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Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by n8chavez, Aug 28, 2005.

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  1. n8chavez

    n8chavez Registered Member

    Here are a couple of issues I'm having with Dr Web that maybe someone can help me with.

    1. SpiderMail doesn't work with Gmail. I have POP3 acticated and am using Opera's m2. I can send and receive mail but it is not scanned. Gmail has to be set up to use port 995 (incoming) not 110. Dr Web doesn't seem to get this even after I altered the hook parameters to include the port.

    2. Spidernt take a long time to load. The icon is in the system tray but it has a red x on it. This usually goes away in about 1 1/2 min.
  2. RejZoR

    RejZoR Polymorphic Sheep

    There is no AV that can check secure connections (SSL/TLS) except using MAPI interface (MS Outlook). You can do a "bypass" with STunnel and OpenSSL though...
  3. n8chavez

    n8chavez Registered Member

    If this is the case am I secure even though I cannot scan incoming mail? Will on-access scanning catch everything? Makes me wonder why even have mail scanning if this is true.

    Should I renew my lkicence for Dr Web. They have version 4.33 xoming out soon, which I'm excited about but if it cannot provide the protection I need maybe I should look elsewhere. I was interested in KAV 6's proactive defense but I currently have RegRun Gold.
  4. Don Pelotas

    Don Pelotas Registered Member

    Because SSL/TLS is not used that often, so a lot of users will still benefit and also because users want this just like webscan modules so things are stopped before you execute. Yes, your on-access scanning will catch it, if it's in the signatures or wíthin the scope of the heuristics. Just disable SpiderMail. :)
  5. Blackcat

    Blackcat Registered Member

    I also see this bug on my XP Home, SP2 system.

    But on this computer the SpiderGuard tray icon loads much more quickly than on your system and I only see the red "splash" on the normal green icon for a few seconds only.

    It's to do with a delay in loading of the the SpiderGuard driver and is considered "a cosmetic glitch" which is resolved in the up and coming version 4.33.
    Mail scanners such as SpiderMail can only monitor POP3 mail from your ISP to your email client. If you use webmail such as Gmail then SpiderMail cannot access the mail directly but you should be able to check the mail through your normal email client. Have you checked using Outlook Express or Outlook. Maybe it is a problem with Opera's email client?

    However, as already mentioned SpiderGuard will catch any malware attachment if downloaded to your machine.
    This can only be your decision and you should go with what you are comfortable with. But IMHO, in contrast to SpiderGuard, Spidermail is not essential to keep you malware free.
  6. n8chavez

    n8chavez Registered Member

    Now why would I want to go inviting more possible problems into my machine by using OE? :) I like using opera because it is integrated with my browser, plus I just recently finshed editing my ini's to customize opera.

    I just bought my 2 year licence with Dr Web (via their migration program). I think I am the only person that never really cared for NOD32. I don't like the interface and it is way more confusing than it needs to be.

    When can we expect the windows version of 4.33 and what can we expect to be different?
  7. n8chavez

    n8chavez Registered Member

    I just tested my email defenses, and everyone was right Dr Web caught all the malware (escar file). I was protected, however every message that was contained in those files was deleted. I didn't really count on that happening.
  8. Technodrome

    Technodrome Security Expert

    Soon. The biggest changes were done under the hood but there are some visible changes to interface as well.

    Current beta version is very stable. ;)


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  9. bellgamin

    bellgamin Very Frequent Poster

    @Technodrome- Thanks for the screen shot of the new GUI. Be-YOO-ti-ful!

    I also grabbed the 2-year DrWeb deal, by giving up EZ (no great loss).
  10. AndreyKa

    AndreyKa Registered Member

    The biggest difference is full support of extended bases.

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  11. n8chavez

    n8chavez Registered Member

    Does anyone know when it'll be out? Also, the changes that were done "under the hood" in the new version what are they? Are they things that would improve detection rates?
  12. Blackcat

    Blackcat Registered Member

    The "pre" beta seems very stable and my guess would be a definite release within the next quarter and probably sooner.

    Most changes as Technodrome pointed out are not clearly visible but will definitely involve changes in the engine, for example more unpackers, to continue to improve the detection rate. And as AndreyKa pointed out there is now full support of the adware/riskware/spyware bases.

    Not all that keen on the new GUI. Maybe it grows on you :p

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  13. n8chavez

    n8chavez Registered Member

    What does that mean? It won't be out until 2006. Hopefully not. Anyone know when there will be a beta available for XP?
  14. Don Pelotas

    Don Pelotas Registered Member

  15. RejZoR

    RejZoR Polymorphic Sheep

    Sorry,but thiose new buttons are ugly. Same goes to that scan button...
  16. Blackcat

    Blackcat Registered Member

    Don, your link is for the official Server version of the up and coming 4.33.

    The screenshots posted are for the beta Workstation version which is not "officially" available yet.

    Technodrome and AndreyKa kindly posted me in the right direction of this beta version. It's not quite ready for release as the Updater is not functioning as yet but overall it looks nearly there.

    If you are interested in trying out this unofficial beta give me a pm.

    No. Hopefully the gold release will be out before the end of this year and an official beta for XP well before this.
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  17. n8chavez

    n8chavez Registered Member

    AndreyKa posted a very interesting screeenshot of the new version. In it there were SpIDer Guard setting for malware. In the new version SpIDer Guard has the ability to treat infected mail. Does this eliminate the need for SpIDer mail? I have been having a problem with Dr Web on-access scanner deleting messages that were not infected because they are contained in the same file as those that were (see above). Will this new version solve that?

    Also, a gold version was mentioned. What is the difference going to be and how much more will it cost?
  18. Blackcat

    Blackcat Registered Member


    you have a pm ;)
  19. n8chavez

    n8chavez Registered Member

    I tested the pre-beta and have to say that I was not impressed. Dr Web 4.33 used a lot more resources than did the previous version. The GUI is weird. But to me nothing else matters but detection.

    Where is the actual beta, not pre-beta, for this? Today they released a beta for Enterprise Suite. This means that they have released a beta for every version other than the one most here care about the NT (4.x, 5.x). This is really frustrating. It's like waiting for Santa to come on Christmas but he goes to every house first and gets to yours around June.
  20. Blackcat

    Blackcat Registered Member

    I did not see this on any of my computers but remember this is a pre-beta release.
    Maybe they released the Server/Enterprise editions first as these will bring in the most revenue?

    It is always good to see a new, improved version released for any software program but if the present version is giving you good protection so far and is stable on your computer I cannot see what the rush is for v.4.33!

    They will release when ready and it should not be too far away now ;)
  21. n8chavez

    n8chavez Registered Member

    There really isn't a rush. I saw in a forum once that 4.33 was going yo be out in June. I then asked Dr Web supports and that was confirmed. Then support told me it was pushed back to July. And now we enter September and it still isn't released...not even a beta (that functions).

    I guess I just would like Dr Web to be up to par with other AVs that can detect malware (such as NOD, KAV, or VBA32) without being in beta stage. Those definitions came out a while ago. I fear Dr Web has fallen behind. I really want the new version because I had an virus (of some sort) that Web didn't detect and VBA32 and NOD did. Even though I know that that is bound to happen I still feel unsafe to a certain extent.

    While I'm ranting, does anyone else find it annyoying that even after you've paid for the product, as evident by the licence, you are still asked to "Buy Dr Web" and "Register" via the context menues. This is really annoying.
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