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Discussion in 'backup, imaging & disk mgmt' started by tkdtitan, Feb 20, 2010.

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  1. tkdtitan

    tkdtitan Registered Member

    Ok I have been up for two days straight trying to solve this problem..
    I Have a Hp Pavillion dv9000 notebook pc. I also have a hp xb3000 expansion base with 500 gb hard drive. I just purchased an Kingston 64gb SSDnow V-series Sata2 2.5kit. I wanted to try a duel boot and run two OS on my notebook. But have given up hope on that dream since hp only gave me one bootable drive:mad: So i tried to install widows 7 on the Kingston ssd. but hp also made thier expasion base with no drivers and windows 7 does not recognize the exterior port for another display. So i have decided just to clone my original drive which is running vista:'( and this is my problem .....
    1. I installed Kingston sdd with 59.63gb Unallocated
    2. I took removed hard drive and had it connected through usb
    (hp recovery 12.07gb partition-136.98gb ntfs this drive has 87.4gb of free space and only<49.58gb used>.
    3. used Acronis cloning software which came with Kingston sdd

    Cloning was unsuccessful and recieved error which said "Check Disk Utilityo_Oo_O"
    FYI I performed a disk cleanup and Defragmentation. and Also went to Disk management and checked for errors? I am totally lost can someone please help me...
  2. whitedragon551

    whitedragon551 Registered Member

    Use only the disc thats install in the HP. You will do what is called dual booting. You have to resize the main partition and split it into 2 partitions. From there you can install another OS and use something like EasyBCD to configure boot options for both OSes. I cant get into exacts because the process varies slightly from OS to OS for dual boot procedure. What 2 OSes are you going to dual boot?
  3. jonyjoe81

    jonyjoe81 Registered Member

    Sometimes with vista, you might need to do a repair from the vista installation dvd following a clone.

    On laptops the recommended restoration is to do a reverse clone, which is what you did. Example source drive outside/new drive inside computer.

    Also you can try the free paragon Rescue Kit 9.0 Express, it's a bootcd that can fix some boot problems on both xp and vista.
  4. tkdtitan

    tkdtitan Registered Member

    ok im sorry thanks for the reply... but maybe i should have been a bit clearer with what the problem was ..... I am trying to clone my original hard drive to the new Kingston, but before I can even make a copy I'm told that I have too many errors on my hard drive and to check Disk utility? .... I want to use the Kingston to run my OS ... So I guess my question is how can I do thiso_O? Can I make a back up on the kingston then try to restore? Or can someone explain how I would check my Disk Utility? Because this is why I am unable to make a clone of my hard drive. Please im at my wits end... any suggestions in how to do this would be greatly appreciated..... and please keep in mind im a total noob the more detailed the instructions the better... I really appreciate the help and thank you so much whitedragon551 and jonyjoe81 for replying to my post im sorry that I was not more specific....
  5. tkdtitan

    tkdtitan Registered Member

    Whitedragon551 my original plan was to have windows 7 and to keep my original vista since hp hardware does not like windows 7.... can I create a partition without effecting my data on that hard disk?
  6. jonyjoe81

    jonyjoe81 Registered Member

    do you have the windows installation dvd" if you do boot up your computer with it. go into the command prompt and type the following (minus the quotation marks) " chkdsk c: /f " this command will repair any errors on the disk.

    If vista is still booting up, you can go to properties of the c:drive/tools/error checking/and check the 2 boxes to fix errors. This is a scandisk similar to a chkdsk but run from within windows, the computer will reboot to run the scandisk.

    First you need to fix all the errors on your drive before you can partition, but there are free software that can partition your drive without losing the data, but its a good idea to backup any important data onto an external drive first.

    I just notice something else, the clone might not work since the 2 partitions on the drive almost equal the size of your ssd. You might just have do an image backup of your c: drive, to get it to fit in your SSD. Or you can unload some of the data on the c:drive onto a external drive and try and get it smaller.
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  7. tkdtitan

    tkdtitan Registered Member

    Jonyjoe81 I dont have a physical copy of windows vista thanks to Hp ....they put my copy of windows on the partition marked hp recovery....Is there any way I can off load my hp Recovery to my external drive which is much bigger..?
  8. GlobalForce

    GlobalForce Regular Poster

  9. jonyjoe81

    jonyjoe81 Registered Member

    you can get the "repair section" of the vista installation dvd from the neosmart website (in the red box section under step one). You have to burn the ISO into a bootcd.

    You can also offload the hp recovery partition. Do an "image backup" of that partition and save it on the external. But you will have to rely on "image backups" instead of the "hp recovery partition" to restore you in the future. But that is no big deal, image backups will be more "current" and just as reliable.
  10. tkdtitan

    tkdtitan Registered Member

    Jonyjoe81 after i save the hp recovery partition as an image do I then delete that partition? So that it can make room so it will then fit on Kingston... and when and if i delete it will I be able to delete that partition with out effecting my info saved on the same hard drive but in a different partition? Hope that im making sense.... Thanks again for your help in this matter I really appeciate this.
  11. jonyjoe81

    jonyjoe81 Registered Member

    If the image software you are using can just image (backup one partition) the c: drive, you don't need to delete any partitions. Just back up and restore your c: drive onto the SSD.

    If the imaging software only does clones (image entire drive), you will have to delete the data on the HP partition to make room. Deleting the contents of one partition won't affect the other partitions.
  12. tkdtitan

    tkdtitan Registered Member

    Jonyjoe81 you are my hero... thanks for are the help... your advice was perfect.... thank you so much for your patience ... It's great to know that there is still people who are willing to help complete strangers... thank you so much!!!!
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