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Discussion in 'LnS English Forum' started by Cutting_Edgetech, Nov 1, 2011.

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  1. Cutting_Edgetech

    Cutting_Edgetech Registered Member

    Is LnS still being developed? I know a lot people will say it is perfect the way it is, but no new builds / versions have been released in almost 2 years. What do other users on this forum think? What would you like to see added, changed, or improved about LnS? I just want to see development of this firewall continued. I'm still learning more about this firewall so I will hold my opinion until have mastered all its settings & features. I hope the developer is reading this thread so he or she will have good feedback on ways to improve this very light pure packet filtering firewall.
  2. G1111

    G1111 Registered Member

    It would be nice to hear from Frederic. He has not posted here in over a year. If it wasn't for Phant0m updating his ruleset I would probably be looking for a different firewall.
  3. Cutting_Edgetech

    Cutting_Edgetech Registered Member

    I must say I'm very pleased with LnS so far. I only wanted it for my 2 P4 3.4ghz machines because a HIPS firewall is a little much when running my other security apps together. So this Frederic has been MIA for some time. Well, I think he should update the users on his future plans for LnS.
  4. GreenWhite

    GreenWhite Registered Member

    Sad to say this, but it looks like an abandonware to me.

    On the other hand, its one of a very rare breed of a true firewall that doesn't really need much update, imo. Most of all the latest firewall incorporate HIPS or IDS, that I don't need. They look great on tests though.

    Its one of those rare jewels like FD-ISR, that's just too good for what it does.
  5. Mongol

    Mongol Registered Member

    Yep, no word from Frederic or any of the developers is getting a bit unsettling. The only thing keeping this section of the forum going is Phantom and other users. LnS is such a tremendous little pure firewall and I have used it for years. No plans to leave it in the short term but......:rolleyes: :)
  6. moontan

    moontan Registered Member

    i haven't tried it yet but if LnS works with Windows 7 it should workwith W8 as well.
    i did not have LnS at the times but ALL my programs worked when i tried W8 a few weeks ago.
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