how delete inicial boot menu created for PPMS 10

Discussion in 'Paragon Partition Manager Product Line' started by mhornae, Sep 14, 2009.

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  1. mhornae

    mhornae Registered Member

    how delete inicial boot menu created for Paragon Partition Manager Server 10

    When my notebook is power on (with windows 7 rtm 64 bits) this initialice, and appear one menu(stuck), similar like this:
    with two options:
    Drive 0:
    primary 00 Vista/2008/7()............NTFS Reserved
    primary 01 Linux..........................NTSF OPSYSTEM

    Insert start up disk in floppy drive and press F2 to run setup
    i try this software(paragon partition manager 10 server) in my windows 7 at 64 bits, and DONT WORK! to make resize of partitions
    how can i delete this boot previous menu to continue automatically with windows 7 system?
    I dont need this previous menu
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  2. Paragon_Tommy

    Paragon_Tommy Paragon Moderator

    Hello mhornae,

    You can update your master boot record and by pass that initial screen. In Windows, launch Paragon Partition Manager. Under Disk Map, right click your hard disk (Basic Hard Disk 0) and "update MBR".

    From a recovery disk, also right click your "Basic Hard Disk" and update MBR.

    It looks like you have a 2nd operating system (linux) installed? Updating the MBR will singularize your boot up options.

    Can you briefly describe what type of operations you were trying to perform?

    If you are resizing, distributing space, creating or deleting partitions, I suggest using the full scale launcher, and perform one simple step at a time. Apply each operations before queuing the next.

  3. mhornae

    mhornae Registered Member

    Partition Manage(TM)
    Are you sure you want update master boot record?
    Current MBR contents for hard disk number 0 will be lost after this operation. Your
    computer may no longer boot correctly [Yes][No] ?¿?¿?¿?
    I have windows 7 rtm ultimated this kind of graphic:
    Basic Hard Disk 0 (.....)
    Reserver for the system(S:)___25D40h__
    Extender Partition
    -DATA (D:)
    this is arrange:
    1024kb<--->100Mb<--->60GB NTFS<--->31.2GB NTFS<--->57.4GB NTFS<--->1024Kb
    when? appear that?..Recovery disko_O(windows 7 ultimate rtm installer-boot)?)
    i like delete linux option?? where is it?
    the operation to rezise partition fisrt D:(MINIMIZE) after thar maximize C:),
    in D: make one operation to resize(1 hour under windows), after all, the program
    suggest reinitialize(restart windows), BUT appear one message like: error the operation dont be realized by problems.....etc
    i dont remerber, i did it in in twice times.
    I know how this work perfectly i did use in the past time other similar tools
  4. Paragon_Tommy

    Paragon_Tommy Paragon Moderator

    Did updating the MBR bypass that screen? That nag screen is a bit scary but it will be fine ;)

    The recovery disk i was referring to is the paragon recovery disk. But if you can log into windows fine, launch the paragon software and update MBR (right-click Basic Hard Disk 0) > update MBR.
  5. mhornae

    mhornae Registered Member

    Awesome!! the last option WORK, after that i will delete this dangerous soft.
    be happy! thank you
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