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Discussion in 'Paragon Drive Backup Product Line' started by Robin A., Feb 16, 2012.

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  1. Robin A.

    Robin A. Registered Member

  2. SIW2

    SIW2 Registered Member

    Yes, it's very quick.

    I have run a couple of little tests of my own.

    It does seem to be faster than any of the other well known imaging apps.

    Looking forward to it being released.

    If I recall correctly, they usually release the free version first.
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  3. wptski

    wptski Registered Member

    I wonder if there will be a free upgrade from HDM11 to HDM12, a reduced price for HDM11 users or neither?

    No new update of HDM2011S since 10/18/11 which is a bit longish, I'd say.
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  4. aladdin

    aladdin Registered Member

    If not a free upgrade from HDM11 to HDM12, then a double discount, being a HDM11 user and member of Wilders!

    Best regards,

  5. wptski

    wptski Registered Member

    I first got HDM2011S on 30% off email deal around this time last year because I was using B&R2010FA.
  6. dfw

    dfw Registered Member


    I was about to buy Paragon Hard Disk Manager 11 Suite online, to replace Acronis, If I go ahead and purchase 11 would there be a upgrade path to 12 for free as the release is so close, or would I be better off waiting, which I don't really what to do.
  7. wptski

    wptski Registered Member

    That's standard policy with other companies but unsure about what Paragon will do.
  8. dfw

    dfw Registered Member

    Yes, but can't find any information on the Paragon web site o_O
  9. seekforever

    seekforever Registered Member

    Call them: Call us: 1-888-347-5462 I don't know if this works, probably North America only) for your location since people all over the world are on this forum.
    Drop support an email and ask them.
  10. dfw

    dfw Registered Member

    I have sent them a email yesterday, but guess being the weekend now have to wait for Monday, I am in UK so no offices here I believe to call, never mind a few days will not hurt, I am pretty sure it would be OK, but I play it safe and wait.

  11. MarcP

    MarcP Registered Member

  12. dfw

    dfw Registered Member


  13. DickDiver

    DickDiver Registered Member

    Has someone information about quickness
    compared to Norton Symantec GHOST 15.1 ?
  14. SIW2

    SIW2 Registered Member

    The 12 series will the fastest imaging software available.
  15. Raza0007

    Raza0007 Registered Member

    Is incremental sector based images option included in this version?
  16. MarcP

    MarcP Registered Member

    Differential imaging will be the fastest too? Because it is far from that in HDM11.
  17. DickDiver

    DickDiver Registered Member


    sorry but before I am going to buy:

    You say, that HDM does not have incremental imaging.
    That HDM has dif. imaging in V11 and that that is slow?

    Please, please all of you will have onced owned Ghost and then may be Acronis and then Ghost again before you went to Paragon. You can not tell me that you always had Paragon software and were always endlessly happy and never tried something else?
  18. MarcP

    MarcP Registered Member

    I have no idea what you're trying to get at, DD.

    I have been using Acronis TI since version 2009. When 2012 came out and I made the mistake of buying, I turned my back on them. So I bought HDM11 when it was on sale at a price hard to resist.

    The problem I have with HDM11 is two folds:

    1 - There is no auto-cleanup feature to delete differential images older than X days.
    2 - Differential imaging takes as long as a full image to produce. I was told on this forum that it's because HDM has to rescan the whole disk to find the differences, but ATI can make the same differential backup in minutes (much faster than HDM11).

    HDM11 has its flaws and I hope HDM12 will address those.
  19. Raza0007

    Raza0007 Registered Member

    I used Paragon HDM 2009 for about 1.5 years. After that I switched to Marcium Reflect. Paragon is reliable but it has its quirks. There was no sector based incremental imaging available when I used it, only differential imaging. They have not added the incremental option in HDM11. I do not know about the 12 version.

    In my opinion you should test Paragon thoroughly before you decide to buy it.
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  20. DickDiver

    DickDiver Registered Member

    Thanks alot!

    I will see if there is a testversion of HDM 12.

    Taking in the said above I won't bother with HDM11 if differential imaging takes so long...


    You should try Norton Ghost 15.1. There is a trial version and works flawless for me. Has clean up, offsite copy and so on. I hoped only for something fast not saying that Ghost isnt fast. I can not compare.
  21. Raza0007

    Raza0007 Registered Member

    First let me point out that Norton Ghost equivalent in Paragon's lineup would be Paragon drive backup. Paragon HDM includes a fully functional partition manager in it, as well as other hard drive tools.

    Second, from your original post in the "other software" thread, you do realize that this new Norton Ghost has nothing to do with the old Norton Ghost v3.xx, right?

    When I tried Ghost v14 about 2 years ago it was not up to the standard of other better backup utilities like Paragon, Macrium, Shadowprotect etc. And as I recall, Norton Ghost also did not have sector based incremental images option available. I don't know if they added it in v15 or not.
  22. DickDiver

    DickDiver Registered Member


    I thought that it has incremental implemented for sure but now you make me unsure about this.

    Thing is my backup runs since months or more in the following way. One 1:1 image and then only incrementals as I thought but may be it are differentials??
    And then a new set each month while the old is then deleted.



    I know that Ghost (14x) 15.x Symantec is different from the older Norton ones.
  23. Raza0007

    Raza0007 Registered Member

    They are differentials. See the user guide. Page 63


    Ghost calls them incrementals from the base image but, the correct terminology for that is differentials.
    Edit: Actually, you should confirm this with someone who uses Ghost. Their terminology is confusing. They might be incrementals.

    The problem with differentials as done by Ghost and Paragon is that it takes the same amount of time for them to make a differential image as it takes them to make a full image. The only difference is that the differential image size is small. Another problem is that since all differentials are changes from the base image, so the size gets bigger and bigger as the differentials increase.

    For example, You have a base image 10 GB, and make 200 MB changes everyday.

    So after 4 days, your backup destination directory size:

    with incremental:
    10,000+200+200+200+200 = 10,800 MB

    with differential:
    10,000+200+400+600+800 = 12,000 MB

    So, as the number of differentials go up, the backup folder size rises alarmingly fast.

    Also, incremental images takes only a 2-3 minutes to complete. In my opinion, sector based incrementals should be mandatory in any decent backup utility.
  24. JosephB

    JosephB Registered Member

    Question to all

    I wonder why so many here are interested in making "Differentials" with Paragon, especially since "it takes the same amount of time for them (Paragon, Ghost) to make a "Differential Image" as it takes them to make a "Full Image". The only difference is that the differential image size is small."
    .... Is space really an issue with 1TB+ external or spare 1TB+ internal hard drive for allways creating and storing full image backups ?

    Personaly, I always create "Full" Image weekly backups.
    ... Even if you want to create Daily Backups, since a Paragon "Differential" will take the same time as "Full Image", then why not just create Daily - Full Image backups with 1Tb+ drives ?

    P.S. I can understand if a backup pgm offered "Incrementals" (instead od "differentials") for sector based backup images then there would be an advanatge.


    Question - With backup pgms that offer "sector based incrementals", what happens if 1 incremental in the chain gets corrupted ? ... Will you be able to do a partial restore or will the restore completly fail ?

    P.S I was browsing again through the B&R 10 and B&R 11 Manuals and it talks about a feature called "File Complement", describing it as Incrementals to a Sector based Image. Have you or anyone else tried this ?

    P.S. Update: Forget what I said. Just read it again and tried it. The way its worded is confusing. It does *not* really do what we mean as "Incrementals to a Sector based Image".
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  25. Raza0007

    Raza0007 Registered Member

    It is because everybody has a different requirement. I basically use backup utilities as a replacement for windows system restore. So, I need to backup to my local hard drive. Since I have laptop and only one hard drive so I have reserved a 100 GB partition for backup purposes. For me the space is limited to 100 GB.

    My full C: partition back is around 18 GB. I like to keep at least 7 previous images at any given time, so I have the option of restoring at least 7 days in the past. If I make all full backup it will be around 126 GBs. So, I usually make one full backup and the rest either incrementals or differentials. I prefer incrementals over differentials. And as you mentioned Paragon takes the same amount of time to make a differential and a full image, you have a problem. Macrium and Shadowprotect can make an incremental image in under 2 minutes.

    That is one of the problem with incrementals, if one link in the chain is broken the entire chain becomes useless. I have not encountered any failures myself, but I believe you can only restore the base image in such a case. So, the first thing you have to look for is reliability of the imaging utility. In this case I will give Paragon full marks, as it is extremely reliable. However, Macrium reflect and Shadowprotect are extremely reliable as well. I have been using Macrium for more than 2 years with chained incrementals 14 or 20 of them at a time and each time it restored without any problems. So, as long as the imaging utility you are using is reliable, you should have no problems in using incremental imaging.

    The option you mentioned in Paragon products are for file increments only. Paragon tracks changes in the backuped file and then only stores the changed information in subsequent backups. It currently does not offer sector based incremental backups. I do not know why. Maybe someone from the planning dept at Paragon can answer this question.
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