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Discussion in 'Paragon Drive Backup Product Line' started by dryounas, Apr 2, 2012.

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  1. dryounas

    dryounas Registered Member

    I tried to restore an image. windows 7 home 64 bit. using the free standard program here. saved the image to an external hard drive usb3 seagate 1 tb.

    problem is that paragon gets stuck in this close open files error or reboot. If I allow it to reboot it simply gives up and does not follow thru with the image restore. this is frustrating, not as easy as the reviews on this software.

  2. cincinnatijack

    cincinnatijack Registered Member

    You may need the USB3 Controller drivers, Windows 7 doesn't automatically install them (well not unless they've changed it recently).
  3. seekforever

    seekforever Registered Member

    The free version uses Linux for the recovery environment and it likely doesn't have the drivers to support your USB3 interface and the enclosure in USB3 mode. When you made your image presumably from within Windows the drivers were loaded. When you do a restore and the PC reboots the Linux environment is loaded and the drivers aren't present.

    If you have USB2 ports on your PC try plugging the drive into one of them. This isn't guaranteed to work since the advertized backwards compatibilty of USB3 devices doesn't always seem to work in spite of the hype. Worth a try though.
  4. dryounas

    dryounas Registered Member

    yes, actually, it was plugged into a usb 2 port. Oh well, I will try a non usb drive and see how it goes. thanks for your help.
  5. dryounas

    dryounas Registered Member

    can I copy and paste the paragon folder to a non usb 3 hd. Will that work? if so how do access those files?
  6. seekforever

    seekforever Registered Member

    Yes, the image is located in files and they are just files although likely big. This assumes you can put the drive on a PC and copy the files with Windows Explorer.

    You plug-in the drive and boot up the Paragon recovery CD or USB stick and navigate to the Restore wizard which will guide you through the process.

    If your Windows is still running you should be able to setup the restore parameters like image name and target device etcby running the wizard. If Windows isn't running then you need the bootable recover CD or USB stick. If you haven't made it, the tool to build the recovery media is in the Paragon program - you should have this media since it is essential if your Windows is inoperative for any reason or you are restoring to a new drive.

    The recovery media is not machine specific so it can be created from any PC that has Paragon loaded.
  7. TheMozart

    TheMozart Former Poster

    Are you using the free version?
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