G DATA InternetSecurity 2013

Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by AvinashR, Apr 27, 2012.

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  1. AvinashR

    AvinashR Registered Member

    G DATA InternetSecurity is a simple, secure and resource saving software, provides complete antivirus, anti-spyware, antispam, and anti-hacking protection. Safeguard online banking. Safe surfing. Safe shopping. Keep your family safe from Internet child predators. Alongside improved award-winning virus protection and optimization of the intuitive user guidance, G Data InternetSecurity also protects all online activities by means of a “Silent Firewall.â€

    Operating invisibly without any loss of computing power or user-stressing querying, it successfully blocks hackers, viruses and spam. Parental controls also offer added protection. Safe emailing and chatting, Blocks annoying spam. Maximum security from the record test winner: Constant optimum virus detection; For many years the quickest response time to new viruses; The latest methods for detecting unknown viruses (behavior blocking, heuristics, cloud security). G Data Software, Inc. knows that the PC is a central piece of every home today and that it requires protecting.
    Homepage:– http://www.gdatasoftware.com

  2. Pablo87

    Pablo87 Registered Member

    Thanks for the infomation
    I have a question
    Im running the dutch version
    I see in your topic title that is released
    But i have now installed is that the dutch current version?

  3. AvinashR

    AvinashR Registered Member

    I believe latest version is

    Apologies for the confusion!
  4. Securon

    Securon Registered Member

    Good Evening ! Went to the U.S.A. Site and no evidence of G-Data 2013. Sincerely...Securon
  5. Pablo87

    Pablo87 Registered Member

    Alright ty Apologie accepted:)
  6. darts

    darts Registered Member


    What is the memory use then , because most people find G-Data very heavy.


  7. King Grub

    King Grub Registered Member

    RAM usage is not indicative of a "heavy" or "light" program. A well coded anti-virus that loads all definitions into RAM will have a much higher memory usage but run lighter, because it won't have to load from disk all the time.
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