chatrooms are too sloppy and they lose their information constantly.

    I'm also a moderator in a Free Lotto Forum, but the Free Lotto World is dying, because the advertising business went down significantly.
    90% of the free lottos are SCAMS, so most free lotto players have a very short list (1 upto 20 free lottos).
    This Free Lotto Forum has only one or two posts per day and that is very boring.
    Playing on free lottos infects your computer too, so it was a small step to SWI and later WSF.
    I stopped playing on free lottos, because I wasn't very lucky.
    I won $91 in total and will probably use that money for buying softwares.
    I won two times $100 but I wasn't paid.
    I wouldn't recommend playing on free lottos anymore, because the golden days of the free lottos are over. Nowadays, nothing but low prices and very difficult to win because of the bad odds.
  23. jakebarnes

    jakebarnes Registered Member

    I've been lurking for some time ... I post at other forums (mainly having M$ issues) ... but I like this forum and may hang around a bit.
  24. gre87y

    gre87y Registered Member

    I found this forum after I bought td-3. Soon after I purchased process guard and port explorer. Great forum, I like it here. :D
  25. Carver

    Carver Guest

    I was searching for a new AV.
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