Gmail Phishing Scam - Never send password in email

Discussion in 'other security issues & news' started by the mul, Sep 17, 2004.

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  1. the mul

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    This one is well crafted and always remember NEVER SEND A PASSWORD thru EMAIL.

    Gmail Phishing Scam - Never send password in email

    Last night I received a gmail email from Gmail Team with the subject, "More Gmail invites." I found this email very weird. It continued to read "The Gmail Team is proud to announce that we are offering Gmail free invitation packages to the existing Gmail account holders. By now you probably know the key ways in which Gmail differs from traditional webmail services. Searching instead of filing. A free gigabyte of storage. Messages displayed in context as conversations."

    Now, normally Gmail gives you invites directly in the top console and does not ask you to fill out information. This email looks really valid, plus it got through Gmail's spam filter. So is it real? I doubt it. But it looks so real. Anyway, it asks you for your current gmail account and password. That is a direct tip that someone is phishing for passwords. Be Careful and look out for this email!



  2. steverio

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    Hya Mul -

    This password stealing activity is really out of hand. I hear about many people who were compromised of their PW. It usually was a simple mistake too, such as a weak PW like using a pet's name or a common word in the dictionary. This Gmail Phishing Scam you present is realistic enough to fool many users.

    It's also amazing to me that so many people still don't worry about security! Some of these PW stealing operations are not just isolated hackers hunched over their computers in a dark room. This is big business!
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