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  1. hogndog

    hogndog Registered Member

    I've used Geswall in the past but wasn't quite ready for that technology, then i tried Buffer Zone which i found to be an excellent application. Now I'm thinking about giving Geswall another go. Does anyone here use it, rather than read a review from Google i thought I'd be better off and safer asking here.. :thumb:

    Thanks in advance guys.. :D
  2. cheater87

    cheater87 Registered Member

    Its good from what I have seen. Just make sure that you use the feature to scan for untrusted files and delete whats left over if you do get an infection (which would be contained due to the isolation). It does rarely leave folders over at times but don't worry them they are empty and cause no harm to you or your PC.
  3. hogndog

    hogndog Registered Member

    Thanks, I'm thinking Geswall has lost a few followers to Sandboxie Buffer Zone and the lot. Maybe a current Geswall user will look in and see this thread.. :)

  4. blacknight

    blacknight Registered Member

    I'm a GesWall user again, although there are not new versions since two years. But it's again power and safe and I have not complain or issue with it.

  5. Kees1958

    Kees1958 Registered Member

    When you are pleased with BufferZone, why change. BufferZone has application virtualisation capabilites (like Sandboxie) and also has the option to contain downloads system wide in any place.

    Bufferzone is a mix of Sandboxie (clean up sandbox on demand) and GeSWall (be protected outside the sandbox, for unsigned or all new executables).

    It is possible to create application sandboxes with GeSWall using the REDIRECT option, but that requires a lot of intensive knowlegde of file, registry and system objects of the application you want to virtualise.

    I still use GeSWall on a test-image to contain Chromium, because it requires so little CPU (have removed all other programs in GeSWall console). I like the log file to see what some malware tries to do. The tests with GeSWall have convinced me of the strength of low-rights browsing (Chrome's Sandbox and IE's protected mode) and the effectiveness of some Windows OS-tweaks.
  6. hogndog

    hogndog Registered Member

    Thanks for the feedback, i realize Buffer Zone has its benefits as its easy to use but i also feel Geswall has something more to offer. I was looking for an update as blacknight says, no updates for two years, wheres the new version 4.0? Now i see this thread :blink:

    Thanks guys..
  7. kjdemuth

    kjdemuth Registered Member

    Version 3 should be coming out next. Of course that's been going on for the past 2+ years. I was a devoted geswall user until I found sandboxie. I still like geswall a lot and believe that its one of the easiest isolation software you can get for free. I started using sandboxie because geswall was having issues with UAC. I've found sandboxie a little more granular. You can fine tune it for just about any kind of use.
    I'm still waiting for geswall to release something though. Everyday I check their forum and website for something to come up.
  8. jmonge

    jmonge Registered Member

    out of all sandboxes or virtualizers geswall is the fastest and the 2nd easiest to use after defensewall:thumb:
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