Free Program Like Hitman Pro?

Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by Brandonn2010, Jun 10, 2011.

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  1. Brandonn2010

    Brandonn2010 Registered Member

    Specifically, is there a multi-engine on-demand scanner like Hitman Pro, but also features free removal?

    I checked those programs like Avert that use scripting to automate several downloadable scanners together but was not impressed.
  2. J_L

    J_L Registered Member

    Other than Zemana Anti-Malware (rebrand of Hitman Pro) and AVERT-like software, there is none.

    WinMHR claims to use multiple cloud scanners, but it's detection rate isn't good. Also can't remove.
  3. Brandonn2010

    Brandonn2010 Registered Member

    Oh okay, that's a shame. I guess I shouldn't worry too much; I haven't had a real infection in a couple years, plus I have a drive image if I ever got a bad infection.
  4. yongsua

    yongsua Registered Member

    Excuse me,is there any free drive image program?
  5. J_L

    J_L Registered Member

  6. pablozi

    pablozi Registered Member

  7. Ranget

    Ranget Registered Member

    Comodo Cloud scanner

    anyways hitman Pro has a very very Good detection rate really awesome Program

    i like to see more programs like this
  8. drhu22

    drhu22 Registered Member

    Comodo Cleaning Essentials
  9. andylau

    andylau Registered Member

    BugBopper, but it does not have removal function for free version, just like Hitman:rolleyes:

    It seems there are no multi-engine scanners that are free and have removal function.
  10. Ranget

    Ranget Registered Member

    BugBopper i tried it

    I liked the idea

    But the program is a bit complicated

    Not like Hitman Pro

    Bugbopper need a lot of enhancement
  11. J_L

    J_L Registered Member

    BugBopper still has a free version? I don't see Wuzzup on their site anymore.

    Comodo Cleaning Essentials RC2 is very buggy. Newer versions don't have DACS.
  12. yongsua

    yongsua Registered Member

    Thanks to JL and Pablozi.
  13. m0unds

    m0unds Registered Member

    yeah, wuzzup is no more, bugbopper is the free version now...and as far as removal, i'm pretty sure it does have removal, but it'll just nuke the infected files themselves, don't think it'll hunt through the registry looking for traces or whatever. not 100% certain of that.
  14. IceCube1010

    IceCube1010 Registered Member

    I think you best bet here is to have a program like Avira Free installed as a on-demand scanner only, MBAM and A2 emergency scanner and your realtime AV. I use Avast. I know it's not one complete program with multiple engines but at least it's a start.

  15. jmonge

    jmonge Registered Member

    :thumb: good enough;)
  16. Spooony

    Spooony Registered Member

    for Malware removal Combofix
  17. PC__Gamer

    PC__Gamer Registered Member

    There is also loads of free scanners anyway,

    Malwarebytes and superantispyware

    Drweb cure it if you wish for one that doesn't need installing.

    Hitmanpro is also free until first removal is used.

    Then you also have free antivirus choices too, there is no reason for anyone to pay for anything if you take the trouble to use the different tools.

    However, personally I've chosen paid for options and always have done. :p
  18. J_L

    J_L Registered Member

    Getting off-topic from what the poster requests: multi-engine freeware scanners other than HMP
  19. andylau

    andylau Registered Member

  20. ESS474

    ESS474 Registered Member

  21. Brandonn2010

    Brandonn2010 Registered Member

    I've heard of using free AVs with resident protection turned off, but I've also heard their low-level drivers conflict and you shouldn't have two antiviruses period. Which is true?
  22. J_L

    J_L Registered Member

    @ESS474: First one isn't. Subsequent scans are.

    @Brandonn2010: Depends on the AV. Second one is generally false, especially on custom installs.
  23. sg09

    sg09 Registered Member

  24. Kernelwars

    Kernelwars Registered Member

    hmm howz this thing bugbopper that is :rolleyes:
  25. Ranget

    Ranget Registered Member

    Gr8 News i added Bugpopper to ma build

    they should work more on the interface

    but what the heck i will use it anyway

    edit :
    it's not free yet
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