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  1. smalar

    smalar Registered Member

    Need the possibility to connect to more than one independent ERA server at once with my ERA console.
  2. PhoenixUA

    PhoenixUA Registered Member

    It will be great to run the ERA Server on Linux...
  3. jeramy_t

    jeramy_t Registered Member

    64bit version of the ERA server.

    better support for products when they fail.
  4. SmackyTheFrog

    SmackyTheFrog Registered Member

    Why? Are you hitting 2gig addressing limitations?
  5. tmiller_hockey

    tmiller_hockey Registered Member

    It would be nice even just to have a machine that runs everything native x64.

    Case in point, my system...x64 Windows OS, x64 SQL 2005 x64
  6. kbaue

    kbaue Registered Member

    I would like to have the change to start a scan on the workstation via comandline and pass back the results to ERA.
    OK, I know you have a commandline scanner, but this is not really what I need.
    The reason - I want to do out of hours automatic workstation check and update. This includes for example WSUS updates and should include also a full AntiVirus scan. This maintenance should run without logged on users in the night and from commandline. The absolute best would be if via commandline it could be simulated the "Run Now" for a schedulled scan.
    This would have the advantage that I could create a scan, run only out of hours, but when not run for a period of time then to be started during working hours.

    With the current possibilities I can achive this goal when setting the scan to run during night. I can startup then the computer short before this time.
    But how to shutdown the the computer after the scan.
    Also it is not a good idea to schedulle any other actions to this time. I can only guess when the scan is finished and schedulle the next task simply an hour later.

    So what I would like to have a cmd.exe like start-eset-schedulled-scan.exe /my-defined-full-scan

  7. jeramy_t

    jeramy_t Registered Member

    Better Quality Control
    A fully functional server (have it working before you send it out)
    Support for Current OS's (2008 R2 - version 4 still does not work correctly)
    64-Bit Support for the server.
    Bring back the push install to client by host name in v3
  8. DrFix

    DrFix Registered Member

    What about Exchange 2010 SP1 support? 19 version supports only SP1 Beta...
  9. AndrewGVS

    AndrewGVS Registered Member

    Language Modularity in Eset products?

    This may not be possible based on the products, but a base installer, which will include a handful of core languages (or just two or three), but when other language files have been generated, the program can download and apply them.

    Just a thought for those out there waiting on Russian version of ERA and similiar instances, if they have someone capable of reading English, they can use that to begin with, then when a Russian language pack is available, install it into ERA and switch language (perhaps an auto option in ERA).
  10. Sentico

    Sentico Registered Member

    Second that. I also have client sites with Windows clients and Linux servers. So ERAC on a client is no problem, but ERAS on Linux would be great. For the database layer MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite could be used.
  11. piperfect

    piperfect Registered Member

    For ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server, include two mail box licenses for administration. The Administrator account and Blackberry (BES) account unlicensed my product after the update.
  12. Flancer

    Flancer Registered Member

    ERA Server on Linux. Many of my customers would be very happy.

    I second this idea. Hope to see it soon.
  13. tanstaafl

    tanstaafl Registered Member

    Add column 'Computer Description' to pane view options

    We name all of our computers as numbers, then in the computer description field, we put the name of the person assigned to it.

    As it stands, I have to constantly refer to another list to see who is on whatever computer I'm looking at when in the RAC...

    Adding this column would eliminate all of that back and forth...

    Computer description is used by a lot of people, and absolutely should be available to add to the pane views...

    Thanks for listening.
  14. djalminha

    djalminha Registered Member

    I wish that new ESET products have option scan URL site, example you want to go on www.pap.net and before you type on your browser you first type in ESET programs and see a results.
    2: Boost a scanning
    3: Put Avast and ESET company together
    4: Get users to change a skin of program.

    That time will come one day you´ll see when we can all be a ESET users. :doubt:
  15. karlisi

    karlisi Registered Member

    Ability to join two ERAC clients

    ERAC should have ability to join two client records under one client. I will explain.

    If computer, typically laptop, connects to network sometimes by wired connection, sometimes by wireless connection, now ERAC shows it as two different clients, because MAC addresses are different. So now we need two licenses for every workstation with two network interfaces.

    ESET KB suggests to enable MAC address renaming, where client records are made not from MAC addresses but from workstatin names. It works only if on entire administration area there are no duplicate names, such as one domain or one NetBIOS network. We have about 600 workstations on 90 separate LANs. LANs are isolated, so workstations can have, and they have, duplicate names.
  16. techie007

    techie007 Registered Member

    Re: Ability to join two ERAC clients

    +1 on this. I have been in the same boat for quite a while now. Eset claims it was added to the developer 'wish list' for an upcoming version, but I've heard that before. :(
  17. toxinon12345

    toxinon12345 Registered Member

    Samples sending through ESET Online Scanner
  18. DiPersiaTech

    DiPersiaTech Registered Member

    Re: Ability to join two ERAC clients

    +2 here. . . Pain, especially when it's chewing up licenses.
  19. Megachip

    Megachip Registered Member

    Re: Ability to join two ERAC clients


    Another really nice to have:
    An archivebit for the clients. Would be nice, to have the availably, to set it automatically e.g. after 3 month of client inactivity.
    Clients which are archived wouldn't count in licence.
    In advantage to deleting an inactive client (to get a free license), the archived client will be shown in statistics and the logs can be used for post-mortem forensics.
  20. xpcomputers

    xpcomputers Registered Member

    I'd really like to see better filtering for the spam logs in Mail Security for Exchange:

    1) Allow filtering spam log items by an upper and lower spam score range... i.e. be able to show results bewteen 60 and 98.

    (This would save hours of log checking and easily allow us to show (for example) all logs for scores above 60 and below 98 to weed out the thousands of 99% items, and leave the minority that remains for easy checking, or a different example: show the logs of items near the cut off points say 80 to 92 to check where the cut off score should be)

    2) Allow filtering the spam logs by terms to exclude as well as by terms to include. i.e filter by -url to exclude results which contain the text "url" in them.

    Say I want to see all logs that DON'T have "url" in the reason, I would normally in most search boxes be able to put: -url to exclude anything with that term in the results, but your filtering appears to literally look for the string of -url (i.e url with a dash in front of it).

    These two changes would make viewing the logs MUCH easier.


  21. Janus

    Janus Registered Member

    Hello Eset

    The ability through Eset mobile security to do a Web based backup of your phone on MyEset.com.

    Regards, Janus :)