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Discussion in 'FileChecker & ID-Blaster Forum' started by bktII, Jun 7, 2006.

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    I am a very happy user of Spyware Blaster (have made a 'donation' for this) and downloaded FileChecker yesterday in an attempt to provide protection for JAR files in my system area. My original post (yesterday) at Wilders is here (due to the fact that I also use ProcessGuard and Prevx Pro 2005):

    When I enable FileChecker as a service it seems to work well enough in my Admin account; however, in my restricted user account it literally hogs all of my CPU so I disabled running as a service. Any recommendations as to how I should configure for JAR files?

    Have lots of JAR files as I have Sun's JRE and JDK, Netbeans, Eclipse along with more than a handful of add'l Java apps.

    Edit: Have decreased my file count to just over 50 (instead of a few 100). The restricted user account problem regarding CPU usage persists. Thus, it seems to be independent of the file count, unless I still have too many files.

    Addl Question: If I run FileChecker in my Admin account on-demand occasionally (as opposed to continuously, so not as a service) to check for file changes, will I be able to determine if one of the files was changed while logged in as a restricted user?

    Another Edit: Created a test file as Admin user and added to FileChecker check list. Logged out and into restricted account and added text to the test file. Logged out and back into Admin account and started up FileChecker and received no alert message when started and no file change was noted in the log. Then made another change in the Admin account while FileChecker was running and recieved an alert and changes were noted in the log file.

    Bottom line: I cannot use FileChecker for monitoring my JAR files as I spend most of my time in the restricted user account, esp. when on the internet.

    If I am wrong and there is another way to approach this with FileChecker, please let me know.


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  2. bktII

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    I believe that I have found a workable solution for monitoring JAR Files with FileChecker.

    Instead of running FileChecker as a service, I placed FileChecker in my startup list as HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE so that it starts up "as an application" for all users. I have restarted, logged out/into my Admin and restricted user accounts and it works just fine. No CPU issues whatsoever.

    Currently, I have 53 JAR files that I am monitoring.

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