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Discussion in 'NOD32 version 1 Forum' started by marti, Oct 26, 2002.

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  1. marti

    marti Registered Member

    What is ESET's position on this malware?

    McAfee doesn't consider it a virus, but has added (or will add) it to their definitions:

    Symantec has a write up, but has not added it to their definitions:

    CA/eTrust has a write up, but no definition:

    CARCHARODON Registered Member

    I'll tell you I'm not a big fan of it.. Its just a worm that askes for Permission.... thanks Marti.
  3. marti

    marti Registered Member

    I have seen warnings about "friendly greetings" posted in Wilders (not sure which forum), DSLR, and PC Q&A.

    My position is that the AV folks should include it in their definitions, as it does send an email to everyone in your address book (Microsoft programs only).
  4. LowWaterMark

    LowWaterMark Administrator

    Yes, that is pretty bad. They can say, well, "People need to read the EULA", but I think people just look for the fastest way to get those off their screens.

    Here's the related link on Wilders:;start=0;boardseen=1
  5. marti

    marti Registered Member

    Good old "social engineering" at work. Real viruses use it, and use it effectively.
  6. rodzilla

    rodzilla Registered Member

    My own gut feeling is that it should be included ... after all, it is a worm ... just a worm which asks for your permission to do its worming.

    I don't like what it does, and in my opinion the EULA doesn't warn strongly enough that you'll spam everyone you know if you agree to it ... but a judge may consider it to be a legitimate program, in which case there would be legal ramifications if antivirus software detected and blocked it as a virus.

    The other side of the coin of course is that if this spamware is legally declared kosher by a judge than virus coders could conceivably use that precedent to "legalize" the spreading of their own little nasties simply by tagging on ambiguous EULAs.

    Maybe a new virus category ... "Legal Worm" ... is needed. :)
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