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Discussion in 'Prevx Releases' started by STV0726, Dec 10, 2011.

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  1. STV0726

    STV0726 Registered Member

    Howdy folks!

    Not "the results" we have been waiting for - detection rates - but definitely good news coming from a source we know we can trust! This helps back up the passmark performance test that was done previously!

    In summary: Webroot SecureAnywhere earns an Advanced+ rating from AV-Comparitives for performance in system activities such as file copying, archiving, downloading files, etc. Take note that while many products have earned Advanced+ and scored well, Webroot still holds the advantage of being smaller and lighter than all of them! :)

    Congratulations Webroot & Prevx Team!

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  2. PrevxHelp

    PrevxHelp Former Prevx Moderator

    Thanks! :thumb: I do wonder how that many products scored that closely, though. Other reviews which have occurred quite recently show a much wider spread:,4

    Boot time slowdown (seconds):

    Webroot 0
    ESET 5
    McAfee 5
    Panda 7
    Avast 9
    Avira 9
    Kaspersky 12
    Bitdefender 10
    AVG 16
    Norton 16

    File Transfer (6 GB) slowdown (seconds):

    Webroot 0
    McAfee 0
    Avast 0
    Avira 0
    AVG 2
    ESET 3
    Bitdefender 3
    Kaspersky 3
    Norton 5
    Panda 8

    And in case someone hasn't seen the PassMark review which includes Webroot:

    I believe they're in the process of reviewing the 2012 versions of some of the included AVs as well as they weren't available when the report was first made.

    But Advanced+ in AV Comparatives is never a small feat, and I'm looking forward to their malware testing results (which I believe come out once every two months now) :thumb:
  3. volvic

    volvic Registered Member

    I can't find the report .... please give a direct address?
  4. Triple Helix

    Triple Helix Webroot Product Advisor

    We can't post the Direct link but have a look at this page:

    From AV-C (Performance Test Anti-Virus December 2011 at the top right under Latest Reports)


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  5. STV0726

    STV0726 Registered Member

    Whoops...very sorry about accidentally linking directly to the PDF.
  6. PrevxHelp

    PrevxHelp Former Prevx Moderator

    No worries! :)
  7. STV0726

    STV0726 Registered Member here's the's kind of funny and I will be the first to admit that it is NOT intended in ANY way to be considered fully reputable and solid results, but I have performed my own malware test on Webroot SecureAnywhere.

    I have carefully documented everything that happened, allowed Webroot to do what it does best based on how I know the product operates, and compiled a PDF report.

    Can I share it? WSA scored really high in my test. :D
  8. PrevxHelp

    PrevxHelp Former Prevx Moderator

    I don't see why not :)

    JCRUYFF Registered Member

  10. Techfox1976

    Techfox1976 Registered Member

    I don't remember the thread, but it's been indicated numerous times that WSA does not care about simulators at all.

    So if they are using the newest, but capabilities are completely determined by the key code presented to the program, what capabilities are set on the key code they used? Is it even a valid key code or is it going to end up making things not actually work?

    Honestly, there is nothing at all that is 100%, but really, the "FAIL FAIL FAIL" just helps display MRG's lack of professionalism. Combined with everything else I have seen about them, I just continue to not trust a single thing they do.
  11. Thankful

    Thankful Registered Member

  12. Techfox1976

    Techfox1976 Registered Member

    6th place out of 18 while ramping up the new system. Not bad.
  13. PrevxHelp

    PrevxHelp Former Prevx Moderator

    Thanks for the post :) As they mention in the PDF, we've corrected the cleanup issues now, and as a side note, our support team will always manually fix any malware infections we can't clean, free of charge.
  14. Triple Helix

    Triple Helix Webroot Product Advisor

    That's the great thing why I always used Prevx and now WSA if there is a malware issue the support team will always help clean your system! th_gif-Thumbs-up.gif

  15. d0t

    d0t Registered Member

  16. guest

    guest Guest



    So You are right ;)
  17. opcode

    opcode Registered Member

    Regarding that MRG flash test where they used 50 samples on WSA, 23 of which went undetected....

    Wouldn't all of them have been detected if they had simply modified the heuristics to "Warn when new programs execute that are not trusted"?
  18. PrevxHelp

    PrevxHelp Former Prevx Moderator

    Yes, that would block all of them :)
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